Pastor Hal McNeal listens to songs at Battle of Boonville church service [Photo]

Pastor Hal McNeal listens as the congregation sings before the church service Sunday morning at the Battle of Boonville.

Lewis Rice laughs in Confederate camp [Photo]

Second Sergeant Lewis Rice laughs as he wins a hand of five card stud against a group of friends in the Confederate camp on Saturday night at the Battle of Boonville camp grounds.

Chris Leigh and Sarah Turner relax at Battle of Boonville promenade [Photo]

Chris Leigh and his girlfriend Sarah Turner take a breather after one of the Civil War period promenades during the dance on Saturday evening at the Battle of Boonville re-enactment campsite.

Battle of Boonville re-enactors light up the night sky [Photo]

Civil War re-enactors fire off colored rounds for the night fire on Saturday night at the Battle of Boonville re-enactment site.

George Justice and Tom Rose guest race in Mid-Missouri Soap Box Derby [Photo]

George Justice and Tom Rose competed as guest racers Sunday on Broadway Street during the Mid-Missouri Soap Box Derby. Rose, president of Columbia School Board, won the race.

Carl and Lowell Justice watch the Mid-Missouri Soap Box Derby [Photo]

Lowell Justice, 5, and his older brother Carl, 7, sit in the shade Sunday morning on Broadway Street as competitors in the Mid-Missouri Soap Box Derby race down the track.

Battle of Boonville re-enactors enjoy camaraderie [Video]

Re-enactors come from all over the Midwest to participate in the Battle of Boonville Civil War re-enactment. Many have embraced re-enacting as a lifestyle for the history, fun, camping and camaraderie.

Twists and turns at the state rodeo finals [Photo]

Davis Beltz of Vienna rides after a calf Saturday in the calf roping event at the Missouri High School State Rodeo Finals.

Finishing the job in the calf roping at the state rodeo finals [Photo]

Austin Fuhlage from Fayette moves in to tie up his calf Saturday in the calf roping event at the Missouri High School State Rodeo Finals.

On two wheels at the Columbia Shred Fest [Photo]

Brad Allen maneuvers through the Columbia Skate Park at Saturday's seventh annual Shred Fest.

Josh Ladehoff offers a cow some food [Photo]

Josh Ladehoff, 2, tries feeding Bessie after milking her during "Kid's Day" on Saturday at Jefferson Farm & Gardens. There were pony rides, cow milking and fish feeding at the event. The agricultural center is located at 4968 Rangeline Road.

General surveys his troops before the battle [Photo]

Stan Prater, who portrayed Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, the Union commander, surveys the field from atop his horse. The original battle of Boonville took place June 17, 1861.

Troops march off to battle in Boonville re-enactment Saturday [Photo]

Ranks of troops march to the battlefield in Boonville per the order of their commanding officers. The skirmish, which historically resulted in a Union victory with a total of 81 casualties from both sides combined, was re-created with the help of 550 re-enactors.

Medical personnel in Civil War used crude instruments [Photo]

The tables at Charles "Doc" Cunningham's medical tent are decorated by rows of metal medical instruments, which are used to treat wounded soldiers from the field during battle re-enactments. The official name is of the service is the Missouri Brigade Medical Service. Cunningham has been involved in re-enactments since 1991.

A smoke break before the fight begins [Photo]

A re-enactor puffs on a wooden pipe in a reprieve from the sun as his regiment prepares to enter the fray at the Battle of Boonville on Saturday.

Infantryman takes a break before battle begins [Photo]

An infantrymen pauses in the shade on the periphery of the battlefield as he waits for the order to march into battle with his company. He was participating in the re-enactment of the Battle of Boonville.

Re-enactor, 11, tries to stay calm during surgery Saturday [Photo]

Dakota Richardson, 11, writhes in pain as he is subjected to a mock surgery moments before feigning unconsciousness. His procedure was performed by Charles Cunningham, whose hospital tent put on fake operations to treat soldiers including but not limited to bullet extractions and spraying fake blood on the audience at the re-enactment of the Battle of Boonville on Saturday.

After the battle, troops return to campsite [Photo]

Three soldiers return to their campsite in the wake of the battle re-enactment at Boonville on Saturday. Many participants pitched tents and pooled resources for the re-creation event which continues Sunday.

Getting ready to re-enact the Battle of Boonville [Photo]

A Confederate soldier holds his arm up in anticipation of giving the command to set off a cannon in the Battle of Boonville re-enactment on Saturday afternoon.

Bill Salyer, 55, Boonville [Photo]

Bill Salyer, 55, Boonville