First Ward candidate Pam Forbes [Photo]

First Ward candidate Pam Forbes wants to expand cultural opportunities, support local businesses and repair city infrastructure and housing.

First Ward candidate Mitch Richards [Photo]

First Ward candidate Mitch Richards is running on a pro-business platform and aims to improve government accountability, including greater civilian oversight of the Columbia Police Department.

First Ward candidate Darrell Foster [Photo]

First Ward candidate Darrell Foster says he will unite the First Ward and address problems that are often overlooked by residents of other wards.

First Ward candidate Fred Schmidt [Photo]

First Ward candidate Fred Schmidt is the treasurer for the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Foundation. He aims to increase the number of people walking, biking and using public transportation.

Hadar region fossil production [Photo]

"Lucy," the first Australopithecus afarensis skeleton, was discovered in this valley near Hadar, Ethiopia. According to a new study by MU researcher Carol Ward and Arizona State University researchers William Kimbel and Donald Johanson, the Hadar region has produced more than 370 fossils.

Hominids and arched feet [Photo]

This illustration shows where the fourth metatarsal fits into the Australopithecus afarensis foot. The structure of the bone suggests that early hominids had arched feet, similar to humans.

3.2 million-year-old foot bone [Photo]

This fourth metatarsal from Australopithecus afarensis is a key piece of evidence for the early evolution of the uniquely human way of walking. Carol Ward, an MU researcher in the department of pathology and anatomical sciences at the MU School of Medicine, and colleagues from Arizona State University are studying the 3.2 million-year-old foot bone discovered in Hadar, Ethiopia.

Christine Flores vs. Texas [Photo]

Christine Flores says blocking shots can come down to your attitude. "You have to have the warrior-like mentality," Flores said. "You have to want it. If somebody is in that lane, it’s yours."

Tina Meier speaks about cyberbullying [Photo]

Tina Meier speaks at Rock Bridge High School on Wednesday evening about the dangers of cyberbullying. Meier's daughter committed suicide at 13 after being bullied on the social networking site MySpace. Meier wears a black-and-white, polka dot scarf whenever she speaks in memory of her daughter, who also loved to wear them.

Twins ready for senior night [Photo]

Allison and Megan Marshall are twins who play for the Rock Bridge girls' basketball team, which will be celebrating senior night Thursday. They are two of four seniors and have played basketball together since 5th grade.

MU wrestler Todd Schavrien [Photo]

Missouri senior 141-pounder Todd Schavrien has a good chance of winning an NCAA title, but he might need more freestyle wrestling experience to reach the Olympics.

MU wrestler Dom Bradley [Photo]

Missouri's Dom Bradley won his division at the 2009 Junior World Freestyle Championships in Turkey, making him the top junior heavyweight wrestler in the world.

Leonard Robinson views the damage on his vehicle after an accident [Photo]

Leonard Robinson, of Wanynesville, Mo., talks on the phone with his insurance company as he looks at the damage to his car after a car accident Wednesday on Stadium Boulevard near the Hollywood Theater. Robinson said he was cleaning his windshield on the side of the road. He ran away just in time before a minivan hit the back of his car.

Watch out for potholes [Photo]

A SUV drives across a pothole on Broadway near Boone Hospital Center on Wednesday afternoon.

Hoop Houses Headed Here [Graphic]

The federal government is funding hoop houses used to protect and extend the growing season for vegetables and specialty crops. Here are the numbers planned for Mid-Missouri counties.

Statement from governor read after execution [Photo]

Missouri Department of Corrections Director George Lombardi reads a statement issued by Gov. Jay Nixon after convicted murderer Martin Link was pronounced dead after execution by lethal injection early Wednesday morning at the Bonne Terre Correctional Center. Link was executed for the 1991 rape and murder of 11-year-old Elissa Self-Braun.

Protestors pray before Link's execution [Photo]

John Flanigan, left, and his wife, Sue, recite a Bible verse during a vigil protesting the execution of convicted murderer Martin Link just before midnight on Tuesday outside the Bonne Terre Correctional Center.

Victim's mother speaks after Link's execution [Photo]

Pam Braun, mother of Elissa Self-Braun, holds up a photo of her daughter while giving a statement after the execution of Martin Link just after midnight on Wednesday morning at the Bonne Terre Correctional Center. "We have been truly blessed the justice system has worked for Elissa, whereas there are still many victims and homicide survivors still waiting for justice," Braun said.

Death penalty opponents conduct vigil before Link's execution [Photo]

Capital punishment opponents conduct a vigil just before midnight on Tuesday outside the Bonne Terre Correctional Center where convicted murderer Martin Link was to be executed by lethal injection. As many as 15 protesters came to contest the execution and the death penalty.

Bracing against the cold in Oklahoma [Photo]

Allie Blair holds a scarf to her face as she walks in the snow in Tulsa, Okla., on Wednesday. The second winter storm in just more than a week dropped up to 16 inches of snow on parts of northeastern Oklahoma.