Jefferson Farm director guides attendees on tour of farm [Photo]

Rob Myers, director of programs for Jefferson Farm and Gardens, signals towards the pond to point out the boardwalk and water lilies surrounding it on Thursday. While the majority of the information given was done by speakers at different stops along the route, Myers acted as the general guide for the tour.

Chicken processing workshop to be held Aug. 21 [Photo]

If you attend the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture's chicken processing workshop on Aug. 21, one of these chickens could be an honored guest at your first tailgate.

Chickens await processing workshop [Photo]

The Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture is raising these chickens for their first chicken processing workshop, which is scheduled for Aug. 21. CCUA board member Billy Polansky built the movable chicken tractor for the group's garden site at Smith and Fay streets.

Chickens snack at lunchtime [Photo]

The Sims' chickens enjoy a lunchtime snack on Wednesday. In the 18 months they've had chickens, they have spent between $30-$50 on feed for the birds. They feed them food scraps and also let the birds scavenge for bugs and weeds in their backyard. They used an old light fixture as a feeding trough.

Letting a hen go [Photo]

Hannah Sims lets Florentine go after a brief lunchtime caress on Wednesday. Sims comes home at lunch to let the chickens run in the yard each day.

Hen prepares for stroll [Photo]

Suzette, a New Hampshire Red hen, perches in the chicken coop before taking her afternoon stroll on Wednesday. The Sims use a deep litter method for their coop, basically turning the coop floor into a compost pile.

Hens come out at noon [Photo]

Hannah Sims opens the gate to let her four hens out for the noon hour on Wednesday. Sims and her husband, Mark, made their coop out of a shipping crate.

A walking tour climb [Photo]

Participants in a walking tour climb aboard a hay wagon that will take them to various parts of Jefferson Farm and Gardens on Aug. 12. The tour would stop at various locations for a speaker to talk about specific aspects of the farm and why it was constructed as it is.

A horticulture specialist gives examples [Photo]

Rebecca Spicer, left, watches as Jefferson Institute horticulture specialist Catherine Bohnert talks about and gives examples of each plant in the rain gardens and plants native to the area on Aug. 12 at Jefferson Farm and Gardens.

Signaling towards the pond [Photo]

Jefferson Institute director of programs Rob Myers signals towards the pond to point out the Zig Zag Boardwalk and water lilies surrounding the boardwalk on Aug. 12 at Jefferson Farm and Gardens. While the majority of the information given was done by speakers at different stops along the route, Myers acted as the general guide for the tour.

Processing chickens [Document]

My Meat Garden: A slideshow on how to raise and harvest meat-like chickens

Perseid image [Photo]

In a NASA image from a previous August, a fireball meteor flashed through skies over Japan. Ending at the upper right, the meteor's trail points down and to the left, back to the shower's radiant point between the constellations of Perseus and Cassiopeia, seen here just above the tower structure in the foreground. The Pleiades star cluster is also visible well below the meteor's trail.

New MU soccer team goalkeeper Paula Pritzen [Photo]

Paula Pritzen, a transfer from Clemson, makes a kick from the goal box during a scrimmage against the MU men's club soccer team Tuesday at Walton Stadium. Missouri soccer coach Bryan Blitz calls the addition of Pritzen a “perfect storm.” She should help mentor younger goalkeepers sophomore Jessica Gwin and freshman McKenzie Sauerwein.

Junior tight end returns after surgery [Photo]

Junior tight end Andrew Jones makes a catch at practice on Tuesday morning.

Freshman tight end makes catch during practice [Photo]

Freshmen tight end Eric Waters makes a catch during practice on Saturday morning.

Olive Cafe's dishes have taste of Middle East [Photo]

An eat-in platter of falafel with hummus and baba ghanoush waits to be taken to a table in the kitchen at Olive Cafe on Wednesday. The menu at Olive Cafe is Middle Eastern, with many dishes from owner Ayman Harb's hometown of Jerusalem.

Olive Cafe owner takes time to break Ramadan fast [Photo]

Ayman Harb sits down to break his daylong fast in observance of the first day of Ramadan inside of Olive Cafe on Wednesday. Harb, who is the owner of Olive Cafe, said he made it to sundown without eating through piety and many coffees.

Olive Cafe worker prepares takeout for Ramadan observers [Photo]

Martha Rios prepares a takeout order of chicken in the kitchen of Olive Cafe on Wednesday. Olive Cafe owner Ayman Harb said many customers participating in Ramadan pick up food to take home in order to break the daylong fast required of devout observers of the holiday.

Possible stormwater system overflow concerns [Photo]

Residents living near Jefferson Junior High School have raised concerns about flooding issues that already exist and expect that they could be exacerbated by construction of a new parking lot at the school. Resident Pat Fowler is concerned that stormwater sewers will continue to overflow and water will seep into homes nearby.

Parking lot proposed at Jefferson Junior High School [Photo]

A plot of grass at the corner of Sixth Street and Hickman Avenue is the proposed location for a new parking lot intended to alleviate traffic congestion for parents dropping off their children at Jefferson Junior High School.