Union band performs [Photo]

A Union band played Civil War tunes and sang songs before the battle re-enactment.

Waqas Naeem with an 1861 replica rifle [Photo]

Missourian reporter Waqas Naeem with a replica of an 1861 Springfield rifle outside the Kelly's Irish Confederate Brigade campsite.

Move advertised at Root Cellar's Broadway location [Photo]

Informational pamphlets about the Root Cellar's move sit at the front counter.

Infantry drills at battle re-enactment [Photo]

Missouri State Guards took part in infantry drills before the battle re-enactment on Saturday at Boonville.

Tomatoes on display at Root Cellar's Broadway location [Photo]

Organic local tomatoes on display at the Root Cellar's current location on Broadway.

View of the Union camp [Photo]

A view of the Union campsite on Saturday morning before the battle re-enactment begins.

Cannon at the ready [Photo]

A cannon sits on display before the Battle of Boonville re-enactment.

Brooms for sale at re-enactment [Photo]

Charles Geyser sells his handmade brooms at the Boonville re-enactment site. The brooms, made of broom corn, were used during the Civil War era.

Free Wi-Fi in Root Cellar's new sitting area [Photo]

The sitting room in the Root Cellar's new building will feature free wi-fi. Through the window, the main room where the food will be displayed can be seen.

Deserters leave Boonville battlefield [Photo]

A group of Missouri State Guards deserted their colleagues toward the end of the Battle of Boonville re-enactment.

Missouri State Guard led to battlefield [Photo]

Missouri State Guards were led to the battle site by Col. Mike Williams during the re-enactment of the Battle of Boonville.

SUV rolls over on I-70, sending two to University Hospital [Photo]

Officials work to clean up the wreckage from a rollover accident involving a silver Ford Expedition and a Puma travel trailer at mile marker 116 on Interstate 70 on Monday. Two adults were transported to the hospital and one of them was ejected from the SUV. Five children were also in the car but weren't injured. Another adult in the vehicle did not sustain injuries.

Garage door-style windows in Root Cellar's new building [Photo]

Part of the sitting area in the Root Cellar's new location in the North Village Arts District. The garage door-style windows can be opened during nice weather.

Firing at the Union army [Photo]

Missouri State Guards fire at Union troops during the battle re-enactment at Boonville.

Root Cellar's new downstairs bar [Photo]

The downstairs bar area of the new Root Cellar.

Smoke fills air after cannons fire [Photo]

Smoke fills the air after canons fired as part of the Battle of Boonville re-enactment.

Cannons fire at battle re-enactment [Photo]

Re-enactors playing the role of the Confederate army fire canons during the Battle of Boonville.

Union soldiers on the battlefield [Photo]

Union soldiers re-create the Battle of Boonville during weekend re-enactment activities marking the 150th anniversary of the event.

Union soldiers at Boonville re-enactment [Photo]

Union soldiers at the Battle of Boonville re-enactment portray the actual battle.

Confederate soldier re-enactors line up before battle [Photo]

Confederate soldier re-enactors line up before the Battle of Boonville.