Where are they now — 2007-08 Journalism graduates [Document]

Click here to read the list of 2007-08 Missouri School of Journalism graduates and where they're employed as of September 2010.

Rental Registry Amnesty Program [Document]

Here is the Office of Neighborhood Services report to the City Council about a proposed rental registry amnesty program.

Double-checking the plans [Photo]

Bruce Holtkamp examines the blueprints for the new $60,000 student information desk in the expanded Brady Commons on Wednesday. The desk will include two permanent computers, 99 laptops available for checkout, a printer and three plasma TVs for students to learn about events around campus.

Getting ready to install information desk [Photo]

Lamar Wade, Drew Morrow and Bruce Holtcamp review assembly instructions for the new student information desk in the expanded Brady Commons on Wednesday. The desk aims to provide the anticipated 15,000 students who pass through the center daily with new information for happenings around campus.

DIAGRAM: Student Center Desk finds its way home [Graphic]

The $60,600 desk will contain materials from the old Brady Commons, such as pool cues, as well as new materials, such as board games. The desk is funded by Student and Auxiliary Services, not by student fees. Student and Auxiliary Services estimates that 15,000 students will use the new Student Center on a daily basis.

MU Student Center re-opens [Video]

The MU Student Center re-opened Aug. 18 for the 2010-11 school year. It offers five restaurants, nine meeting rooms, a copy center and many other features including space for students to study, eat and relax. Students said they are excited about the central location and a new place to convene between classes and to eat a meal.

MU Student Center lower level furniture plan [Document]

This view shows the lower level furniture plan for the MU Student Center.

MU Student Center second floor furniture plan [Document]

This view shows the second floor furniture plan for the MU Student Center.

MU Student Center first floor furniture plan [Document]

The view shows the first floor furniture plan at the MU Student Center.

A close-up inspection of mural [Photo]

A moth lands on the Bike Boulevard mural Sunday. An adjacent garden northwest of the mural is edged with anise hyssop, also known as licorice mint, named for its fragrance, which attracts butterflies.

SNAP helps control feral cat colonies in Columbia [Video]

Christina McCullen and her husband, Atish Sen, have been volunteering for the SNAP program for more than three and a half years by caring for four colonies of feral cats that live in Columbia. Best Friends Animal Society estimates that there are about 33,270 feral cats living in Columbia. SNAP practices trap-neuter-return, which keeps the colonies of feral cats from growing, and they defend their territory keeping other stray cats from forming new colonies in that area.

Working to save colonies of feral cats [Photo]

Christina McCullen has spent the past three and a half years volunteering with her husband, Atish Sen, for the SNAP program. They care for four cat colonies, all in the same area. "It cost more money to trap and euthanize a cat than it does to trap and spay or neuter a cat," McCullen said.

Columbia College volleyball match [Photo]

Texas-Brownsville outside hitter Erica Chimak, left, tips the ball over the net between teammate Talita Milasauskas and Columbia College setter Paula Ferreira on Saturday at Southwell Complex. UTB won the match after dominating the third game.

Columbia College's Nicole Murphy [Photo]

Columbia College middle hitter Nicole Murphy prepares to spike the ball against Texas-Brownsville middle blocker Ana Guerra on Saturday at Southwell Complex. Despite coming back to tie at one match each, the Cougars fell to the Scorpions in the third match.

Columbia College volleyball [Photo]

From left to right, Columbia College's Kelly Corkum, Katie Silver, Trinity Ojo, Erin Pavlin and Ola Shawky watch the closing minutes of their final match against Texas-Brownsville on Saturday at Southwell Complex. Columbia College lost the last game and the match.

Checking out the artwork at Bike Boulevard [Photo]

Columbia resident Jeff Hotop rides his bike past the freshly painted mural on Bike Boulevard at the intersection of Ash and St. Joseph streets on Saturday.

A team effort to paint Bike Boulevard [Photo]

Jessie Starbuck, left, MU graduate student Sara Semelka, center, and Lindsay Akens, also an MU graduate student, paint the mural at the intersection of Ash and St. Joseph streets on the Bike Boulevard on Saturday. Work on the mural was all volunteer and began at 8 a.m. and lasted until around 5 p.m.

SLIDESHOW: Missouri beats Illinois [Slideshow]

MU Tigers met victory in St. Louis as they beat the Illinois Illini 23-13 in the Arch Rivalry football game Saturday September 4, 2010 at the Edward Jones Dome.

Painting the street red, green and white [Photo]

Jessie Starbuck volunteers some time to help paint the mural on the new Bike Boulevard at the intersection of Ash and St. Joseph streets on Saturday. Painting began around 8 a.m. and ended around 5 p.m.

Rock Bridge volleyball player Emily Holt [Photo]

Rock Bridge senior volleyball player Emily Holt rests between plays Saturday against Ozark