PACE rummage sale 1 [Photo]

Sophie Leigh, 4, and her mom, Janiece Leigh, shop for mouse ears and nose, a cowgirl hat and gymnastics outfits at the Performing Arts in Children's Education rummage sale in the Missouri United Methodist Church. PACE held a rummage sale because they are downsizing from their Midway location to Big Bear Boulevard.

Talking about an unused lot [Photo]

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Ken Pearson (center) talks with Public Works Interim Maintenance Operations Manager Chet Dunn (left), and Boone County's District II Commissioner Skip Elkin (right) about potential plans for an unused Missouri Department of Transportation facility near Hallsville. The Boone County Commission is looking into purchasing the property to hold some of the equipment that's used in the north part of the county, along with salt and fuel. The Commission is also looking into using the property as a second location of the sheriff's station.

Presenting a plaque [Photo]

Boone County Presiding Commissioner Ken Pearson presents a plaque to former commissioner Frank Graham during an event honoring Graham's life and service on Sept. 16 at the Boone County Extension Office. Pearson is not running for re-election this year.

Scott Boulevard construction continues [Photo]

Scott Boulevard construction continues to divert traffic Friday. Ground was broken for the project in May 2009.

Scott Boulevard lane expansion [Photo]

The construction project on Scott Boulevard covers more than 10,000 feet. Plans for the boulevard include an expansion to four lanes plus a center median.

Scott Boulevard construction machinery [Photo]

The Scott Boulevard construction project that began last year continues to move forward. Once completed, additional bicycle lanes and sidewalks will be in place.

Walking with friends [Photo]

MU student Kayla Meyers(left) walks with her friends around Stankowski Field for the Alcohol Responsibility Walk on Friday, Oct. 8. The MU Wellness Resource Center sponsored the event and is completely coordinated by students. Other activities include a comedy war, crafts studio and a tiger-X class.

RAWR Walk [Photo]

Alcohol Responsibility Walk participant, Clarke Ford (left), does laps around Stankowski Field as part of the RAWR for Responsibility Month on Friday, Oct. 8. The event helps raise awareness by promoting alcohol-free activities and providing relative statistics.

GAMMA Walk [Photo]

A mass of people walk laps around Stankowski Field for the Alcohol Responsibility Walk on Oct. 8. More than 600 people registered for the event and can walk anytime between noon and midnight.

Protest sign at new high school site [Photo]

Mike Gerlt of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 513 stands with a protest sign around his neck Friday at the construction site of the new high school on St. Charles Road.

Protesting at new high school site [Photo]

Mike Gerlt, left, Matt Enloe and Tim Miller form a picket line Friday to protest Questec subcontracting non-union company Sunbelt Environmental Services at the construction site of the new high school. "It doesn't matter if it's days, weeks, or months. We'll be here until we get something resolved," Enloe said.

The infamous fifth down game between the Tigers and Buffaloes [Photo]

The Missouri football team is shown playing against Colorado in 1990. Colorado won the game 33-31.

Rolla man charged with child enticement [Photo]

Boone County Court Marshals arrested James Thomas Swinney, 39, after he turned himself in to the Boone County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Overcoming medical obstacles [Photo]

This undated photo shows Katelyn Nicole Lang in Bloomfield. Lang has battled three rare syndromes that doctors thought would leave her blind and require that she use a wheelchair.

Broken Big 12 clock [Photo]

Tweets of the Week (MU vs. Colorado) [Graphic]

Cookin' with Blaine (MU vs. Colorado) [Graphic]

The Blitz (MU vs. Colorado) [Graphic]

Love Your Body Day is held to promote positive attitudes towards body image [Photo]

From left to right, Shreya Patel, 19, talks with Chayla Hisel, 20, while making buttons at the Love Your Body Day event at Lowry Mall on Thursday, October 7, 2010. The event is held to promote positive attitudes towards body image by allowing people to share what they love about their own body. "I went last year and wanted to come again," said Patel. "It's a cool event."

Love Your Body Day took place at Lowry Mall for the second time Thursday [Photo]

Suzy Day, left, Women's Center advisor, talks with Women's Center volunteer Emily Luft, 20, at the Love Your Body Day event at Lowry Mall on Thursday, October 7, 2010. Day said Love Your Body Day is a national event and has gone on for years at MU, but this is the second time it has taken place at Lowry Mall. "It's nice to have a space to be asked what you love about your body," she said.