David Steward [Photo]

David Steward

MU women's basketball player Bailey Gee vs. Texas A&M [Photo]

MU junior guard Bailey Gee attempts a layup against Texas A&M's Kelsey Assarian on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011, at the Mizzou Arena. The Tigers lost to the Aggies 85-40.

New Marching Mizzou uniform [Photo]

A mannequin displays the first physical mockup of the new band uniforms that are expected to be complete for band members no later than fall 2011. The design of the uniform is supposed to be a more contemporary take on the traditional uniforms.

New Marching Mizzou uniform sleeve [Photo]

The six columns on the left sleeve of the new band uniforms represent one of the traditional elements that remained on the newly designed uniforms that are expected to be used for the next eight to 10 years by MU band members.

Old Marching Mizzou uniforms [Photo]

Shown in their old uniforms, Marching Mizzou heads to Faurot Field from the Hearnes Center before MU's football game against San Diego State on Sept. 18, 2010.


Clint Dalbom of the Missouri Department of Conservation [Photo]

Clint Dalbom, the Missouri Department of Conservation regional supervisor who is heading the elk relocation project, talks about elk biology and trapping methods Monday in the dining room at the Pine Mountain State Park Resort in Pineville, Ky. Dalbom has been with the Conservation Department for 29 years.

Elk in a pen near Stoney Fork, Ky. [Photo]

Several elk, mostly cows (females) and spikes (young males), stand behind an 8-foot high, double-fenced holding pen constructed on the property of a reclaimed surface coal mine near Stoney Fork, Ky., on Friday. After a 90-day holding period, the elk will be loaded into a trailer and moved to southeast Missouri.

Wanjiku Mwangi [Photo]

Wanjiku Mwangi is the Racial Wealth Divide Leader at United for a Fair Economy in Boston.

David Stokes [Photo]

David Stokes is a policy analyst for the Show-Me Institute.

MU wrestling coach Brian Smith [Photo]

Missouri wrestling coach Brian Smith works with senior 141-pounder Todd Schavrien at practice Monday at Hearnes Center.

Becky Doisy and Johnny Wright [Photo]

Becky Doisy, left, a waitress and an art student, disappeared in 1976. More than 30 years later, Johnny Wright, right, was found living in Georgia under a different name. He is charged with the second-degree murder of Doisy, though her body was never found.

Groupon launches discounts in Columbia with B&B Bagels [Photo]

Groupon, a website that works with businesses in certain cities to offer customers different discounts each day, launched in Columbia Monday morning. A screen shot taken from Groupon's website shows that with less then two hours to go before the deal expired, 173 people had purchased the discount.

Sam Stowers reads at Kaldi's [Photo]

Sam Stowers reads Monday after drinking espresso and an Americano at Kaldi's Coffee on Ninth Street.

Kierstin Boz awaits Russian ballet performance [Photo]

Kierstin Boz, 7, waits Monday to see the Russian National Ballet Theatre's performance of "Cinderella" at Jesse Auditorium. Kierstin takes dance lessons, and this was the second year for her to see "Cinderella."

Karlynn and Kaylen Hayward wait for Russian ballet performance [Photo]

Karlynn Hayward, 3, and Kaylen Hayward, 7, wait to be seated Monday for the Russian National Ballet Theatre's production of "Cinderella" at Jesse Auditorium. Karlynn brought her American Girl doll, Letsy.

Damage to the car [Photo]

A crowd gathers on the scene of a hit-and-run on Monday at the corner of Broadway and Ninth Street. A driver, who was backing out from a parking spot on the opposite side of the street, backed into a parked vehicle and pushed it onto the sidewalk. No one was harmed in the accident, and no damage was caused to the storefronts.

Jansen checks out hit-and-run damage [Photo]

Kurt Jansen surveys the damage on his car after a hit and run on Monday at the corner of Broadway and Ninth Street. Jansen was returning to his car after getting coffee and said he was shocked to find his car on the sidewalk.

Jarod and Charity Quinn on the couch [Photo]

Charity Quinn and her husband, Jerod, relax at home after a full day's work. Quinn is the executive director of My Life Clinic in Columbia, a not-for-profit resource center that serves women with unplanned pregnancies.

Charity Quinn plays guitar [Photo]

Charity Quinn, 28, and her husband, Jerod, 29, practice electric guitar in their living room. Charity and Jerod have been practicing together for more than a year. "It's just another thing we can do together, (a way to) spend time together ... and feel cool," Charity said.