Rosalie practices bandaging her horse

August 19, 2009 | 12:01 a.m. CDT
Rosie Purvis, 16, practices placing a bandage on her horse Tucker, a "17-hand bay monster," during a rating assessment at Fox Run in April. Rosie recently received her C-3 and H-B ratings. Eventually she aspires to obtain an A rating. Rosie equates an A rating in Pony Club with being an Eagle Scout: "If you say that you have an A in Pony Club on your resume, it is impressive to people, because it shows that you are very dedicated to what you do and that you know a lot and in the horse world it is understood by everybody that you are quite capable of taking care of a barn."

Before joining Pony Club in 2006, Rosie said her horse management skills were less than refined. For example, she knew roughly how often she would need to have the shoes on her horse replaced; however, she never kept a running log of how much she paid the farrier or what type of work he did. She now keeps a record book with all of the expenses for both her horse, Tucker, and any necessary purchases of riding tack and equipment.

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