Student paints on Kaldi's window for Homecoming [Photo]

Sophomore Emily Armstrong, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, works on homecoming window decorations outside Kaldi's on Thursday, October 21st, 2010. Armstrong was one of the main designers of the window decoration and was overseeing much of the work being done.

Decorating Yoguluv's windows began at 9 a.m. [Photo]

Senior Wes Delane, a member of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Student Council, works on decorating the window of Yogoluv for homecoming weekend on Thursday. Work on the Yogoluv windows began around 9 a.m., and the council had until 4 p.m. to complete their decorations. "I have a feeling we are going to be here until 4 to get this done," Delane said.

New Student Center [Photo]

Students explore a new section of the student center, which showcases a display of the history and memorable elements of MU, on Thursday. Unions Ambassador Cole Donelson said that the dark stones around on the fireplace are from the original floor of Memorial Union.

Preparing for 'GameDay' at MU [Photo]

From left, Stephen Satrazemis, Matt Foster and Pat Hally set up for ESPN "College GameDay."

Students check out Beetle Bailey decorations [Photo]

Juniors Joe Ruggieri, 22, and Adrian Rodgers, 21, check out the new section of the student center on Thursday.

Setting up for 'GameDay' [Photo]

The crew sets up for ESPN's "College GameDay" on Thursday. It takes two days to set up for the event which will take place on the Francis Quadrangle on Saturday.

Tiger drawn on Yogoluv's window [Photo]

Junior See Yang, a member of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Student Council, draws a tiger on the window of Yogoluv for homecoming weekend on Thursday. Yang said that the council had bought 12 window markers total and hoped that they had enough.

Mort's [Photo]

An employee cleans Mort's Grill on Thursday. The restaurant is coming to the latest portion of the new student center slated to open Friday. The new section will also be home to a new rendition of The Shack, heavily decorated with images of Beetle Bailey, the famous comic character invented by Mort Walker.

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel vs. Texas A&M [Photo]

In his 10 years with the team, Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel has an 11-16 record against South division rivals, and his teams have not won a game against the class of the Big 12, Texas and Oklahoma.

Judge Mark Pfeiffer [Photo]

Judge Mark Pfeiffer reviews cases while sitting in his office on Monday. When reading or researching, Pfeiffer sometimes keeps an old fungo bat nearby to help him concentrate. He used the bat to play baseball with his sons during several years as a volunteer coach with the Daniel Boone Little League.

Judge Karen Mitchell [Photo]

Judge Karen Mitchell stands inside the MU Law Library on Friday.

Marc Ellinger [Photo]

Marc Ellinger is a Jefferson City attorney and spokesman for the Let Voters Decide Initiative.

GRAPH: Comparison of elected county officials [Graphic]

All but one of Boone County’s elected officials have higher salaries compared to the average salaries of elected officials in other First Class counties in Missouri. The highest paid elected official in Boone County is the prosecuting attorney, with the sheriff following close behind.

Time capsule cover [Photo]

The cover of the time capsule sits in the new student center on Thursday. The capsule will contain various items from MU departments and student organizations.

Items for Student Center time capsule [Photo]

Various MU items are going to be placed in a time capsule in the new student center and sealed for 50 years. The time capsule is meant to show what it means to be an MU student in 2010.

Details of College of Engineering time capsule [Photo]

A time capsule, placed in the 1991 addition to Laferre Hall, included mechanical pencils, a calculator and a VHS tape of campus life. According the the Savitar from that year, the items were meant to “leave engineering students of the future a trail of what is going on now.”

Details of FFA time capsule [Photo]

This report gives details of a time capsule under Sanborn Field, buried by the FFA in 1979 as part of the 50th anniversary celebration. Excavated during the organization’s 75th anniversary in 2003, it contained predictions for the future of agriculture and materials from various chapters and the state association.

MAP: Transfer taxes in the U.S. [Graphic]

Missouri is one of 13 states that does not impose real estate transfer taxes. Missouri voters will decide on the Nov. 2 ballot if they support Amendment 3, which would prohibit the introduction of such a tax.

Robin Nuttall [Photo]

Robin Nuttall is a guest columnist for the Missourian

Columbia LGBTQ community holds candlelight vigil [Slideshow]

On Wednesday, the Center Project held a candlelight vigil to honor the 11 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth who committed suicide across the country in the month of September. The vigil drew more than 200 participants who walked from the offices of the Center Project on the corner of Ash and Ninth street to the First United Methodist Church on the corner of Ninth and Locust steets.