Memo regarding National Bikers Roundup [Document]

This memo from the Columbia Special Business District was addressed to restaurant and bar managers an includes information in advance of the National Bikers Roundup in Columbia.

Maplewood Barn Community Theatre performs 'Othello' [Audio]

"Iago starts out like a kid in a candy shop doing evil things, but through the course of the show he progressively becomes evil,” said Jason Cascio, who plays Iago, the bad guy in Shakespeare’s "Othello." The final three performances of the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre’s production of "Othello" are Friday night, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. in Nifong Park. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and students and $1 for children under 10.

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 4) [Graphic]

Survey results, part 4

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 3) [Graphic]

Survey results, part 3

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 2) [Graphic]

Survey results, part 2

Hedrick's racing pigs [Video]

Hedrick's pig racing team hails from Nickerson Kans.

Woody's Menagerie at the Boone County Fair [Video]

Woody's menagerie visit more than 10 state fairs across the country.

Collegetown 2010 e-book cover [Photo]

The cover of the e-book edition of the Collegetown 2010 special section of the Missourian.

Collegetown 2010: Download the e-book [Document]

Download our specially formatted e-book edition of Collegetown 2010, our special section orienting new Mizzou students to life in Columbia.

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 1) [Graphic]

An online survey of subscribers to the Missourian’s Neighborhood News e-newsletters suggests you like what you’re reading.

Of the 145 subscribers who responded, 71 percent said they were somewhat or very satisfied with Neighborhood News.

INTERACTIVE: MAP Scores [Graphic]

Toggle Missouri Assessment Program results by category. Numbers displayed indicate percentage of students who score a 'proficient or above' rating by school.

Veteran steer competitor talks with judge [Photo]

Brianne Abramoritz, 18, talks with Mike Martin, judge of the competition, during the Senior Showmanship judging at the Boone County Fair on Thursday. Abramoritz has been competing for eight years.

Steers, owners await judging [Photo]

Steers and owners await judging at the Boone County Fair on Thursday.

Youth showcase steer in Boone County Fair competition [Photo]

Dalton Sharp, 15, and Chelsea Cockrum, 16, talk as they wait for the senior showmanship class judging to finish. Sharp and Cockrum competed in the intermediate division on Thursday.

Steer Weigh-in for 2010 Boone County Fair [Document]

A list of the participants in the 2010 Boone County Fair steer showmanship and show competition.

Jesse Hockett Tribute Race [Photo]

Racers round the track at the Jesse Hockett Tribute Race held at the Boone County Fairgrounds on Thursday.

Carl Edwards Sr. [Photo]

Carl Edwards Sr. speaks to the crowd at the Jesse Hockett Tribute Race on Thursday.

Door Banger Nationals [Photo]

Fans, family and friends watch as racers round the track at the 2nd Annual Door Banger Nationals on Thursday. The race was held in tribute to Jesse Hockett, a racer who died in an accident on May 26, 2010.

Performing bears are part of family's business [Photo]

Fred the bear gives Johnny Welde Jr. a kiss after the performance at the Boone County Fair on Thursday. The Welde's own Bearadise Ranch in Florida and travel across the country performing. The ranch has been in the Welde family for 84 years, and Johnny Welde Jr. plans on taking over the family business someday.

Bear enjoys molasses at Boone County Fair [Photo]

John Welde feeds Fred the bear molasses as a reward at the Boone County Fair on Thursday. Fred is one of eleven bears that live at the Welde's ranch in Florida.