MU softball manager Lance McMahon at practice [Photo]

Lance McMahon pitches to the entire Missouri softball team during practice at University Field on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. McMahon is a freshman at MU and this is his first year as a student manager and batting practice pitcher.

McGuire's model program [Photo]

Rick McGuire, MU's sports psychology director, speaks with first-year graduate student Alicia Hatcher on Monday in his office at the Mizzou Athletics Training Complex. McGuire started the MU sports psychology program in 2010, and he intends for it be a model program for other schools around the nation.

McDavid answers questions [Photo]

Mayor Bob McDavid answers questions from members of the press after announcing Mike Matthes of Des Moines, Iowa, as Columbia's next city manager on Monday at the City Hall building. Matthes will begin his term on May 1.

City manager candidate Mike Matthes [Photo]

Newly appointed city manager Mike Matthes speaks with the public at the open forum in City Hall on Friday three days before he was named to the position.

Pizza shop owner will travel to Libya [Photo]

Rashid Kikhia, owner of Rush's Pizzeria and Bakery, sits in his restaurant with the 1951 Libyan Flag in the foreground Monday. Kikhia is planning to travel to Benghazi, Libya as a part of the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition to help the National Transitional Council, which is composed of anti-Gadhafi members.

Libya still in the public eye [Photo]

A television in Rush's Pizzeria and Bakery on Monday displays news about the ongoing conflict in Libya alongside the 1951 Libyan flag and a sign asking for donations for aid to the people of Libya.

Fishing at Stephens Lake [Photo]

Jeremiah Nole, 8, enjoys the warm weather while fishing in Stephens Lake Park on Monday afternoon. The high temperatures brought many people to the park's playgrounds and lake.

Scooting down Hinkson Avenue [Photo]

Delphianna Starn, left, and Lucia Duff-Gay ride their scooters down Hinkson Avenue on Monday afternoon. The temperature reached 80 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, after being as low as 39 degrees Saturday morning.

Missouri River 340 Race [Graphic]

The sixth annual Missouri River Race, the world’s longest non-stop canoe river race, will run from July 19 to
July 22. Participants will travel the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Charles while stopping
along checkpoints at cities marked below.

Training for the race [Photo]

Sarah Pennington paddles through an icy river while training for the sixth annual Missouri River 340 scheduled for July. Pennington and her husband, Josh Pennington, weren't able to participate in the event last year.

Josh and Sarah Pennington [Photo]

Josh and Sarah Pennington will compete in the Missouri River 340 in July. The couple is working to raise money for the Missouri River Relief.

Musician plays on Ninth Street [Photo]

Lamar Roberts plays his electric flute downtown on the corner of Ninth Street and Broadway on Sunday afternoon. "A lot of people misunderstand what I do. Street musicians are not people who live on the street," he said.

A sweet treat at start of spring [Photo]

Brooke Bliven, 4, and her brother Jacob Bliven, 2, ate frozen yogurt downtown on Sunday afternoon. After playing outside all day with their mother, Nicole, frozen yogurt was their treat for being "good kids." The temperature reached 79 degrees on Sunday.

Ampleman leads Missouri [Photo]

Missouri's Ryan Ampleman bats during Friday's baseball game against Central Michigan University at Taylor Stadium. Ampleman was the team's leadoff hitter for the series, and he finished the series with six hits and five runs scored.

Out at third base [Photo]

Missouri third baseman Conner Mach tags out Tyler Hall of Central Michigan as he slides into third base on Sunday at Taylor Stadium.

Snap shot of spring [Photo]

Museum visitors marvel at a floral interpretation of an African nkisi, or power figure, on Sunday. Connie Blackmore, Karen Blackmore and Chris Egbert of the Columbia Garden Club designed the flower arrangement for the "Art in Bloom" exhibit at the Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Flower show at MU [Photo]

The seventh annual "Art in Bloom" exhibit showed at the Museum of Art and Archaeology from Friday through Sunday. Erin Grace and Rita Dudley incorporated nine different types of flowers into this floral arrangement. Their arrangement was inspired by "The Quarry" by Barnard E. Peters, which hangs on the wall behind the flowers.

Lee Elementary holds fifth annual Not So Silent/Silent Art Auction [Video]

Lee Expressive Arts Elementary school auctioned off pieces of original artwork to raise funds for the school's artist-in-residence program that enriches the art-driven curriculum at the school on March 19, 2011. Organizers hoped to raise more than $6,000 on the art made by Lee Elementary students working with Columbia artists, paintings and sculptures donated to the fundraiser, and gift baskets donated by local businesses."

Shelter Insurance kicks off spring with fountain lighting festival [Video]

The annual fountain lighting ceremony at Shelter Insurance celebrates the beginning of spring. The festivities include bluegrass music, face painting, and balloon animals. Carol Mallory, Ann McCauley, and Ethan McCauley share their experiences at the festival and what they are looking forward to doing this spring on Friday, Mar. 18, 2011.

Recycling job for students [Photo]

Blue Ridge Elementary fourth grade student Sincere Hall-Osborne empties the recycling bins on Friday. Hall-Osborne is a member of the schools Emerging Leaders Program which teaches students responsibility and he performs his job of collecting the recycling every Friday.