Helena Gray was forced to leave her son [Photo]

Helena Glay sits in her apartment holding a photograph of her son Marvin on Wednesday. Due to legal and financial reasons, Glay had to leave her son with her aunt in Liberia when she came to the U.S. "It's really painful," she said. "I cried a lot when I had to go." Rock Bridge Christian Church is hosting a charity race Saturday to raise money to reunite Glay and her son.

Four-year-old Marvin Glay is waiting in Liberia [Photo]

Helena Glay holds a picture of her son Marvin on Wednesday. It has been several years since Glay moved from Liberia without her son. She said her fingers are crossed for them being together again before Christmas. "His (great-aunt) now knows him more than me," she said. "When I call, he calls her mom."

Rock Bridge Christian Church is working to reunite Helena Gray and her son, Marvin [Photo]

On Wednesday, Helena Glay looks over clothes that she bought for her son the first time she thought he would come to the U.S. "I was so excited to get him the clothes," she said. "But I don't know if they will fit him anymore because he's four now."

QUIZ: Phil Bradley [Video]

An interactive quiz about Phil Bradley. Information used from, and

Phil Bradley timeline [Graphic]

Following Phil Bradley's athletic endeavors

MU softball's White [Photo]

Junior Shana White stands after sliding into second base as Central Methodist's Kayla Yount looks for the ball during Thursday's game.

MU softball player Shana White vs. Central Methodist [Photo]

MU junior Shana White bats during Thursday's game against Central Methodist University. The Tigers won the game 5-1. 

MU softball's Ortega [Photo]

MU softball's Ashlie Ortega looks up at the ball after batting against Central Methodist University on Thursday.

Phil Bradley works with Missouri softball team [Photo]

Former Missouri football and baseball standout Phil Bradley chats with Missouri softball player Abby Vock at practice April 20. Bradley has been serving as a volunteer assistant coach with the team this season.

MU softball volunteer coach enjoys sharing knowledge [Video]

VIDEO: PHIL BRADLEY TALKS HITTING: Phil Bradley, the volunteer hitting coach for the Missouri softball team, played eight seasons in Major League Baseball. He said it’s important for him to pass on his knowledge.
“I’ve always had an interest in learning about the swing even when I played. And I think God basically gifted me with the ability to teach and to coach and that’s probably one of my biggest passions,” Bradley said.

MU farmers market vendors sell honey-based products [Photo]

William Johnson and Art Gelder sell a variety of honey-based products from their farm, Walk-About Acres, at the MU farmers market Thursday. This is the first of six monthly markets to be held on Lowry Mall this year.

Wellness Resource Center holds first MU farmers market [Slideshow]

Ambulance pulled back to roadway [Photo]

An ambulance from Southland County Hospital in Memphis, Mo., is pulled up an embankment off Stadium Boulevard at the intersection with Old 63 on Thursday. The ambulance was transporting a gunshot victim from Memphis to University Hospital for additional treatment. It was traveling with its lights and sirens on when it hit a black Honda Civic that was in the intersection, officials said. No one in the ambulance was injured. The gunshot victim was transported to University Hospital.

Ferdous Al-Faruque mug [Photo]

Ferdous Al-Faruque is a former reporter and editor for the Missourian.

MU senior to meet man whose life she saved [Photo]

MU senior Stefanie Kienstra will head to New York this week to meet the man whose life she saved. David Jolley, who was diagnosed with leukemia, received a bone marrow transplant from Kienstra two years ago.

Columbia College softball pitcher Valerie Teter [Photo]

Valerie Teter is now a student assistant for the Columbia College softball team.

Rock Bridge pitcher Ryan Phillips [Photo]

Rock Bridge pitcher Ryan Phillips has a 6-0 record, 0.66 ERA and 39 strikeouts in 32 innings pitched. He is only 5-9, but he throws a fastball in the high 80s to accompany that breaking ball. He is the team’s ace, Bruins coach Justin Towe said.

Missouri record fish [Document]

Gov. Nixon greets Macon mayor before Obama's speech [Photo]

Macon Mayor Dale Bagley greets Gov. Jay Nixon prior to President Barack Obama's speech at the POET Biorefining facility in Macon on Wednesday.

Obama greets audience members after speech [Photo]

President Barack Obama greets members of the audience after finishing his speech at POET Biorefining in Macon on Wednesday.