The tortoise and the hare [Photo]

One of the students' handmade ornaments, a recreation of the classic fable "The Tortoise and the Hare," adorns the Deatons' Christmas tree.

Living room performance [Photo]

Lee Elementary fourth-grade students sing about "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" in Chancellor Brady Deaton's living room.

Spare time to chat [Photo]

Fourth-graders Mason Townsend, left, and Trenton Reed talk in the sunroom after they've finished singing.

Payday loan business locations [Graphic]

There are 19 businesses with payday-loan licenses in Columbia. Thirteen of these businesses are in the First Ward, three are in the Second Ward, two are in the Third Ward and one is in the Sixth Ward.

Youthful orchestra plays [Video]

The Missouri Symphony Youth Orchestra and Junior Strings played Monday at Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts.

An acoustic jam [Photo]

Musicians perform at the Home Folks Acoustic Music House in Parkway, Mo.

Janis and Spike Huff [Photo]

Janis and Spike Huff, front row, perform at the Home Folks Acoustic Music House in Parkway, Mo. Home Folks, located in a small stone building at the corner of Highways 30 and K just next door to the BP gas station, holds free jam sessions every Friday and Saturday night.

Feed My Starving Children [Photo]

On Saturday, Parker Quade, right, adds a cup of rice to the MannaPack held by his mother, Brandy Quade at West Park Mall in Cape Girardeau. Hundreds of volunteers from La Croix United Methodist Church in Cape Girardeau prepared individual dried meals called a MannaPack for the nonprofit Christian organization Feed My Starving Children. Each pack contains rice, extruded soy nuggets, 20 vitamins and minerals, and dehydrated vegetables.

Santa-in-progress [Photo]

A wooden Santa sits unfinished in Kevin Begley's workshop on Tuesday. Begley said each Santa takes days to make.

Columbia Santa maker stands outside his workshop [Photo]

Kevin Begley stands next to a Santa he made that hangs on the door to his workshop on Tuesday. Begley said he started making Santas because of his interest in the holiday and santa himself. "People like these things and they are fun to make," he said.

Santa workshop [Photo]

Wooden Santas line the counter in Kevin Begley's workshop. He said he started making Santas because of his interest in the holiday and has been making them for more than 25 years.

Ringing the NASDAQ Opening Bell [Photo]

In honor of the twenty-second Insight Bowl, Ken Lamneck, President and Chief Executive Officer of Insight Enterprises, was joined by Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel, Director of Athletics Mike Alden and Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta, to ring the NASDAQ Opening Bell on Friday, Dec. 17, 2010.

Capital punishment: How Missouri administers lethal injections [Graphic]

This 2010 graphic shows Missouri's lethal injection process when the state used three chemicals. Measured doses of thiopental and pancuronium bromide paralyze and render the prisoner unconscious before an injection of potassium chloride stops the heart.

William Rousan [Photo]

William Rousan

John E. Winfield [Photo]

John E. Winfield

John Middleton [Photo]

John Middleton

Richard Clay [Photo]

Herbert Smulls [Photo]

Herbert Smulls

Martin Link [Photo]

Martin Link

Earl Ringo Jr. [Photo]

Earl Ringo Jr.