Abandonded car found on fire [Photo]

Fire Lt. Clayton Farr Jr., left, and Assistant Fire Marshal Deborah Sorrell were dispatched to the scene of a burning vehicle sitting near the intersection of westbound Stadium Boulevard and Old 63 on Monday evening.

Katy Trail turns 20 [Photo]

Sherry Cass darts through a kaleidoscope of fall colors on Oct. 29, 2007. This week marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Katy Trail. Early opponents to the trail worried about trash, noise and public encroachment onto their land. These days, merchants in towns such as Augusta, Dutzow, Hermann and Marthasville meet regularly to discuss ways to further boost tourism along the trail. "The Katy Trail is a success," said Brent Hugh, executive director of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation. " All of the horrible things that were supposed to happen didn't."

Learning new languages at MU church [Photo]

Hong Liang, a Chinese visiting scholar at the MU environmental engineering department, gestures during a conversation lab at International Community Church in Columbia. The church was originally created to serve the international community at MU regardless of nationalities. Now, this includes international students, scholars, faculties and other residents in Columbia area. Besides services, the church also focuses on assisting the international congregations with English language skills by providing a speaking and writing lab.

Michael Burden [Photo]

Michael Burden is a journalism graduate student at MU, a graduate instructor and the MU campus representative for the Peace Corps.

Columbia's International Community Church provides service, english-language help [Slideshow]

The International Community Church, also known as ICC, was created to serve the international community regardless of nationalities at MU. The church now includes international students, scholars, faculty members and other residents in the Columbia area. Besides its service, the church also focuses on assisting the international congregations with English-language skills by providing a speaking and writing lab to help them adjust to new environments more easily and quickly.

Nacho Brothers porch performance [Photo]

Dylan Spruance, Rock Gremillion, and Kurt Heine play music on East Campus.

MAP: Warm Springs Ranch [Graphic]

The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales are bred at Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville.

Showing their support [Photo]

Rex Hainey, far left, and Jill Hainey joke while showing their support for Missouri senior Jana Hainey, who was pitching Sunday against Baylor. David Young, far right, also came out to support the Tigers.

Connecting for a home run [Photo]

Missouri freshman Nicole Hudson hits a three-run home run in the fourth inning Saturday against Baylor at University Field. The Tigers trailed by two going into the fourth inning.

Learning at Earth Day [Photo]

Teagan Witzig, 4, plays with a magnifying glass while doing crafts made with twigs, seeds and other natural components at the Earth Day festival in Peace Park.

2010 Earth Day [Slideshow]

The event featured many musical artists as well as booths providing everything including food and a children's hands-on touch tank. The original date for the celebration was April 25, but it was rained out and rescheduled.

Making a splash on Earth Day [Photo]

Children explore in the creek that runs through Peace Park on Sunday during Earth Day Celebrations. The event had been postponed a week due to rain, but had a large turnout.

Gardens for sale at Earth Day [Photo]

Summerfield's garden booth at the Earth Day celebrations in Peace Park on May 2. Vendors set up shop to sell everything from organic coffee to glass jewelry.

Celebrating Earth Day in Peace Park [Photo]

The Peace Park Stage of the Earth Day festivities was host to more than a dozen performers throughout the afternoon on Sunday. People gathered on the grass to enjoy the jazz musicians and dancers.

Mixed breed puppies available for adoption [Photo]

Mixed breed puppies nap in the sun during Earth Day celebrations in Peace Park on Sunday. The puppies are eight weeks old and waiting to be adopted.

Daisy Scouts enjoy their flower garden [Photo]

Daisy Girl Scout Troop No. 60016 member Kelsey Boyce sits on the edge of a raised flower bed and signs a thank you card to the Friends of the Garden who donated $20 for new plants and flowers at Field Elementary School in Springfield, Mo.

Daisy Scouts examine their flower beds [Photo]

Daisy Scouts examine the flower garden they built outside their school in Springfield, Mo.

Daisy Scouts sit in their garden [Photo]

Members of the Daisy Girl Scout Troop No. 60016 proudly display a raised flower bed they adopted in the summer of 2009 at Field Elementary School in Springfield, Mo.

Testing out the bike from Cycle Recycle [Photo]

Two-year-old Mattias Keller rides his new bike with help from his mother Diana Keller at the Cycle Recycle on Sunday at the Get About Columbia office. The event provided free bikes to over a more than 60 people as part of the Bike, Walk & Wheel Week 2010.

Marston fielding [Photo]

MU freshman shortstop Jenna Marston looks to field a ball.