Columbia children attend 'Adventures in Education' at MU [Photo]

Attendees check out booths in Jesse Hall.

Columbia children attend 'Adventures in Education' at MU [Photo]

Plant Sciences graduate student Deanna Boardman shows students seeds from various crops at MU's "Adventures in Education" fair in Jesse Hall.

Children attend 'Adventures in Education' at MU [Photo]

Brandy Huff, an MU biology undergraduate, helps her daughters Maryssa, 8, and Hannah, 5, make a construction paper caterpillar at a booth during Saturday's "Adventures in Education."

DIAGRAM submarine pitch [Graphic]

The key to being an underhanded thrower is to not overthrow the ball. If pitchers overthrow, they put more strain on their arms. Throwing submarine is actually less strenuous on the arm if the pitcher stays within limits. This diagram shows the effects of a submarine pitch compared to a regular pitch.

Minority Men's Network launches reading program [Photo]

Eliot Battle reads "Buzz Said the Bee" to children on Friday at the Nora Stewart Early Learning Center located at 505 E. Ash St. The Minority Men's Network is launching a reading program for preschoolers to get them interested in reading and also to get men involved in reading to serve as positive role models.

Eliot Battle reads to children at Nora Stewart Early Learning Center [Photo]

Damere Logan, 4, introduces himself to Eliot Battle before Battle read a book to the children on Friday at the Nora Stewart Early Learning Center located at 505 E. Ash St.

How sustainable are you? Our 'e-book' [Document]

Download the "e-book" version of our special section on sustainability in Columbia.

Jonathan Sandys speaks at Westminster College [Photo]

Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of Winston Churchill and chairman of Churchill’s Britain Foundation, speaks at the National Churchill Museum at Westminster College in Fulton on Friday morning. During his first visit to Fulton, Sandys discussed about his great-grandfather's legacy and his own experience with the organization that helps children struggling with learning disabilities and illiteracy.

A cluster of morels [Photo]

Morel mushrooms, prized for their taste, only appear from early April to early May, and unlike most other mushrooms, they don't come out at the same spots each year.

Harvesting the "mother lode" [Photo]

Morel mushroom enthusiast Stan Hudson harvests morels surrounding the "mother lode" tree. Hudson keeps the Mid Missouri Morels and Mushrooms blog.

Phillips hits unexpected home run against Smith-Cotton [Photo]

Ryan Phillips, sophomore pitcher for the Rock Bridge Bruins baseball team, is greeted by his team after hitting a home run during Friday night's game on April 23. The Bruins won their game against Smith-Cotton 11-3.

Students create original musical works for statewide competition [Video]

Six winners of the Creating Original Music Competition talk about their compositions. Marley Wurzer and Alicia Flavin, fifth-grade students at Lee Elementary School, won second place in the elementary song with words category for their song, “Roses in the Winter.”

Oakland Junior High School eighth-graders Ross Meneffe, Nick Roberts, and Austin Culbertson and Lange Middle School seventh-grader Isaac Baker form the band Guilty Party. The group won second place in the middle school pop category of the competition for the song “Lies.”

The Creating Original Music Competition is a Missouri program sponsored by the Sinquefield Charitable Foundation that encourages K-12 students to create and perform original works. Winners performed their compositions April 17 at the MU School of Music.

Tap Day comes to MU [Slideshow]

MU's Tap Day was held on Friday at Jesse Hall due to inclement weather.

Week in Pictures: April 17 to 23 [Slideshow]

The week in pictures, from April 17 to 23.

Sustainability section cover [Photo]

Gymnast/Journalist Alicia Hatcher [Photo]

Alicia Hatcher is a former Missouri gymnast who competed for the Tigers from 2006 to 2009. She is a journalism major who covered sports for the Missourian in 2007.

Grand-prize winning photo for Columbia Parks and Recreation contest [Photo]

Grand-prize winner Kelly Smith, 31, shot this photo of her husband Ryan and her 6-year-old son Ben at a bridge on the Hinkson Creek Trail. Smith, director of Habitat for Humanity in Jefferson City, said photography is a stress relief. "I can't draw or paint or anything like that," she said. "It's my own way to express myself."

Stephens Lake waterfall shines in photo contest [Photo]

Randy Hughes, a 47-year-old quality tech for JM Eagle, placed four times in two different categories, including a first place in the Parks and Recreation Facilities category with this photo of the new waterfall at Stephens Lake Park. "As far as nature areas, it’s just so beautiful out there,” he said. “I love landscape photography.”

Parks and Recreation contest photo of Bear Creek Trail [Photo]

Lisa Fechter, a 41-year-old office manager, took this Trails-category photo while walking with her children and dog on the Bear Creek Trail. They go for walks whenever the weather is nice. "I shoot all the time," she said. "If any of the kids stay still long enough, they're always the subjects."

Wildlife biologist shoots frog for photo contest [Photo]

Rick Hansen works two jobs for the U.S. Wildlife Reserve: one as a wildlife biologist and the other as a self-titled unofficial photographer. He said his colleagues always ask him to document what they're doing. He shot this first-place Landscape, Wildlife and Nature photo at Fairview Park in 60 degree weather that was just cold enough to slow down the cold-blooded frogs. He said the frogs would have been harder to shoot on a hotter day.