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At MU, growing up around Francis Quadrangle was child’s play

Columbia resident Cindy Mustard reminisces about her youth spent living and playing alongside college students.

Multimedia and text by Chenfei Zhang

Cindy Mustard’s family has lived in Columbia for six generations. Much of her childhood was spent living in a house at the corner of Conley Avenue and Sanford Street.

Watch | Cindy Mustard remembers frolicking with friends in what is now known as Peace Park.

Mustard attended the University Laboratory School for the primary grades. She said attending elementary school on the same campus as college students was a unique experience.

“There was no lunchroom, so we met all the students across the street in the restaurants,” she said. “When we got to the fourth or fifth grade, we ran through the lab school, across the quad and to the student union — where Memorial Union is now — and had lunch there. It was a big trip for us.”

After marrying her husband, Marvin, Mustard lived in Kansas City for several years before resettling in Columbia.