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Chancellor’s Residence on the Quad has housed many movers and shakers

Anne Deaton, the wife of Chancellor Brady Deaton, describes how her family has made a home out of the oldest building at MU.

Multimedia and text by Chenfei Zhang

According to MU’s website, the chancellor’s Residence on Francis Quadrangle was built in 1867 and is the oldest building on campus. It has witnessed MU’s long history and has hosted many well-known figures including Mark Twain, Harry S. Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Watch | Anne Deaton tells about the historic decorations that are part of everyday life inside the Residence on the Quad.

President Daniel Read and his family were the first to take up residence in this building. Since then, it has served as home to many MU presidents and chancellors.

The Chancellor's Residence Preservation Committee raised money for the latest renovation, which was started in 2004. In 2006, Chancellor Brady Deaton and his wife, Anne, moved into the residence.

The residence overlooks the historic MU Columns and the pedestrians on Ninth Street. Thousands of students, faculty, staff and alumni have visited this public residence. “Living in the residence is a wonderful feeling because it’s close to the vitality of the campus and the town,” Anne Deaton said.