A taste of winter [Photo]

Olivia Gill tastes some fresh snowflakes on her glove on Wednesday at Stephens Lake Park. Olivia, her sister and their father visited the park to play in the falling snow.

Fresh footprints in new snow [Photo]

Pedestrians passing Reynolds Journalism Institute leave footprints in the newly fallen snow on Wednesday.

Seeking shelter from the snow [Photo]

Adam Cater takes cover under an umbrella in the snowfall on Wednesday on Ninth Street.

Getting more prepared [Photo]

Lyn Hall, 46, of Columbia loads a shovel and ice scraper into her car outside the Walmart off Conley Road on Wednesday. Hall said she didn't have a shovel when the last snow storm hit and had to call into work because she couldn't get there.

Salting before the storm [Photo]

Jeff Weaver, owner of Bambino's Restaurant, begins salting the sidewalks in front of his restaurant on Broadway. Weaver says he "learned his lesson" from the last snowfall when he didn't salt the walkway before the snow accumulated.

Looking for a good scraper [Photo]

Bill Berg chooses a new ice scraper on Wednesday at the Westlake Ace Hardware on Business Loop I-70.

Navigating through an e-reader [Photo]

Sarah Benson navigates her way through a Nook eBook reader at a Columbia Public Library event on Tuesday. The Nook features an e-ink screen that is supposed to be easier on the reader’s eyes.

Checking out an e-reader [Photo]

Brooke and Julie Anson explore the possibilities of using eBooks at an event at the Columbia Public Library on Tuesday. Julie Anson said that the versatility and small size of the Nook made it her top choice of the evening.

Trucks get ready for salting roads [Photo]

Robert Hostetter, operator for Boone County Public Works, positions the front-end loader in front of a salt bay at the Boone County Public Works salt facility. Hostetter said the crew has been working since morning to load salt into trucks in preparation for snow.

Preparing trucks for plowing [Photo]

Robert Hostetter, operator for Boone County Public Works, uses a front-end loader to scoop salt from the 400-ton pile at the Boone County Public Works salt facility off U.S. 63 on Wednesday.

Loading trucks for with salt [Photo]

Robert Hostetter, operator for Boone County Public Works, readies to load a truck with salt at the Boone County Public Works salt facility off U.S. 63 on Wednesday. Hostetter and the rest of the crew are preparing for 4 to 6 inches of snow for Wednesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

Upgrading equipment [Photo]

John Purves considers a variety of snow shovels at Westlake Ace Hardware on Business Loop I-70 in preparation for the impending snow. He previously had been using a garden shovel for clearing snow, but said, "It's less work when you have a proper shovel."

Kansas State men's basketball coach Frank Martin [Photo]

Kansas State men's basketball coach Frank Martin yells to his players during Monday's loss to Missouri at Mizzou Arena.

Red Mango [Graphic]

Man killed at trailer park [Graphic]

City Council recites required Pledge of Allegiance for first time [Photo]

Members of the Columbia City Council recite the Pledge of Allegiance at its meeting on Tuesday. This was the first time the pledge was recited after council members voted Jan. 3 to require it.

Columbia College women's basketball player Kirsti Wilkerson vs. Hannibal-LaGrange [Photo]

Columbia College's forward Kirsti Wilkerson, junior, dribbles past Hannibal-LaGrange University's guard on Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011 at Southwell Complex. Columbia College won with a score of 97 to 71.

City estimates Bear Creek stabilization cost at $240,000 [Document]

The City Council received a cost estimate, maps and other information on the project from the City Manager's office.

Red Mango offers variety of toppings [Photo]

The new Red Mango topping bar in Columbia has dozens of selections for customers to toss on their many choices of frozen yogurt.

Mother, daughter try Red Mango [Photo]

Carly Meyer, 3, shows off clean hands while enjoying some frozen yogurt with her mother, Chrissy, on Tuesday afternoon at Red Mango. “I’m so glad they have one here now," Chrissy Meyer said.