Show-Me State Games tennis tournament [Photo]

The shadow of a tennis player falls on the crowded court during the Show-Me States games tennis tournament on Friday, July 16, 2010.

Show-Me State Games tennis endures heat [Photo]

The heat beats down on Maggie Filbert as she plays in her second Show-Me State games tournament. Filbert played against Patti Cole on Friday. "It's super hot, and that's the challenge," Filbert said.

Ready to play [Photo]

The Rim Rockers from Conway form a huddle before the fourth quarter during their game with the Moberly Ballers on Friday.

Hickman tennis coach plays Show-Me State Games [Photo]

Hickman Tennis Coach Andy Materer swings at the ball during the Missouri Show-Me State Games on Friday. Materer beat Cody Kennedy, Rolla High School's boys' tennis coach in both sets, 6-2, and 6-4.

Shooting hoops [Photo]

Jamonta Black takes a shot on the net while his friends attempt a rebound during their own game of basketball, which they played before the next official tournament game on Friday.

Talking to the team [Photo]

Mike Vavruska talks to his team, the Rim Rockers, during the opening day of the Show-Me State Games basketball tournament on Friday.

Train display at Wabash Centennial [Photo]

Lynn Woodward talks railroad history with John Wilke at the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration on Friday.

Train rides at the Wabash Centennial [Photo]

Richard Wieman played conductor for the day at the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration Friday, taking passengers like Ella Rogers for train rides through the parking lot. "I participated just for the fun of it," Wieman said.

Balloon making at Wabash [Photo]

Gabe Senecal is delighted to get his hands on the balloon flower he requested when he and his family visited the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration on Friday.

Wabash Centennial trains [Photo]

Model trains, train photography, and memorabilia filled the corridors below Artlandish Gallery as part of the Wabash Station Centennial Celebration on Friday.

Boone County Bad Boys and the Rolla Redbirds [Slideshow]

The Boone County Bad Boys played the Rolla Redbirds in the 10-and-under division of the Show-Me State Games Friday at Cosmo Park. The Redbirds ranked in a slightly higher competitive class and won the game 13-0.

Entertainment at Show-Me State Games Village [Photo]

Country star and MU alumnus Candy Coburn performs at the opening ceremony of the Show-Me State Games. Coburn also had the honor of lighting the Games cauldron.

Passing the torch for Show-Me State Games [Photo]

Mizzou Women's softball player Lisa Simmons hands off the Show-Me Games Torch to Andreas Plackis during the opening ceremony of the Show-Me State Games on Friday.

Athletes processional for Show-Me State Games opening ceremony [Photo]

Athletes and coaches from across Missouri stream into the Hearnes Center during the athletes procession at the opening ceremony of the Show-Me State Games on Friday.

Engineering a cardboard chair [Photo]

Peeking through a piece of cardboard, Cameron Craig, 12, watches a classmate measure exactly where the slots should go to attach the headrest to their cardboard chair on Friday, the last day of summer school in Columbia. The project was part of a class called "Cardboard Engineering" held at Lange Middle School. "You can actually sit on these. We've tested them out," Craig said. "They work really well."

Cooking with friends [Photo]

Middle schoolers, from left, Holly Curtis, 13, Tyme Franklin, 13, and Keonna McCoy, 13, talk during cleanup of their "Cooking with Friends" class at Lange Middle School on Friday. They made up hand symbols to represent a "group of girls that hang out," said McCoy.

Card party for last day of summer school [Photo]

Tiffany Hartley-Burton, 12, left, plays a game of Go Fish with Karen Hines, a special education teacher, during a class party on Friday at Lange Middle School. "The last day of summer school is for celebrating the fun," Hines said. "They worked hard to learn."

Finishing touches on a cardboard chair [Photo]

Jakob Hewett, 12, left, and Chris Pyles, 12, put the finishing touches on a cardboard chair Friday, which was the last day of summer school. The two were enrolled in a class called "Cardboard Engineering" at Lange Middle School.

Resting after a day's work in summer school [Photo]

Middle schoolers, from left, Brian Williams, 12, James Murphy, 13 and Jaylon Freelon, 13, put finishing touches on their cardboard chair while their classmate Jakob Hewett, 12, takes a break from working on the last day of summer school in Columbia. "I'm taking a good break," Hewett said. "I went all out on these pieces."

Special Olympics sendoff with Truman [Photo]

Truman the Tiger sits with athletes Tina Jones and Kendall Scheidt on Friday afternoon during a sendoff ceremony for central Missouri Special Olympics outside the Mizzou Athletic Training Complex. Next week, Jones and Scheidt will compete in the Special Olympics.