Jefferson's snowman [Photo]

A small snowman sits upon the book of the Thomas Jefferson statue on the David R. Francis Quadrangle Friday evening.

'Nine Stages of Grief' [Photo]

Ann McGinity and Katherine Murrie view "Nine Stages of Grief" by Anna Cranor at a graduate showcase, "Where I End and You Begin." The gallery features the work of twelve artists in the Bingham Gallery and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

bridge to be replaced [Graphic]

Interim President Steve Owens [Photo]

Steve Owens was recently selected as the University of Missouri System interim president.

Family in library [Photo]

Olivia Andelin, 4, elicits a laugh from her 6-month-old sister Helen Andelin on Friday at Columbia Public Library while their mother, Jessica Andelin, reads them a book. "We're planning to move to Mexico, Mo., and one of our biggest heartaches is that we'll miss the library here. We usually visit at least once a week," Jessica Andelin said.

Tumbling around the library [Photo]

Robbie Brockman, 3, and Olivia Andelin, 4, take turns tumbling on whale-shaped cushions at the Columbia Public Library Friday afternoon. Frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall have kept many Columbia families inside for the past few days.

Plow removing snow [Photo]

A plow begins to remove the remaining snow from the road on Friday. The snow was left from Wednesday's storm, which dropped more than 8 inches on the city.

Columbia cars on plowed road [Photo]

Cars navigate the roads in downtown Columbia on Friday. To clear the roads, plows have created snow barricades forming two lanes for traffic.

Kurt Jefferson in the Middle East [Photo]

Kurt Jefferson, a professor at Westminster College, spent nearly three weeks in Jordan traveling throughout the country as he took part in a training seminar on “Islam and Middle Eastern Culture.”

Foster animals seek happy homes [Photo]

In this Jan. 12, 2011 photo, Christine Spanley, center, and her daughters Madison, 12, left, and Olivia, 8, right, play with their dog Ellie at their home in Jackson. Spanley has fostered and adopted multiple animals from Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, including Ellie.

Principal Melvin Bishop seeks to re-open school [Photo]

Willie Harris Elementary School principle Melvin Bishop, who wants to re-open Blackhurst Elementary, chats with preschoolers.

Playing with their foster dog [Photo]

In this Jan. 12 photo, Christine Spanley, right, and her daughters Madison, 12, left, and Olivia, 8, center, play with the family's dogs Biscuit, left, and Ellie at their home in Jackson Spanley has fostered and adopted multiple animals from Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary, including Ellie.

Amanda Koellner [Photo]

Amanda Koellner is a columnist for the Missourian.

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg [Photo]

Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg reacts during the second half of a loss against Kansas on Jan. 12 in Ames, Iowa. Hoiberg is seeking his first win in Columbia against Missouri on Saturday.

Carla Jimenez [Photo]

Carla Jimenez is a columnist and graphic artist for the Columbia Missourian.

Rock Bridge wrestler Josh Braselton [Photo]

Rock Bridge's Josh Braselton, bottom left, wrestles against Fort Zumwalt West's Issac Leblanc at last season's state meet at Mizzou Arena.

MU senior helps others by shoveling snow [Photo]

Craig Dunwoody was plowing snow off a street in a residential area when a family stopped him to ask if he could plow their driveway. Dunwoody assessed how steep the driveway was before taking the job.

Craig Dunwoody helps Columbia residents with snow problems [Photo]

Craig Dunwoody was on his way to another snowplowing job when he found a vehicle stuck on a steep hill. Dunwoody stopped to help pull the vehicle out of the snow free of charge.

Craig Dunwoody spends hours plowing streets [Photo]

22-year-old Craig Dunwoody started Neighborhood Lawn Care when he was a senior in high school. In the winter Dunwoody snow plows and occassionally shovels in residential and commercial areas to earn money to pay for school.

Proposed development [Graphic]

A 600-bed apartment complex planned for Grindstone and Rock Quarry Road goes before the city planning and zoning commission Thursday evening.