Earthquake and tsunami cause destruction in Japan [Slideshow]

Images of destruction in Japan after an earthquake and tsunami rocked the country Friday.

Japanese quake triggers other disasters [Photo]

A tsunami — triggered by strong earthquakes in the area — caused house fires and flooding of the Natori River on Friday in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture, located in northern Japan.

Houses in flames after quake in Japan [Photo]

Houses swallowed by tsunami waves burn in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture after Japan was struck by a strong earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday. More than 60 people were dead and 56 were missing, but the death toll likely was to climb.

Tsunami in Japan [Photo]

A boat is caught in a tsunami swirl near a port in Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture on Friday following a massive earthquake in Japan. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake slammed the island's northeastern coast Friday, unleashing a 13-foot tsunami that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris miles inland. The tsunami was making its way to the U.S. West Coast.


While mid-Missouri isn’t a hotbed of tornado activity, it has still had to deal with numerous touchdowns. Here are the twisters that hit Boone County and surrounding areas between 1954 and 2009.

Missouri's Marcus Denmon vs. Texas A&M [Photo]

Missouri's Marcus Denmon attempts a shot during Thursday's quarterfinal round of the Big 12 Tournament against Texas A&M.

Missouri's Kim English and Jarrett Sutton vs. Texas A&M [Photo]

Missouri's Kim English, left, and Jarrett Sutton watch as their their teammates play against Texas A&M during the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Tournament in Kansas City.

Panel of women journalists participates in live radio discussion [Photo]

Salem Solomon, right, sits on the panel of women journalists Thursday during a radio show dedicated to International Women's Day. The panelists discussed personal experiences as well as the overall issues affecting women journalists around the world. Aside from Solomon, Mary Kay Blakely and You Li joined moderator Lee Wilkins in person, while Monica Villamizar participated via Skype, and Golnaz Esfandiari contributed over the phone. The show was recorded at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and hosted by Global Journalist, a local magazine and show on KBIA/91.3 FM.

Missouri's Kim English vs. Texas A&M [Photo]

Missouri guard Kim English reacts to the referee's call during Thursday's Big 12 Tournament game.

Missouri's Kim English and Laurence Bowers vs. Texas A&M [Photo]

Texas A&M's Naji Hibbert fights for two points against Missouri's Kim English, left, and Laurence Bowers during the quarterfinals of the Big 12 Tournament on Thursday.

Guest artist brings African dance to Stephens College [Video]

On Feb. 25, Tawanda Chabikwa and some of his students from Stephens College performed contemporary African dance for the public. In this video, Chabikwa explains why he teaches his art and what he hopes it will give to his students.

Rock Bridge boys basketball's Matt Kelly [Photo]

Rock Bridge senior Matt Kelly will play against some of his former AAU teammates on Friday when the Bruins take on Troy-Buchanan in the quarterfinals of the Class 5 state boys basketball tournament at Mizzou Arena.

Students practice tornado drill [Photo]

Students kneel against the wall to protect themselves during a statewide severe weather drill on Thursday, March 10, 2011 at Lee Elementary School. Every school across Missouri participated in the exercise at 1:30 pm.

Student covers head during tornado drill [Photo]

Students take cover during a severe weather drill at 1:30 pm, Thursday, March 2011 at Lee Elementary. The National Weather Service and the State Emergency Management Agency declared March 7-11 as Severe Weather Awareness Week for Missouri.

Professor Cornelius Eady discusses music lyrics with dinner guests [Photo]

"I love hearing your opinions on music; I think it's really cool," Professor Cornelius Eady said Tuesday to a table of dinner guests discussing poetry at his home. Eady is the Miller Family Endowed Chair in Literature and Writing of the English department. From left: sophomore Kiara Lanier, Eady's mother-in-law Carolyn Micklem, Eady and Alex Holloway-Melise talk about music lyrics.

MU English professor Cornelius Eady hosts poetry discussion [Photo]

MU English Professor Cornelius Eady, left, hosts a dinner and poetry discussion for his students in his home on Tuesday. Alex Holloway-Melise, center, and junior Jessica Brown, right, look at a poetry book from Eady. "The important thing is just to write," Eady said. Eady is the Miller Family Endowed Chair in Literature and Writing of the English department.

MU student volunteers as Boone County firefighter [Video]

Josh Travis is not your ordinary MU student. At any moment he could be running to the scene of a fire, risking his life and sacrificing his time to fulfill his duty to Columbia as a volunteer firefighter.

Doug Crews [Photo]

Doug Crews is executive director of the Missouri Press Association in Columbia.

Texas Tech pressures Missouri [Photo]

Missouri's Kim English and Texas Tech's David Tairu scramble from the ball in the second half of Wednesday's game in Kansas City.

Safford steps up [Photo]

Missouri senior Justin Safford moves toward the basket during the second half of the Tigers' Big 12 tournament opening game. Safford finished with 10 points, his best game since Feb. 12.