Scardino pitches for Missouri [Photo]

Missouri senior Jeff Scardino pitches during the seventh inning of Sunday's game against Kansas at Taylor Stadium. Scardino was the third of five pitchers used in the game by the Tigers.

Picked off at first base [Photo]

Missouri sophomore Dane Opel reacts to being picked off at first base by Kansas pitcher Alex Cox in the sixth inning of Sunday's game at Taylor Stadium.

Los Cuates Latin Market has a wide variety of good for its customers [Photo]

Los Cuates Latin Market on Paris Road offers a wide variety of Hispanic foods, clothes, cosmetics, piñatas and more.

Owner greets patrons of his store [Photo]

Francisco J. Garcia, owner of Los Cuates Latin Market on Paris Road, laughs with patrons as they pay for their groceries on March 25. Garcia owns the store with his wife, Maria Carmen Romero Ortiz.

Grandmother reads to her grandchildren [Photo]

Xavier Schultz, 2, reads a book with his grandma, Mitzi Faisca who holds twins Nicholas and Zachary Schultz, 6 weeks while Gabriel Schultz, 4, reads a book and the children's mother Terra Merriweather-Schultz, 36, watches on. Merriweather-Schultz also has an 18 year old daughter, Ariana Merriweather, who cannot be seen in the picture.

Having quality family time [Photo]

Terra Merriweather-Schultz, far right, interacts with her children Ariana Merriweather, 18, far left and Gabriel Schultz, 4, center, holds his little brother, Zachary Schultz, 6 weeks, and Xavier Schultz, 2, kisses, Nicholas Schultz, also 6 weeks.

Mother holds her child close [Photo]

Terra Merriweather-Schultz ,36, holds her 6-week-old twin son, Zachary Schultz in her home on March 25. Merriweather-Schultz works one eight hour shift a month as a unit secretary at Boone Hospital and spends the rest of her time taking care of her other four children.

Expanding the pharmacy [Photo]

After business increased, Kinkead Pharmacy expanded in 2004 by moving into their larger, current location at 105 S. Allen St. Since then, the pharmacy has added an ice cream parlor in the name of the original owner Roscoe Kinkead.

Checking out at Centralia Pharmacy [Photo]

Karla Stites checks out Bertie Williamson at the register on March 31 at Kinkead Pharmacy in Centralia. According to 2010 Census data, Centralia's population increased only 6.7 percent compared to Ashland's which increased by 98.3 percent.

By the Numbers: a project by the Missourian [Photo]

2010 census figures paint a new picture of Columbia.

English language class at Douglass High School [Photo]

Students Maryam Issa, Huwaida Hameed and Tekle Testay turn in an in-class writing exercise to their instructor, Dan Murphy, during an adult English language class at Douglass High School on April 4.

Proofreading writing assignments at Douglass High School [Photo]

Huwaida Hameed and Maryam Issa, who are both from Iraq, look over their written assignments during an adult English language class at Douglass High School on April 4.

Dan Murphy teaches the English language at Douglass High School [Photo]

English language instructor Dan Murphy points out an error in Tekle Testay's written assignment during an adult English language class at Douglass High School on April 4. Murphy has been working for Columbia Public Schools as a language instructor for six years.

Don Harter rides bike to work [Photo]

Don Harter rides his bike on his way to work at the MU power plant March 30 on Broadway near the Daniel Boone Regional Library. According to a 2010 August survey from GetAbout Columbia, 56 percent of Columbia respondents said they used some form transportation other than a motorized vehicle.

Don Harter's cycling equipment [Photo]

Don Harter puts on his gloves before leaving work at the MU power plant March 30. In addition to gloves, Harter wears multiple reflective materials when riding his bike.

Don Harter cycling at West Boulevard and Broadway [Photo]

Don Harter rides his bike through the intersection of West Boulevard and Broadway after getting off work from the MU power plant March 30. Harter said he has been using his bike as his main form of transportation for roughly the last 30 years.

Shuffling Students [Graphic]

By 2014, the Columbia School Board hopes to have equal enrollment among Columbia's three high schools. Roll over the map to see hoped-for enrollment totals at each school.

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: Who are we? [Graphic]

According to statistics, most Columbia residents are between 20 and 24, female, have never been married and have a bachelor's degree. Here are the stats.

INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC: How we've grown: The expansion of Columbia's boundaries [Graphic]

As Columbia's population has grown, so have its boundaries. Interact with the map above to see how the city has expanded since its founding.

GRAPH: Fertility rates mostly stable [Graphic]

The number of Columbia women giving birth increased in 2009, mostly because the number of women giving birth between the ages of 20 and 34 increased.