Employees clear sidewalks in Boonville [Photo]

Boonville parks and recreation employees Kerry Shipman, left, and Pat Ziegelbein, right, clear the sidewalk Tuesday in downtown Boonville.

Horse play in the snow at Fenton ranch [Photo]

Horses at Valley Mount Ranch in Fenton nuzzle each other Tuesday as the icy rain turns to snow. A monster storm began to bear down on the middle of the nation Tuesday, threatening to leave up to a third of the nation covered in snow and ice.

Trucks wait for snow to stop at Midway [Photo]

Semi-trucks sit idle at the Midway Truck Stop as they wait for the snow storm to pass Tuesday in Midway, west of Columbia on Interstate 70.

Snow fall on campus [Photo]

Snow started to fall early this morning across the area. The courtyard near Defoe-Graham hall at MU was completely covered as early as 10 a.m.

Semi-trailers disappear in snow near Boonville [Photo]

Semi-trucks disappear into the white snow as they travel along Interstate 70 on Tuesday near Boonville.

Snow blower power [Photo]

Richard Ditter, owner of D Sport, uses a snow blower to clear the sidewalks on Walnut Street on Tuesday. "My son just called me from Florida," Ditter said. "He said it's 80 degrees where he's at."

Snowplows at work [Photo]

A city snowplow clears a path on Eight Street near Broadway on Tuesday morning.

Icicles along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin [Photo]

Icicles form on a walkway along Lake Michigan in Port Washington, Wis. About one-third of the nation was expected to feel the brunt of a massive storm on Tuesday.

Colorado student braces for the cold [Photo]

Steam from his breath surrounds his head as Noah Koolik, a freshman, walks across campus on the way to class at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo., Tuesday. A high of around zero degrees is expected in the Denver Metro area on Tuesday.

Facing the blizzard [Photo]

Leslie Scott, radio host for 102.3 carries bags full of supplies to her car for her co-workers on Tuesday on Broadway. Snow began accumulating early this morning.

Seeing snowplows through a frosted window in Illinois [Photo]

Snowplows move in tandem in this view through a frosted windshield on U.S. 150 east of Urbana, Ill., on Tuesday.

Ohio mail carrier delivers in the snow [Photo]

Mail carrier Mark Sherrill walks through fresh snow delivering mail in Berea, Ohio on Tuesday. The overnight snow in northeast Ohio was a prelude to a massive winter storm expected to bring sleet, freezing rain and more snow to Ohio and the Midwest over the next two days.

Snowplows clear Interstate 55 in St. Louis [Photo]

Snowplows work to remove ice from interstate 55 on Tuesday in St. Louis. A blizzard warning is in effect for the much of the state. In St. Louis, early ice and sleet will give way to anywhere from 6 to 20 inches of snow.

Clearing walkways in Texas [Photo]

Sundance Square workers shovel snow from the sidewalks Tuesday morning in Fort Worth, Texas.

Motorist gets stranded in Oklahoma during storm [Photo]

A motorist gets a truck stuck in the snow at 41st Street and Darlington Avenue, on Tuesday in Tulsa, Okla. Snow started falling in the Oklahoma Panhandle before midnight Monday, with snow totals expected to reach up to a foot in some areas of the state. A blizzard warning was in effect throughout much of the Midwest. Forecasts are calling for as much as 21 inches of snow in mid-Missouri.

AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Bracing for the storm [Slideshow]

As the biggest snowstorm in years threatened Columbia, many residents stocked up on food and supplies at local grocery stores. Hy-Vee Assistant Manager Adam Lindsey talks about the surge in sales at his store, and Columbia residents Andrew Deane, Christian David Robinson and Carroll St. John discuss their preparations for the storm.


Tuesday's snowfall total is expected to be 11" to 13". Here's how that compares with the top 24-hour totals on record for Columbia.

Ian Cole weighs produce at the Root Cellar [Photo]

Root Cellar employee Ian Cole weighs apples during a rush on Monday. Many Columbia residents headed to the store to stock up on groceries in anticipation of a paralyzing snowstorm.

Ben Dickerson climbs stairs at the Root Cellar [Photo]

Ben Dickerson, 5, rushes up the stairs from the Root Cellar with a bag of groceries on Monday. Ben said he knew Tuesday would be a snow day. "I hope I get to get in my Snuggie," he said.

Marie Dickerson checks out at Root Cellar [Photo]

Marie Dickerson purchases groceries at the Root Cellar downtown on Broadway on Monday. Dickerson plans to spend the snow day Tuesday baking with her two children. "We have all the baking supplies we need," she said, after shopping.