An Oregon stamp by Manchess [Photo]

In addition to his Mark Twain stamp, Manchess illustrated a stamp depicting the scene of coastal Oregon.

Artist Gregory Manchess [Photo]

Artist Gergory Manchess was commissioned to illustrate a stamp depicting Mark Twain.

Cindy Kinsella salvaged a blow dryer [Photo]

Cindy Kinsella holds a blow dryer, one of the few items she salvaged from the camper. Kinsella scraped her arm in the accident.

The Kinsellas salvaged few items after the wreck [Photo]

The Kinsellas were able to salvage a few belongings from their crushed camper, but they did not find their laptop or their camera loaded with family photos.

Cindy Kinsella stands by a rental van [Photo]

Dressed in scrubs from University Hospital, Cindy Kinsella stands next to a rental van Tuesday while five of her six children sit inside. The Kinsella family was involved in a rollover accident on I-70 on Monday morning.

Intensive Care Unit room at Boone Hospital Center [Photo]

A room in the Intensive Care Unit inside Boone Hospital Center's new patient tower.

New room inside Boone Hospital Center [Photo]

All patient rooms in the new tower at Boone Hospital Center are private and include a couch that pulls out into a bed for visiting family members.

Technology inside Boone Hospital Center's new tower [Photo]

Some of the ergonomically designed technology in the new hospital rooms. The touch screen in the upper middle tracks where all nurses are on the floor via infrared technology.

Fourth floor hallway of Boone Hospital Center's new tower [Photo]

One of the hallways on the fourth floor of Boone Hospital Center's new tower. The room entrances are angled, making it easier for doctors and nurses to look inside to check on patients.

Lobby of Boone Hospital Center's new patient tower [Photo]

The lobby of the new Boone Hospital Center patient tower. The designed used earth tones to have a calming effect.

Electric Flutist supports self on tips [Video]

Lamar Rogers has been a street musician for more than 25 years. He is able to support himself using the tips he receives playing around Columbia.

Missouri Right to Life holds rally in Statehouse [Photo]

Susan D. Klein, legislative liaison for Missouri Right to Life, applauds after listening to Abby Johnson's speech during the Pro-Life Action Day rally held in the Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City on April 5. Johnson is a former director of a Planned Parenthood center who has now pro-life.

Home destroyed in Texas [Photo]

Andy Skelton takes a break from picking through the remains of his parents' RV home that was destroyed in a brush fire on Monday at Top of the Hill RV Resort just outside Boerne, Texas.

Fighting flames from the air [Photo]

The battle against the Monument Fire took to the air Monday in Sierra Vista. Air crews had been grounded for most of Sunday, and firefighting efforts have been dogged for days by hot, windy weather.

Flames in Sierra Vista, Ariz. [Photo]

Large flames are visible past the intersection of Campobello Avenue and Ramsey Road after the Monument Fire jumped Highway 92 once again in Sierra Vista, Ariz., on Sunday.

Paquin Street meters documents [Document]

These are documents presented at the June 6 City Council meeting about the Paquin Street meter installation.

Celebrating eight years of marriage with a summer ride [Photo]

Ricci and Holly Beyers of Kansas City ride down the Katy Trail in Rocheport on the summer solstice. The Beyers celebrated their eighth anniversary with a getaway to Rocheport.

Soaking up extra rays on longest day of 2011 [Photo]

Sun streams past the leaves of Norton grape vines at Les Bourgeois Vineyards in Rocheport on the summer solstice Tuesday, the longest day of the year.

Long day ahead [Photo]

A plane jets across the evening sky, viewed from Cooper's Landing on Monday, the eve of summer solstice.

Sunbathing in Maine [Photo]

Jim Layden and Nancy Bartlett (partially seen) of Augusta, Maine, enjoy the first day of summer at Old Orchard Beach, Maine on Tuesday. The summer solstice results in the longest day and shortest night of the year. The Northern Hemisphere celebrates in June, while the longest summer day occurs on the Southern half of the earth in December. Summer officially arrived on the eastern seaboard at 1:16 p.m. Tuesday.