July 7, 2008 | 12:00 a.m. CDT
Students from The Crossing present a shirt with all their signatures on it to John Berge, who will hang it in his store when renovations are complete.
Front row (from left): Taylor Pancoast, Kara Reserm Haley Grayless, Alex Roark, Candace Lawthlon, Katie Smith and Cassie Shields.
Center row (from left): Marty Swant, Kelly Brdicka, Bethany Jones, Alicia Eubanks, Kevin Sorgent, Ryan Krull, Kyle Richter, Jared Faurot and Joy Olson.
Back row (from left): John Berge, Robert Monroe, Rachel Shomaker, Austin Conner, Scott Belden, Nathan Casey, Dustin Jeffries and Rado Marinov.

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