Where do your candidates
stand on the issues?

Allan Sharrock, Second Ward candidate

Job creation and unemployment

  • Will ask for a list of potential projects from Regional Economic Development Inc. and the Columbia Chamber of Commerce and will work until all have been put to a vote.
  • Will work to close the financial gap between the less-educated and the professional class by bringing in better jobs for high school graduates and dropouts.
  • Will be aggressive in combating the economic downturn

The role of neighborhood associations

  • Will work with them to bring appeals to the City Council.
  • Will push developers to be in contact with neighbors and customers.
  • Will attend neighborhood association meetings in the Second Ward when his presence is requested.
  • Would rely on city manager's input on associations' involvement in development approval.

Smart growth/business interests

  • Will push the Planning and Zoning Commission to be consistent.
  • Will make it easier for businesses to relocate to Columbia.
  • Won't oppose construction of multi-use developments without special incentives.

Energy, including nuclear power

  • Will support a second Callaway County nuclear plant.
  • Recommends planting a shade tree to keep cooling costs down.
  • Will adapt to rising energy costs and changing federal energy guidelines.
  • Will encourage citizens to make homes more energy-efficient.

Crime/public safety

  • Will look into building a second police station.
  • Will consider cuts to public safety last.
  • Will expand Neighborhood Watch training.
  • Wants police officers to be more accessible to more citizens.

Budget shortfalls and sales tax revenue

  • Doesn't see the economy recovering during what would be his first three-year term.
  • Thinks the city must stay within its means; will be careful with tax dollars.
  • Won't leave anything out of the discussion when the budget needs to be trimmed.
  • Will weigh current projects issue-by-issue.
  • Will consider public safety last and will increase its budget if possible.

Ward redistricting after the next census

  • Would consider adding two more wards pending public and council input.

TIF/TDDs/CIDs/other incentives, etc.

  • Won't use tax increment financing outside of truly blighted areas.
  • Will support tax increment financing if it does not take money away from schools.
  • Will look at providing incentives and maybe even tax breaks for businesses that relocate to Columbia.


  • Will look at parks and trails to see if cuts need to be made.
  • Won't vote to put the quarter-cent parks sales tax on the ballot in 2010.
  • Will prioritize public safety and infrastructure above parks and trails.
  • Will talk to GetAbout Columbia manager Ted Curtis about GetAbout projects in the Second Ward.


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