Thorns in silhouette against the snow [Photo]

The harsh beauty of winter is echoed in the silhouette of thorns against the untrampled snow Wednesday at Stephens Lake Park.

Shadows on the snow at Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

The sun lights up the freshly fallen snow Wednesday just after dawn, casting long shadows in Stephens Lake Park.

Edge of a snow drift at Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Early morning light illuminates the edge of a snow drift near Riechmann Pavilion in Stephens Lake Park on Wednesday. The highlight on the right side of the drift is sunlight reflecting off one of the windows of the pavilion.


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Sunrise at Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Columbia residents awoke to a chilly Thursday morning as the sun rose near Stephens Lake Park. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill advisory for Boone County.  

Truck plunges into icy Oklahoma river [Photo]

This frame grab from KOTV video in Tulsa, Okla., shows a crew rescuing people who were trapped in a vehicle that plummeted from a bridge into the Spring River on Thursday near Miami, Okla. Three people have died in the accident and Oklahoma authorities say the pickup truck was carrying as many as eight people when it drove off of snow-covered Interstate 44 and into the river.

Snow at Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

In the early Thursday morning light, a parhelion or solar halo, is seen in the sky to the left of the sun from Stephens Lake Park. A parhelion is caused when ice crystals in the atmosphere refract the light of the sun. 

MU men's basketball coach Mike Anderson vs. Oklahma State [Photo]

Missouri coach Mike Anderson, center, pleads with the referees during the second half of the Tigers' loss Wednesday night at Oklahoma State.

Downloadable Vox Magazine, Feb. 3 [Document]

Download Thursday's issue of Vox Magazine.

Thursday's downloadable print edition [Document]

Download a PDF version of Thursday's Missourian here.

Jan Fugit [Photo]

Boone County Treasurer Jan Fugit

Show me snow [Graphic]

The snowstorm brought large amounts of snow to Missouri. Here’s the accumulation in inches as of Wednesday

Hunter Rottinghaus spent the night in Ragtag Cinema [Photo]

Hunter Rottinghaus, 9, shows on Wednesday the couch where he slept Tuesday night in the Little Theater at Ragtag Cinema. Rottinghaus' parents stayed the night in an office above the adjacent Uprise Bakery, which they own, while letting Hunter and other employees stay the night in the two movie theaters during the blizzard.

Bill Wheatley clears a driveway with a snow blower [Photo]

Columbia resident Bill Wheatley uses a snow blower to help his neighbor, Justin Toke, clear his driveway of snow on Wednesday.

Clara Strathausen sleds at Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Clara Strathausen, 8, takes off down the sledding hill at Stephens Lake Park after a push from her neighbor, Scott Southwick, Wednesday afternoon. Clara was at the hill with the Southwick-Rymph family, including Catherine Rymph, standing at left, and their children, Polly Southwick, 8, and Linus Southwick, 6.

Sledders tackle a hill in Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Sledders take to a relatively untouched sledding hill at Stephens Lake Park.

Mara Akers plays in a snow trench [Photo]

Mara Akers, 5, plays in the snow tunnel she started making in her front yard on Anthony Street on Wednesday. With a day off of school, the snow kept Mara busy.

The track system of a hoop house [Photo]

A track system allows the hoop house to be rolled onto whichever section of land needs to be covered at a particular time.

Dan Kuebler shows off his hoop house [Photo]

Dan Kuebler shows off his hoop house, which was funded by the federal Environmental Quality Incentives Program, on his farm near Ashland last week. A hoop house is a structure that consists of wood and metal framing covered by a plastic material that insulates the air and soil inside, resulting in temperatures that can be twice as high as those outside.

Flock of Canada geese on ice in Ohio [Photo]

Canada Geese make their way across ice forming off the Ohio River at Four Seasons Marina on Wednesday in Cincinnati.