Joplin: Aftermath, May 24 [Photo]

Joplin: Aftermath, May 24.

Joplin's EF5 tornado had wind speeds greater than 200 mph [Photo]

A metal chair is stuck into the outer wall of an Academy Sports + Outdoors store off South Range Line Road in Joplin after Sunday's EF5 tornado.

Joe Waddell of St. Louis Strike Team 3 takes break while searching for survivors in Joplin [Photo]

St. Louis Strike Team 3's Joe Waddell takes a lunch break Tuesday after searching for survivors all morning in Joplin.

Joplin tornado destroyed homes, buildings, lives [Photo]

A bedroom is left open to the elements on Tuesday afternoon after Joplin's EF5 tornado.

Rescue workers and volunteers dig through rubble left by Joplin tornado [Photo]

Volunteers go on a search and rescue mission after hearing a rumor that a survivor was found in the wreckage Tuesday afternoon. They found no one.

Joplin streets crowded with debris, overturned vehicles [Photo]

An overturned car sits in front of the Plaza Apartment complex which is uninhabitable after the tornado. Dozens of fire alarms still ring in the dormant apartments.

Richard Simpson enters Joplin home damaged by violent weather [Photo]

Richard Simpson, 71, stands in the doorway of his home in Joplin, which received heavy damage from Sunday evening's weather.

Tornado carves path through Joplin [Photo]

Sunday's weather carved a path through western Joplin that leveled most buildings in the central Joplin area.

Red Cross gathers supplies for Joplin residents at Missouri Southern State University [Photo]

Providing food, shelter and medical treatment to those displaced by the tornado, Red Cross housed more than 150 people at Missouri Southern State University.

Joplin tornado damaged apartment complexes [Photo]

An apartment in the Plaza Apartments complex lies exposed to the elements after the tornado in Joplin.

The Plaza apartment complex in Joplin damaged by tornado [Photo]

The Plaza apartment complex, located in east Joplin, joins the many other buildings in the city devastated by Sunday's violent weather.

Deadliest tornadoes [Graphic]

Maps of the deadliest tornadoes to hit Missouri and the U.S., with descriptions of rankings by the Fujita scale of tornado intensity.

Cicadas shed exoskeletons [Photo]

Brood 19 cicada exoskeletons dot the leaves of a tree outside a Windsor Street home on Tuesday. The cicadas are finishing the last weeks of their 13-year life cycles.

Cicada sheds exoskeleton at Stephens College [Photo]

A cicada emerges from its exoskeleton on the trunk of a tree at Stephens College on Tuesday.

Brood 19 cicadas arrive in Columbia [Photo]

A brood 19 cicada sits on the leaf of a plant on Windsor Street on Tuesday. Male cicadas sound a mating call to attract females. The females lay eggs in the branches of trees, and the eggs hatch about two months later. These nymphs then fall to the ground and burrow for 13 years until the next cycle.

Cicadas rest on local leaves [Photo]

Brood 19 cicadas rest on a leaf of a shrub in a Windsor Road home on Tuesday.

Cicadas: the arrival [Photo]

Cicada climbs Civil War memorial [Photo]

A cicada climbs the side of the Civil War honor roll memorial in front of the the Boone County Courthouse on Tuesday. Cicadas have emerged in Columbia to reproduce and finish their 13-year life span.

Joplin devastated by tornado [Photo]

The path of a powerful tornado is seen in Joplin on Tuesday.

Tornado leaves destruction in Joplin [Photo]

The path of a powerful tornado is seen in Joplin, Mo. Tuesday, May 24, 2011. A tornado moved through much of the city Sunday, damaging a hospital and hundreds of homes and businesses and killing at least 116 people.