Stadium Corridor Plans [Document]

Here is a pdf showing the Missouri Department of Transportation's plans for a $20 million reconstruction of the Stadium Boulevard corridor between Interstate 70 and Broadway. The project as proposed would include a diverging diamond interchange at Stadium and I-70, widening of Stadium Boulevard to six lanes and significant alterations to other streets in the area.

Storm clouds hang over farm [Photo]

Storm clouds dwarf a farm near Lamar as the sun sets Sunday.

Emergency worker searches Walmart [Photo]

An emergency worker searches a Walmart on Monday that was severely damaged by the tornado.

Workers wait for medical team after tornado [Photo]

Emergency workers wait for a medical team after finding a body in a tornado-ravaged car in Joplin on Monday.

Residents survey tornado damage [Photo]

Residents of Joplin survey the damage after the tornado hit the city Sunday evening.

Workers wait for medical team after tornado [Photo]

Emergency workers wait for a medical team after finding a body in a tornado-ravaged car in Joplin on Monday.

Emergency worker searches after tornado [Photo]

An emergency worker searches a Walmart that was severely damaged by the tornado.

Residents walk through Joplin streets [Photo]

Residents of Joplin walk west on 26th Street near Maiden Lane after a tornado hit Sunday evening.

Volunteers look through tornado wreckage [Photo]

Volunteer firefighters William Jackson, left, and Ashley Martin, center, from Oklahoma, and Johnny Ward of Joplin look through the wreckage of a home where a pregnant woman was feared to be trapped. The three did not find anyone during their search.

Rescuers pull a woman from a building [Photo]

Two rescuers try to pull a woman from a destroyed building in Joplin.

Residents dig through rubble after tornado [Photo]

Residents begin digging through the rubble of their home on Sunday evening.

Man carries boy passed tornado wreckage [Photo]

A man carries a young boy who was rescued after being trapped in his home on Sunday evening.

Devastation from Joplin tornado [Photo]

Emergency personnel walk through a neighborhood severely damaged by a tornado near the Joplin Regional Medical Center on Sunday evening.

Rescuer carries girl from tornado wreckage [Photo]

An emergency worker carries a girl to safety from the remains of Academy Sports in Joplin on Sunday evening.

Man carries rescued girl [Photo]

A man carries a young girl who was rescued after being trapped with her mother in their home after a tornado hit Joplin on Sunday evening.

Aim4Peace members leave for inner Kansas City [Photo]

Rashid Junaid, Terrance Jackson and Salahuddin Abdul-Waali walk together up the stairs on Wednesday from the Aim4Peace office as they begin a trip to inner Kansas City as part of the Violence Prevention Street Team. After a short briefing in the office, the group went to to a neighborhood they refer to as the "dirty thirties" where persistent violence demands frequent attention.

Terrence Jackson waits outside shooting scene with Aim4Peace [Photo]

Terrance Jackson waits outside of the police line at the scene of a shooting Wednesday on Linwood Boulevard in Kansas City. During the day, Aim4Peace does outreach activities in neighborhoods plagued by violence until they hear reports of shootings or stabbings — then they go right to the scene and try to talk to victims, perpetrators or anyone in the periphery. The members of the street team aren't the police, so they can't go behind the yellow tape, but for that reason people on the scene will typically be more open with them. Aim4Peace won't report what they're told but will instead try to figure out what groups are actively fighting and try to diffuse situations without force.

The Rev. Kelsey Hopson listens to members of Aim4Peace [Photo]

The Rev. Kelsey Hopson of St. Matthew A.M.E. Zion Church listens as Rashid Junaid explains the importance of Aim4Peace's presence in the Kansas City community's churches on Saturday. The street team met Hopson a few blocks from the crime scenes of two separate but possibly related shootings that afternoon near his church.

Jamal Shakur represents Aim4Peace [Photo]

Jamal Shakur has been a Street Intervention Worker with Aim4Peace since November. The street team is a fairly small group — consisting of about a half-dozen members — and most of them are either from the areas in which the team does the most outreach or have been incarcerated themselves. The street intervention workers all have clients in the community who get assistance from the team in staying out of trouble and can call the intervention workers whenever they need help.

Jamal Shakur traverses through Kansas City [Photo]

Jamal Shakur picks up his street team kit and surveys 39th and Prospect Avenue on Saturday in downtown Kansas City. Inside of his briefcase, he keeps more resource pamphlets like those in his hands as well as lanyards, pens, bracelets and other trinkets to give to the kids he meets on the streets in an attempt to keep their attention long enough to impart Aim4Peace's message of staying out of trouble.