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Lee Elementary students learn more than
art appreciation at Pickard Hall

Student Bonnie Lee recalls her experience in the school’s Junior Docent Program partnership with MU’s Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Multimedia and text by Monica Ayala-Talavera

Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School and MU have worked together through Partners in Education since 2005. Students at Lee Elementary get the opportunity to participate in various programs through this partnership on campus, among them the Museum of Art and Archaeology’s Junior Docent Program.

Ann Mehr, art teacher at Lee Elementary, said she has really enjoyed the program because “it gives the kids ownership of these resources and a vision for their future in higher education.”

Children must be qualified to participate, though. For the Junior Docent Program, students must submit an application stating their qualifications and why they want to join.

Some of the partnership’s other programs allow Lee Elementary students to participate in art, music and drama performances — as well as MU Extension's nutrition and health services — and to visit the Museum of Art and Archaeology, Museum of Anthropology and the State Historical Society of Missouri.