Dick Blount discusses life [Photo]

Dick Blount talks about his life as a civil rights and social justice advocate on Tuesday. Blount has been running the Open Door Ministry in Columbia through the Missouri United Methodist Church for 10 years and was awarded for his efforts in the community at the Columbia Values Diversity Awards celebration.

'Yellow Boat' quilt [Photo]

The quilt was created by 30 MU Children's Hospital patients after being told the story of "The Yellow Boat." Each child created a small quilt square depicting things they love and what makes them happy.

Michele Cropp browses inventory [Photo]

Michele Cropp browses her inventory at The Villager on Wednesday. Cropp and her daughter own the wedding dress shop, which is closing after around 20 years in business.

Liz Jambor tries on dress [Photo]

Liz Jambor tries on a wedding dress while employee Kimberly Carpenter watches on Wednesday at The Villager.

Wedding dresses fill The Villager [Photo]

Wedding dresses line the racks on Wednesday at The Villager, a locally owned wedding dress shop on Broadway that has recently announced its closing.

Ken Jennings competes against Watson [Photo]

"Jeopardy!" contest Ken Jennings, who won a record 74 consecutive games, refers to his opponent, an IBM computer called Watson, while being interviewed after Thursday's practice round. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Watson beats 'Jeopardy!' champs [Photo]

"Jeopardy!" champions Ken Jennings, left, and Brad Rutter, right, look on as an IBM computer beats them to the buzzer to answer a question during a practice round of the "Jeopardy!" quiz show in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., on Thursday. The hardware and software system, named Watson, played a competitive practice round against the two champions. A "Jeopardy!" show featuring the computer will air in mid-February, 2011.

Actors playing the Saars rehearse for 'The Yellow Boat' [Photo]

Britton Stamps, 10, plays Benjamin Saar in "The Yellow Boat," a play written by David Saar, whose son contracted HIV from a blood transfusion and died of AIDS-related complications in 1987. Kailin Tintes, left, plays Sonja, Benjamin's mother, and Julian Foley, right, plays the father, David.

Britton Stamps rehearses 'The Yellow Boat' [Photo]

Actors Kailin Tintes, left, and Julian Foley, right, portray parents dealing with a hemophilic son, played by Britton Stamps, center, who contracts HIV via a blood transfusion.

Children rehearse for 'The Yellow Boat' [Photo]

Britton Stamps, 10, plays a child who died of AIDS-related complications in "The Yellow Boat" on Wednesday. The play runs Jan. 14-16 at Jesse Auditorium.


During a recent survey, residents were less than enthusiastic about the district's possible use of social media. Numbers may not add to 100 because of rounding.

The T. rex's ancestor [Photo]

This undated handout photo provided by the journal Science shows a replica of the skull of Eodromaeus. The 4-foot long hunter lived 230 million years ago in what is now South America and appears to be the ancestor of such creatures as Tyrannosaurus rex. The skull is composed of replica bones.


The TowPlow, a device that enables a snow plow to double the amount of roadway it can clear, was developed by a Missouri Department of Transportation retiree.

Unity in Diversity performance [Photo]

MU students Deandre Brown and Benjamin Vigil listen to the monologues written by cast members, which were based on their real experiences, in a performance at the 18th annual diversity breakfast on Jan. 13, at the Holiday Inn Select Expo Center. The performance, called "Unity in Diversity," was directed by Sharrell Luckett.

18th annual diversity celebration [Photo]

MU students Hilary Slaughter, Moses Weathers and Ryquriea Byrd promote the appreciation of individuals and their differences at 18th annual diversity celebration on Jan. 13, at the Holiday Inn Expo Center. The T-shirts were designed and made by the director, Sharrell Luckett.

Singing about the beauty in difference [Photo]

Rahbi Hines, a singer and drummer from Atlanta, sings about the beauty that can be found in people's differences at the end of the program at the 18th Annual Diversity Celebration, held on Jan. 13 at the Holiday Inn Select Expo Center.

Diversity dance solo [Photo]

Juel Lane, 30, from Atlanta, leads the artistic program in solo dancing for the 18th Annual Diversity Celebration on Jan. 13 at the Holiday Inn Select Expo Center.

MU men's basketball player Phil Pressey vs. Nebraska [Photo]

In a file photo, Pressey has been playing with a protective glove on his right hand after breaking a finger in December against Nebraska on Jan. 12. In the second half of Saturday's game against Texas A&M, Pressey took off the glove and scored 16 points.

MU men's basketball player Marcus Denmon vs. Nebraska [Photo]

Missouri's Marcus Denmon drives the baseline against Nebraska's Andre Almeida. Denmon tied a career high with 27 points in Wednesday night's Tigers victory

MU men's basketball player Laurence Bowers dunks against Nebraska [Photo]

Laurence Bowers dunks over Nebraska's Toney McCray, left, and Jorge Brian Diaz late in the first half. The play brought the Mizzou Arena crowd to its feet.