Hickman offense [Photo]

The Hickman Kewpie offense lines up before the snap during their game against Jefferson City Friday night.

Hickman FB Herman [Photo]

Senior quarterback Matt Herman (22) runs the ball during the Kewpies game against the Jefferson City Jays Friday night. Hickman lost the game 28-9. It was their final game of the season.

Hickman Coach Wright [Photo]

Head coach Jason Wright talks to the Hickman football team after their game against Jefferson City on Friday night. After losing 28-9, Wright told the team, "we have a lot of heart in this team. I'm proud of you, keep your heads up."

Hickman Football - Leftwich [Photo]

Wesley Leftwich, Hickman wide receiver, embraces Matt Herman, senior quarterback, after their final game of the season Friday night against Jefferson City. After the game, the team huddled together and a team member said, "keep going and keep doing what you gotta do."

Hickman Cheerleaders [Photo]

From left, Breaunna Bragg, Hilary Oncken, Taylor Humble, Amy Wisniewski, and Ellen O'Connor, cheerleaders for Hickman, drink hot chocolate during half time to stay warm. While the day was sunny, evening temperatures dropped to 46 with winds of up to 24 mph.

Jays beat Hickman [Photo]

Jefferson City wide receiver Jordan Green (3) catches the ball in the game against Hickman Friday night. Offensive passing options were limited for both teams due to high wind gusts through out the night.

Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Ticket Sales [Graphic]

A portion of the earnings from each ticket sold for the blues festival went to the City of Columbia as part of the agreement between Thumper Entertainment and the city.

SLIDESHOW: MacXprts celebrates anniversary with a monster of a celebration [Slideshow]

MacXprts celebrated its twentieth year in business with Monster Celebration, a neighborhood-wide Halloween party that treated the residents of Cherry Hill to live music and activities like trick-or-treating.

Lynch delivers her first speech as Stephens College president [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch gestures while telling a story during her speech as part of her installation ceremony in Kimball Ballroom in Lela Raney Wood Hall on Friday. Lynch was appointed Stephens College's 24th president after coming from Ithaca College in New York, where she served as the dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communications.

Presenting the official symbol of Stephens College [Photo]

George Ann Stokes Harding, Class of '58, Chair of Stephens College's Board of Trustees, presents to President Dianne Lynch the official symbol of the college and of the office of the presidency, the Presidential Medallion, on Friday. The medallion is engraved with the crest of the college and is worn by its president to all academic ceremonies. The three symbols found on the crest represent the education of women, learning through study and writing, and enlightenment through education.

Faculty, staff parade in for Lynch's inauguration [Photo]

Pamela Ellsworth-Smith, front left, assistant professor of music in the School of Performing Arts, and Monica Phillippe-McMurry, front right, dean of the School of Design and Fashion, wait to enter Lela Raney Wood Hall as part of the faculty processional on Friday. Ellsworth-Smith directed the Velvetones' performance of "I'm a Woman" to close out Stephens College President Dianne Lynch's installation ceremony.

'42nd Street' performs routine for Lynch's inauguration [Photo]

The cast of "42nd Street" performs a tap routine as part of Stephens College President Dianne Lynch's installation ceremony on Friday. The cast, members of the Stephens Summer Dance Students, was directed by Carol Estey, chair of the department of dance, and was accompanied by Travis McFarlane on piano and Rusty Elder on drums.

Stephens College's 'first family' shows their support [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch's daughter, Annie, 11, and husband, Philip Coleman, listen as Lynch thanks them for their support during her inaugural address on Friday. Lynch joked about Coleman being the college's 'First Husband.'

Lynch thanks colleagues at inuaguration [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch and Kathryn Adams, director of alumni relations, embrace as Lynch thanks her for all her hard work in making the events of Lynch's inauguration happen. During her list of thank you's as part of her inaugural speech on Friday, Lynch made a point of individually thanking Adams, calling her on stage so that the audience can give her a special round of applause.

Sharing the preceremony excitement [Photo]

Stephens College President Dianne Lynch and Rosemary Redmond, class of '64, share a moment before Lynch's inauguration ceremony begins on Friday. Redmond, of Dallas, gave the invocation as part of Lynch's installation ceremony in the Kimball Ballroom in Lela Raney Wood Hall.

the beat 10/30 [Audio]

Searching for Halloween costumes [Photo]

Ryan Drago exits the fitting room dressed as a Roman soldier at Gotcha, a costume rental store in Columbia. "We've searched all over. This is the only place we could find what we want," said Drago.

People rent Halloween costumes from Gotcha [Photo]

Alex Valladares poses for a portrait after checking out his Greek god outfit in a mirror at Gotcha, a costume rental store in Columbia on Thursday. Valladares rented the last short tunic for Greek gods, said Ashley Counts, employee at Gotcha.

Some shop thrift stores for costumes [Photo]

Nicole Denny (left) checks out the pants that will go with Steve Dudley's old man costume, at Maude Vintage Clothing and Costumes, in Columbia on Thursday. Jenna Beilgard (right) helped Dudley to find the wig, pants, jacket and cane to match his costume idea. Denny will play the role of the young woman/gold digger seeking Dudley's money at the upcoming Halloween party.

Columbia Parks superintendent discusses bridge repair with mayor, councilman [Photo]

Columbia Parks development superintendent Steve Saitta, center, points out problems with bridge #12 along the MKT Trail to, from left, Mark Wahrenbrock, Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman, Third Ward Councilman Karl Skala, and Columbia resident John Wilke, on Friday, Oct. 9. Some of the wooden bridges along the MKT Trail are more than 100 years old and need to be replaced but need City Council approval before the work can proceed.