Giants receiver runs with ball past Rams player [Photo]

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., right, runs with the ball as St. Louis Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins defends during the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday in St. Louis.

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback breaks up pass intended for Chiefs player [Photo]

Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback William Gay breaks up a pass intended for Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Albert Wilson during the second half of an NFL football game in Pittsburgh on Sunday.

Harold Skrabal [File Image]

Harold Skrabal

America cattle prices increased in 2014 [Interactive graphic]

Monthly cattle prices peaked in October, 2014 with $159 per 100 pounds and was the lowest in July, 2013 with $120 per 100 pounds.

Missouri cattle inventory decreases in the past ten years [Interactive graphic]

Missouri cattle inventory has been declining in the past 10 years. The number peaked in 2006 with 4.45 million and reached the lowest in 2013 with 3.7 million. The cattle inventory includes beef cattle numbers and dairy cattle numbers.

Battle players want to work on growing as a team [Photo]

Simon Stokes, left, Deshaunte Horsley, center, and Jadaunte Sutton, right, look out onto the court before a game. The team has been keeping a positive attitude despite its losses and is continuing its quest to grow as a young and talented group of players, but even more so as a team.

Battle players joke around during team meal [Photo]

Despite their second loss in three games happening less than an hour before, Daviante Ostrander laughs with teammate Jadante Sutton while joking around at a team meal at McDonald's in Marshall, Missouri, earlier this month. The team is generally reserved around game time but during short breaks Ostrander and Sutton, among other players, take the time to joke and bond with each other.

Battle basketball players react after loss [Photo]

After fighting back from a large deficit, Deshaunte Horsley, left, Jadaunte Sutton, center, and Octavius Johnson, react after losing their third game of the season. Coach Burns said before the game and reiterated after that the losses came because the team was still learning who it is as a group.

Daviante Ostrander gets beat on three-pointer [Photo]

Battle's Daviante Ostrander, a standout sophomore, gets beat on a 3-pointer, and despite scoring 26 points the Spartans went on to lose 65-53 to Mexico in the Norm Stewart Classic on Dec. 7. The team was down by 17 points at one point during the game but was able to bring the score back to within four before watching its lead slip away.

Jadante Sutton watches teammates during close game [Photo]

Jadante Sutton, center, a junior guard for the varsity team, watches his teammates fight a close battle against Camdenton, pushing the game into overtime after overtime until ending in a four overtime loss, 65-63, on Dec. 6. Sutton was one of the top three leading scorers in the game that lasted more than two hours.

Coach John Burns talks to Battle players [Photo]

Battle boys varsity basketball coach John Burns talks to players during their scrimmage against Rock Bridge High School on Nov. 21. A number of players admitted that many of them wanted to be the team leader but no one had risen to the task. The players are still trying to get to know each other and their collective identity — an identity that Burns himself is still trying to figure out.

Treyshawn Beverly dances in the Battle High locker room [Photo]

Treyshawn Beverly dances in the locker room before practice Nov. 19. The team often hangs out before practice starts and takes the opportunity to joke around, listen to music and bond away from the court, where they would otherwise be expected to remain focused and reserved.

Simon Stokes traveled with varsity team to game [Photo]

Simon Stokes, a junior guard on the Battle Spartans junior varsity basketball team, watches the passing scenery as the varsity squad travels to the Marshall Tournament finals. Although Stokes didn't play with the varsity team in the tournament, he traveled with his friends from the team and helped fold laundry and hand out water during the team's four overtime loss to Camdenton.

Spartan players fight for ball [Photo]

During a practice on Nov. 18, players fight for a ball while rolling on the ground for what seemed like well over a minute, ripping and tearing at the ball and pulling other players off the pile. Physicality isn't a problem for the Spartans except when it gets the team in foul trouble like in their Marshall Tournament final loss on Dec. 6. In that game, the team had nine fouls by the end of the third quarter.

Battle basketball players start drill by circling the basket [Photo]

Battle boys basketball players start a drill by circling under the basket before vying for the rebound from a shot taken by varsity/junior-varsity assistant coach Jamaal Foster, not shown, on Nov. 18. The Spartans don't have the biggest players on the court, but even their smallest players aren't afraid to get physical and drive into traffic.

Battle coach John Burns talks about fundamental plays [Photo]

Battle boys varsity basketball coach John Burns talks to his team about fundamental play such as staying low, keeping your hands up and talking loudly in the face of defenders, prior to their Dec. 7 match-up against Mexico High School in the Norm Stewart Classic. For a young team that's still getting to know each other, fundamental play is key to trying to find success early in the season.

Battle basketball players race up stairs during practice [Photo]

After an early Saturday practice, members of the Battle boys basketball team run up stairs anticipating laps around the track before heading home on Nov. 14. Instead they were surprised by pizzas from their head coach, John Burns. As a team comprised largely of juniors, moments like an impromptu pizza lunch provide an opportunity for players to bond away from the court.

PHOTO GALLERY: Battle boys basketball team still looking for leaders [Gallery]

In its second season, the Battle boys basketball is trying to bond and find its team leaders.

Officials investigate NYPD officer shootings [Photo]

Investigators work in the area where two New York Police Department officers were shot in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York on Saturday. Police said an armed man walked up to two officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire before running into a nearby subway station and committing suicide. Both police officers were killed.

Lee Student painted pond two years in a row [Photo]

Mack had class assignments to paint a pond two years in a row. The first year, (on the left), he went with his first grade class with the intent to paint like Monet. In 2nd grade, they went back to the same pond and he painted it in the style of Albrecht Durer. Teacher Ann Mehr sees Mack's evolving frame of reference in these two paintings.