Where do your candidates
stand on the issues?

Barbara Hoppe, Sixth Ward candidate

Job creation and unemployment

  • Supports thorough growth management plan to allow easier development.
  • Will work to make Columbia more welcoming to new businesses.
  • Will work toward creating green jobs.

The role of neighborhood associations

  • Will involve them in the development process to create agreeable results.
  • Will participate in neighborhood association meetings and maintain open communication with them.

Smart growth/business interests

  • Says smart growth is in the best interest of businesses.
  • Will work toward development that meets smart growth principles.
  • Will work to "modernize" city zoning laws.

Energy, including nuclear power

  • Skeptical of a second Callaway County nuclear plant without further details.
  • Will emphasize demand-side practices such as weatherizing homes and promoting energy-efficient appliances to reduce energy use.
  • Proponent of cleaner alternatives to Columbia's municipal coal plant.

Crime/public safety

  • Won't propose cuts to Columbia Police Department's budget.
  • Believes growth management plan will help shape the city — through infilling and promoting development along existing infrastructure — in a way that will make it more manageable and easier to police.

Budget shortfalls and sales tax revenue

  • Will look to individual department heads to determine where money can best be saved.
  • Will work to reduce the city's utility budget.
  • Will work to curb spending on road repairs around development that should be the responsibility of the developer.
  • Will not propose cuts to public safety.

Ward redistricting after the next census

  • Thinks the city functions well with the six wards.
  • Argues that a greater number of wards will muddle the council process and weaken the voting power of each member.

TIF/TDDs/CIDs/other incentives, etc.

  • Thinks tax incentives can be very useful only when used appropriately.
  • Supports the use of tax increment financing for The Tiger Hotel for historic preservation reasons.


  • Proponent of GetAbout projects.
  • Thinks GetAbout projects promote choices for commutes that alleviate road congestion and limit frequency of infrastructure repairs.
  • Voted against the initial Hinkson Creek trail proposal because, she said, it was too expensive and not the best option.



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