Missouri Abortion Rates [Graphic]

The number of abortions in Missouri steadily declined from 1984 to 2008.

Essential bike polo gear [Photo]

Beer and extra bike polo balls were kept at the ready during matches Wednesday at Cosmopolitan Park.

Bike polo style at Cosmopolitan Park [Photo]

Positioned next to a stack of extra mallets, Aaron Hand watches the action from the edge of the rink Wednesday during bike polo matches at Cosmopolitan Park.

COMOPOLO members play bike polo at Cosmopolitan Park [Photo]

COMOPOLO members Charlie Hill, left, Keaton Haire, center, and Aaron Arinder play in a match Wednesday at Cosmopolitan Park.

Young shot-putter finds success with Columbia's Blue Thunder Track Club [Photo]

In addition to the shot put, Eryn Puet competed in the 400- and 800-meter runs at the 2010 Junior Olympics.

Eryn Puett works with her shot put coach [Photo]

Eight-year-old Eryn Puett throws a 6-pound shot put as her coach Mike Barrett, right, watches Thursday during a Columbia Blue Thunder Track Club practice.

Robert Harris examines Brett Griffin, a 'miracle baby' [Photo]

Pediatrician Robert Harris sees Brett Griffin with his mother, Kim Griffin, Thursday at Tiger Pediatrics in Columbia. Harris called Brett a miracle baby and said he's an example of the advances in pediatric medicine since Harris began working 50 years ago. Brett is a 15-month-old quadruplet; he weighed 1 pound, 12 ounces when he was born at 25 weeks and now weighs 19 pounds, 9 ounces.

Girl watches performance from hut [Photo]

Mackenzie Renken watches her fellow campers performance of "The Bird's Revenge" from one of the huts made during the arts camp at the Shepard Elementary School on Thursday June 30, 2011. Five fourth- and fifth-grade students from each of Columbia's elementary schools were chosen by teachers and administration to be invited to the two-week long camp.

Student art from camp [Photo]

Scepters made by the students at Shepard Elementary School Arts Camp await the student performance during the two-week camp on Thursday. The camp is wrapping up the two weeks and will have a performance, written and performed by the students for their parents at 6:30pm.

Children play the drums [Photo]

Children play the drums during music class at Shepard Elementary's art camp.

Dancing in music class [Photo]

Kate-Conley Hughes and Chelsea Deters dance together with their classmates in music class at Shepard Elementary School.

Students play guitar [Photo]

Third- to sixth-graders learn to play guitar at Shepard Elementary School. Two art classes and two music classes are being offered to approximately 100 students.

High temperatures predicted for Thursday [Photo]

Light refracts off the pavement as cars travel along Highway 40 early Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures are expected to continue to rise, and a heat advisory has been issued for Columbia starting Thursday at noon. Wednesday's high reached 85 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

Frog-hunting season begins Thursday [Photo]

Frog-hunting season begins Thursday in Missouri. The most popular harvesting methods are by hand and by gig, a multi-pronged spear.

Arthur C. Williams [Photo]

Arthur C. Williams Williams is suspected of assaulting his girlfriend and kidnapping her from her home at 1403 Greensboro Dr. in Columbia on Tuesday, June 28.

MU Mule Team poses on the Francis Quadrangle [Photo]

The MU College of Veterinary Medicine mule club poses with mules Hillda, Louise, Jill and Shirley on the Francis Quadrangle.

Louise the mule gets a little attention [Photo]

Mandy Fales gives Louise, one of the MU College of Veterinary Medicine's mascot mules, a scratch behind the ears.

Robert Kahrs holds a driving lesson [Photo]

Robert Kahrs instructs a veterinary student during a driving lesson with Louise, left, and Hillda.

Life expectancy in Missouri [Graphic]

Here are the ten best and worst counties ranked for life expectancy of male and female residents.

New Missouri football broadcaster Howard Richards [Photo]

After leaving the NFL in 1987, Howard Richards earned an undergraduate degree in communications with an emphasis in radio and television.