Crew prep for the Missouri River to flood in Rocheport [Photo]

Darren Evans, Corey Bolles, Brandon Bennett and Bryan Boyce move a jersey barrier to the edge of the Katy Trail in Rocheport in preparation for the Missouri river flooding.

Crews build a flood barrier along the Katy Trail [Photo]

Corey Bolles watches as members of the Boone County Fire Department and Boone County Public Works put a jersey barrier at the edge of the Katy Trail in Rocheport.

Peter Falk dies at age 83 [Photo]

In this Sept. 16, 1990 file photo, actor Peter Falk accepts his the Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Drama for his role in the "Columbo" series at the 42nd annual Emmy Awards in Pasadena, Calif. Falk, the stage and movie actor who became identified as the squinty, rumpled detective in "Columbo," died Thursday at his Beverly Hills, Calif., home. He was 83.

Souris River floodwaters expected to break century-old record in Minot [Photo]

Floodwaters from the Souris River continue to rise in an evacuated western neighborhood of Minot, N.D. on Friday. The river is expected to break a more than century-old record on Friday and go 6 or 7 feet higher by this weekend.

Souris River floodwaters rise in Minot [Photo]

Flood waters begin to pour through a breached levee and flood the Minot Country Club on Thursday in Minot, N.D. Officials in North Dakota's fourth-largest city said they had done all they could to protect critical infrastructure from the rising Souris River as it headed toward a record flood.

Car damaged after collision at US-63, Highway 163 [Photo]

A two-car accident at the intersection of US-63 and Highway 163 left two people with moderate injuries on Thursday. A car traveling east on Highway 163 did not stop at a stop sign, and it collided with a car traveling south.

Kids construct Rube Goldberg games at Camp Invention [Photo]

Eight-year-old Mason Cohen, center, looks to teammates Chloe Morse, 9, and Sophie Thorpe, 9, as they prepare to construct a Rube Goldberg game during the Thomas Edison Lab at Camp Invention.

Groups of four created Rube Goldberg games [Photo]

Camp Invention teacher Rachel Hanks and camper Sophie Thorpe, 9, go over plans for a Rube Goldberg game Thursday in the Thomas Edison Lab at Columbia Independent School. Groups of four campers created the Rube Goldberg games, which had three to four obstacles for golf balls to navigate through.

Camper cuts insulation for a Rube Goldberg game [Photo]

Tyler "Shefu" O'Neal, 9, cuts a piece of insulation while constructing a Rube Goldberg game on Thursday at Camp Invention at the Columbia Independent School. Next week, the camps moves to Mill Creek Elementary School.

Camp Invention teaches creative problem-solving [Photo]

Molly Angell, left, Kaylen Rush and Lauryn Davis draw on the back of recycled wrapping paper on Thursday at Camp Invention. The camp offers classes in physics and creative problem-solving.

Campers test their Rube Goldberg game [Photo]

Parker Cohen, far left, Joe Devoy and Maxwell Rodhouse test their Rube Goldberg game with a golf ball as Justin Douty inspects an extra piece of insulation in the Thomas Edison Lab of Camp Invention at the Columbia Independent School. Campers duct taped, glued and tied recycled items such as cardboard boxes, paper bags, cups and VCR parts to create the games.

Tornado tore through Joplin High School [Photo]

Joplin High School, center, and Franklin Technology Center, upper right, are among three schools in Joplin that were destroyed by an EF5 tornado that caused $151 million in damages to the school district's buildings.


Roll over each sport to see the combined actual costs from Rock Bridge and Hickman high schools’ 2009-10 operating budgets.

Fatality Chart [Graphic]

The total number of statewide fatalities have decreased a total of 13 percent this year. These are the total number of fatalities from 2005 through June 19.

Harpo's 2010 Request [Document]

Here is a city staff report to the City Council about Harpo's 2010 street closure request.

Souris River flooding in North Dakota [Photo]

Water flows from Lake Darling into the Souris River on Wednesday. Lake Darling is located about 15 miles north of Minot, ND. The river, which begins in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan and flows for a short distance though North Dakota, was all but certain to inundate thousands of homes and businesses during the next week.

Minot prepares for the worst [Photo]

Crews continue to reinforce an earthen levee along the Souris River on Thursday in Minot, N.D. The workers and National Guard members were the only people to be seen after as many as 10,000 residents were evacuated.

City Council Minutes, 8-2-2010 [Document]

Here are the minutes of the Aug. 2, 2010, Columbia City Council meeting, where council members and the public discussed a request by Harpo's to close a section of Cherry Street after MU home football games.

Summerfest Petition [Document]

Here is a .pdf of the petition signed by some downtown businesspeople expressing concern over street closures that accommodate Summerfests downtown.

West Broadway Dolphins watch their teammates compete [Photo]

Members of the West Broadway Dolphins swim team watch their team take on the MAC Sharks during a weekly swim meet at the West Broadway Swim Club on Wednesday. Children ages 6 to 18 from the swim clubs competed in 75 events.