Pictures of the week: July 24 to 30 [Slideshow]

Photos of the week highlighting local and worldwide events.

Meeting his fiance [Slideshow]

Stephanie Steward embraces her fiance Petty Officer First Class Joseph Ryder at Pier 11 at Norfolk Naval Station on July 28 in Norfolk, Va., during the aircraft carrier Eisenhower return. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is back in Norfolk after a seven-month deployment to support the war in Afghanistan.

Team worksheet [Photo]

The "Geiser's" team worksheet sits on the board used for the plank race at the 2010 Agriculture Olympics at the Boone County Fair on July 30. The "Geisers" were a group of adults competing against nine other teams of varying ages, but mainly consisted of younger children.

Keeping score at the Agriculture Olympics [Photo]

Kara Roderick, 18, from Alton keeps the score for the Agriculture Olympics at the Boone County Fair on July 30. The Agriculture Olympics featured numerous events including the Plank Race, a Trivia Contest, and the event concluded with the Utter Toss.

The Udder Toss [Photo]

Glenn Garrett from team "Geisers" catches the "udder" during the Utter Toss at the Agriculture Olympics at the Boone County Fair on July 30. The "Geisers" were able to complete 33 tosses before the "udder" burst in Garrett's arms.

The Feed Bucket Race [Photo]

Garrett West, 9, from Hallsville blindly drops feed into a larger bucket during the Feed Bucket Race during the Agriculture Olympics at the Boone County Fair on July 30. Racers had to put on a blindfold, fill up their small pails with a sandcastle shovel, then run and drop their feed into the large bucket. The first team to fill their bucket past the rim wins.

Agriculture Olympics [Photo]

There was an easy atmosphere at the Boone County Fair on July 30 where over 50 people participated in the Agriculture Olympics. The Agriculture Olympics featured multiple events including the plank race, the sack race, and the utter toss. At the end of all the events the scores were tallied and the winners received cold cans of Dr. Pepper.

Traffic congestion news release [Document]

The Boone County Sheriff's Department issued this news release to alert the community about possible traffic congestion in connection with the National Bikers Roundup Aug. 3 to 8.

Memo regarding National Bikers Roundup [Document]

This memo from the Columbia Special Business District was addressed to restaurant and bar managers an includes information in advance of the National Bikers Roundup in Columbia.

Maplewood Barn Community Theatre performs 'Othello' [Audio]

"Iago starts out like a kid in a candy shop doing evil things, but through the course of the show he progressively becomes evil,” said Jason Cascio, who plays Iago, the bad guy in Shakespeare’s "Othello." The final three performances of the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre’s production of "Othello" are Friday night, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. in Nifong Park. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for seniors and students and $1 for children under 10.

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 4) [Graphic]

Survey results, part 4

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 3) [Graphic]

Survey results, part 3

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 2) [Graphic]

Survey results, part 2

Hedrick's racing pigs [Video]

Hedrick's pig racing team hails from Nickerson Kans.

Woody's Menagerie at the Boone County Fair [Video]

Woody's menagerie visit more than 10 state fairs across the country.

Collegetown 2010 e-book cover [Photo]

The cover of the e-book edition of the Collegetown 2010 special section of the Missourian.

Collegetown 2010: Download the e-book [Document]

Download our specially formatted e-book edition of Collegetown 2010, our special section orienting new Mizzou students to life in Columbia.

Neighborhood News Survey (Part 1) [Graphic]

An online survey of subscribers to the Missourian’s Neighborhood News e-newsletters suggests you like what you’re reading.

Of the 145 subscribers who responded, 71 percent said they were somewhat or very satisfied with Neighborhood News.

INTERACTIVE: MAP Scores [Graphic]

Toggle Missouri Assessment Program results by category. Numbers displayed indicate percentage of students who score a 'proficient or above' rating by school.

Veteran steer competitor talks with judge [Photo]

Brianne Abramoritz, 18, talks with Mike Martin, judge of the competition, during the Senior Showmanship judging at the Boone County Fair on Thursday. Abramoritz has been competing for eight years.