Homecoming house decorations keep spirit, tradition alive [Slideshow]

MU's fraternities and sororities put on their annual house decorations Friday night for the university's 99th Homecoming. Students and Columbians of all ages came out for the event, which took place from 6 to 10 p.m.

Columbia turns out for MU Student Center dedication [Slideshow]

The MU Student Center dedication was a two-day event open to the public. A tailgate kicked off the event, and an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 people ate original burgers from The Shack, a formerly popular student hangout. Throughout the day Friday, several dedications took place in the new center. Students could leave their mark in a time capsule that is set to be opened in 2060, and the Traditions Lounge on the center's upper level was a hot spot for black and gold fans.

Two-car collision results in six injured [Photo]

A two-car collision on Friday night sent six people to the hospital after three were extricated from one vehicle. One person is in critical care.

Columbia police direct traffic following accident [Photo]

The Columbia Police Department directs traffic after a two-car collision at Stadium and I-70 on Friday.

Beetle Bailey fans flock to Walker book signing [Photo]

Dianne Fendler, who has been a Beetle Bailey reader since she was 10 years old, has her book signed by Mort Walker at the MU Student Center on Friday.

Walker speaks with Kappa Sigma fraternity members [Photo]

Mort Walker talks to Kappa Sigma fraternity at a private party before his book signing at the new Student Center on Friday.

Mort Walker draws large crowd [Photo]

People lined up inside the MU Student Center waiting for a book signing with Mort Walker, the creator of Beetle Bailey. Walker created Beetle Bailey in the 50s, and was heavily influenced by MU while he was a Kappa Sigma at the university.

Greektown puts on Homecoming house decorations [Video]

Visitors from far and wide have descended on Columbia for MU Homecoming. Greektown house decorations were a major attraction Friday night to kick off the festivities.

Historic Jefferson Junior High School building [Photo]

The Jefferson Junior High School building when it opened as Columbia High School in 1911.

Academic program review [Document]

The Coordinating Board for Education released a timeline for analyzing low-performing programs.

Mort Walker attends Student Center festivities [Photo]

Mort Walker, center, poses for pictures after the Student Center dedication on Friday. Walker attended the dedication before a book signing Friday evening.

MU students sing Alma Mater at dedication [Photo]

From left, Brian Kirn, Paige Sommerer and Sheldon Price lead the audience in singing the Alma Mater at the end of the dedication ceremony. All three are current MU students.

Chancellor speaks at Student Center dedication [Photo]

Chancellor Brady Deaton speaks at the Student Center dedication on Friday. The ceremony was part of a two-day event to dedicate the new Student Center during MU's 99th Homecoming weekend.

Creativity shines through on capsule banner [Photo]

A student's drawing on the time capsule banner will be viewed in 2060 when the capsule is opened.

Time capsule receives student attention [Photo]

Students sign a banner for the time capsule on Friday. The banner was placed outside the student center, and everyone who walked by was encouraged to sign.

Students leave mark in time capsule [Photo]

Students sign a banner for the time capsule on Friday. The banner will be placed with the time capsule, which will be opened in 50 years.

Nursing students donate picture frame to time capsule [Photo]

A photo frame donated by nursing students for the Student Center time capsule sits on display at the dedication on Friday. Student organizations from every area of campus donated items to be placed in the time capsule. The capsule is located on the south side of the Student Center, and the Student Union Programming Board plans to open the capsule in 2060.

The Shack memories relived through famous burgers [Photo]

MU sophomore Whitley Crawford bites into a Shack burger outside of the Student Center on Friday. The Shack Burger was the staple of the former student hangout, The Shack.

Shack burgers a big hit at Student Center [Photo]

Do Mundo’s kitchen worker Jacob Petty flips Shack Burger patties on Friday in commemoration of the opening of a new section of the Student Center. The burgers, along with pulled pork sandwiches, were available to students for free as a taste of the past. The Shack Burger was the staple of the former student hangout, The Shack. The Shack closed in 1984, and was consumed by a fire in 1988. The Reynolds Alumni Center now sits on the former site of the Shack.

Crew sets up for GameDay broadcast [Photo]

Preparation for College GameDay continues at Francis Quadrangle on Friday. Although the quad has a capacity of 24,000, there is no estimate as to how many people will attend the show Saturday morning.