Bob Praprotnik [Photo]

Bob Praprotnik

Kristi Nichols [Photo]

Kristi Nichols

Hector Maldonado [Photo]

Hector Maldonado

Davis Conway [Photo]

Davis Conway

Roy Blunt [Photo]

Roy Blunt, Republican

Francis Vangeli [Photo]

Francis Vangeli

Charles Baum [Photo]

Charles Baum

Susan Montee [Photo]

Susan Montee

Taking a swing, earning second in handball [Photo]

Dave Schafer takes a swing at the ball during the handball competition of the Show-Me State Games on Saturday at Wilson's Fitness Center. He and his handball partner Mark Kohnle, far right, have been playing handball together for more than 30 years and came in second place during the tournament.

Tom Schweich [Photo]

Tom Schweich

Mary Still [Photo]

Mary Still

Laura Nauser [Photo]

Laura Nauser

Chris Kelly [Photo]

Chris Kelly

Paul Szopa [Photo]

Paul Szopa

Handball humor and camaraderie [Photo]

Sixteen men from across Missouri played handball in the Show-Me State Games on Saturday at Wilson's Fitness Center on Forum Boulevard. The handball players have a strong sense of camaraderie and humor, as shown in a sign someone brought to the tournament.

Stephen Webber [Photo]

Stephen Webber

Kelly Schultz [Photo]

Kelly Schultz

Taking a break from handball [Photo]

Wearing a bandage over his injury — the only one of the tournament, Mark Kohnle talks with his wife Sarah, left, and his handball partner's wife Susan Schafer, right, on Saturday during a timeout in the final round. Kohnle and Dave Schafer finished in second place for the Show-Me State Games handball competition.

Mike Becker [Photo]

Mike Becker

Paul Quinn [Photo]

Paul Quinn