Highway HH flooded after intentional breach of the Birds Point levee [Photo]

Floodwater covers state Highway HH lined by utility poles following the Army Corps of Engineers intentional breach of the Birds Point levee Wednesday in Wyatt. The breach by the Corps on Monday flooded 130,000 acres of mostly farmland in southeast Missouri.

Driving through floodwater in Sikeston [Photo]

Vehicles splash in floodwater Wednesday in Sikeston.

Home flooded after levee breach [Photo]

Tom Griggs, left, uses binoculars as he tries to get a look at his flooded home while standing next to his uncle, Richard Griggs, Wednesday in Wyatt. Griggs' home was flooded when the Army Corps of Engineers intentionally breached the Birds Point levee on Monday night, flooding 130,000 acres in southeast Missouri.

Walking away from flooded land in Wyatt [Photo]

Roy Presson walks away Wednesday from floodwaters after trying to get a look at an area of flooded land following the Army Corps of Engineers intentional breach of the Birds Point levee in Wyatt. The breach by the Corps on Monday flooded 130,000 acres, mostly farmland, in southeastern Missouri.

Civil War weapons [Photo]

Jack Chance displays a bowie knife at Jefferson Junior High. Chance explained that a knife similar to his would be used for a variety of activities, including shaving.

Jack Chance speaks about the Civil War [Photo]

Jack Chance presents to a group of students about Confederate soldiers during the Civil War on at Jefferson Junior High. Chance and the other presenters are decendants of Confederate soldiers and presented about their ancestor

Civil war re-enactor answers questions [Photo]

Loren Wayne Reynolds answers a student's question about weaponry during the Civil War at Jefferson Junior High.

Amtrak's Missouri River Runner [Graphic]

Map of Amtrak's Missouri River Runner train route.

Missouri basketball player Laurence Bowers at the Blue Note [Photo]

Missouri basketball forward Laurence Bowers performs two songs with his group, Suite 1050, for their first live performance at the Blue Note on Tuesday. Suite 1050 is named after the dorm room where members Bowers, Faakir Habeebullah and Leaven Phillips lived last year in South Hall.

Columbia College softball player Valerie Teter vs. William Woods [Photo]

Columbia College starting pitcher Valerie Teter was hit in the face by a line drive from batter Audrey Crabtree in the bottom of the second inning in the second semifinal game of the American Midwest Conference Tournament. Teter was taken by emergency crews to the hospital for a broken nose.

Columbia College softball players in the dugout vs. William Woods [Photo]

Columbia College shortstop Kristin Eiken, left, pitcher Valerie Teter, center, and first baseman Rachel Coleman, right, look on during a teammate's at-bat.

Columbia College softball player Kristin Eiken vs. William Woods [Photo]

Columbia College freshman Kristin Eiken slides safely into second base as William Woods infielder Taylor Lewis tries to tag her out.

Stadium Widening [Graphic]

The city of Columbia plans to modify the area around the Columbia Mall, including widening Stadium Boulevard to six lanes, changing the Interstate 70/Stadium intersection and adding bike lanes to Fairview Road.

Libyan cries for brother in funeral procession [Photo]

Abdul Farj, 25, cries uncontrollably on March 9 in Benghazi, Libya, during a funeral procession for his fallen brother, a volunteer fighter for the revolution killed by pro-Gadhafi forces while retreating from the oil-producing city of Ras Lanuf.

Pro-Gadhafi soldier receives treatment in Ajdabiyah [Photo]

A loyalist soldier receives emergency medical assistance at Ajdabiyah Medical Centre in Ajdabiyah, Libya, on March 2. Nine people were killed and 35 wounded during the first day of fighting in al-Brega, a key town about 50 miles from Ajdabiyah with one of the nation's largest oil refineries.

Ty Cacek self-portrait [Photo]

Columbia native Ty Cacek takes a self-portrait in Benghazi Cemetery.

Dogwoods on Brian Gill property [Photo]

Dogwoods bloom in the back yard of the home and property that Brian Gill is renovating on Lathrop Road. The property, near where Gill grew up, is 3.2 acres.

Brian Gill aims for June completion [Photo]

Brian Gill is in the process of renovating his property on Lathrop Road. The property has several unique features including what used to be a flower shop in the basement. Gill aims to have the renovations done by June, so his daughter can move in.

Brian Gill discusses property [Photo]

Brian Gill points out unique aspects of his property on Lathrop Road on April 21. Gill bought the property after different neighbors worked to keep it from getting purchased and torn down by outside developers.

Water flows over where the Birds Point levee once was [Photo]

Flowing water creates white caps where a two-mile long section of the Birds Point levee stood, at bottom, as the town of Cairo, Ill., can be seen at top right Tuesday in Mississippi County. The Army Corps of Engineers blew a the hole into the Birds Point levee Monday night, flooding 130,000 acres of farmland in Mississippi County in an effort to protect nearby Cairo and relieve flooding at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.