Baylor's high-powered offense leads Big 12 [Photo]

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin, left, slips past Kansas State defensive tackle Prizell Brown during the first half Saturday. Griffin's name is being tossed around as a possible Heisman Trophy candidate.

Lucy Faerber and Jonas Weir on bluff in Capen Park [Photo]

MU sophomores Lucy Faerber and Jonas Weir sit on a bluff in Capen Park on Monday. Faerber says she comes to the bluff whenever the seasons change.

Dogs play in Hinkson Creek [Photo]

Dogs take advantage of Monday's warmer weather to enjoy a swim in Hinkson Creek.

Tin of elderberries [Photo]

Terry Durham holds a tray of elderberries. Durham sells elderberry juice, jelly and cough syrup. He says demand for the berries far exceeds the supply.

Terry Durham on his elderberry farm [Photo]

Terry Durham tills land for a new elderberry orchard on his land near Hartsburg. Durham grows the largest crop of elderberries in North America. Elderberry growers and agronomists say the fruit could be competitive with trendy "superfoods" like pomegranate and acai, which are prized for their high levels of antioxidants.

Elderberries [Photo]

Elderberries grow on a vine near Hartsburg.

Hannah Spratt applies stage makeup [Photo]

Sophomore Hannah Spratt applies black pencil as she transforms herself into an "undead" Mr. Spock from "Star Trek." Spratt, a major in technical theater and English, is a student in a stage makeup class at MU.

Gwen Bobbitt mixes stage makeup [Photo]

MU senior Gwen Bobbitt, a classical languages major, mixes stage makeup during a class Monday at Rhynsburger Theatre. Bobbitt was painting herself to become a tree.

Jessica Duncan applies stage makeup [Photo]

MU sophomore Jessica Duncan prepares her face for her fantasy stage makeup Monday at Rhynsburger Theatre.

Stage makeup scattered across a counter [Photo]

Watercolor stage makeup lies scattered across a counter during an MU stage makeup class at Rhynsburger Theatre on Monday.

Instructor offers advice on stage makeup [Photo]

From left, MU sophomore Rachel Davis and junior Jade Li get advice about their stage makeup from instructor Andy Pierce, a graduate student. Davis was transforming herself into a broken alien, while Li was becoming a Japanese painting of Mount Fuji.

Students apply fantasy stage makeup [Photo]

From left, MU sophomore Jessica Duncan, senior Fraisia Logan and graduate student Andy Pierce apply fantasy makeup during a class Monday afternoon at Rhynsburger Theatre. Pierce's stage makeup class was doing a lesson on fantasy makeup. Duncan was becoming a dinosaur emerging from an egg, and Logan was becoming a brick wall. Pierce was testing a new kind of stage makeup.

Runners in Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Two runners cool down on a path in Stephens Lake Park on Monday. The high temperature was 77 on Monday in Columbia.

Fallen leaves [Photo]

The grass is still green, but the leaves are definitely turning in Stephens Lake Park on the last Monday in October.

MU football player Dan Hoch vs. Oklahoma [Photo]

Missouri junior offensive lineman Dan Hoch celebrates after a Tigers touchdown Saturday against Oklahoma.

Walk around Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

From left, Charity Barnes, 9-year-old Kyra Ward and Nicole Ward take their dogs, Moose and Patches, for a walk around Stephens Lake Park on Monday. Many families took advantage of the unusually warm weather to enjoy the emerging fall color.

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC-Parks Proposal [Interactive graphic]

Proposition 1 on the Nov. 2 ballot calls for a five-year extension of the city’s one-eighth-cent sales tax for park improvements and land acquisition. The tax, if approved, would generate an estmated $12 million through March 2016. The city has promised to complete an array of projects with the money and to set aside $2.03 million to acquire land for community and neighborhood parks. The proposal also includes $4.8 million for improvements to existing parks, $2.07 million for trails and greenbelts and $2.54 million for development of new parks.

Boone County Chapter 100 policy [Document]

The Chapter 100 program, outlined in this policy, allows Boone County to issue bonds that finance the purchase of property on behalf of a business entity and be exempt from some or all sales and property taxes. In return, the business makes a payment of about 50 percent of the exempted taxes to the affected government entities.

Felt-soled shoes [Photo]

Felt-soled boots are still for sale at Bass Pro Shops in Columbia. The Missouri Department of Conservation could soon ban felt-soled boots because of the alga "rock snot," which can be spread after anglers wearing the boots tread through infected waters. Fragments of the alga become embedded in the boot soles.

Relive the game in pictures [Slideshow]

Here's the victory over Oklahoma again, as captured by Missourian photographers, one picture-perfect moment at a time.