Charles Blow speaks at MU Lecture [Photo]

The New York Times columnist Charles Blow speaks at Stotler Lounge in Memorial Union on Wednesday. His lecture, 'A Lie Cannot Live: Rescuing Honest Political Debate From Apathy and Disengagement' was a part of the 2011 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at MU.

Michael Chambers stands in front of his home [Photo]

Wednesday evening, Michael Chambers, right, and neighbor Kenny Wood discuss the events of a vehicle break-in at Chambers' house. Chambers held the attempted-robbery suspect at gunpoint Tuesday morning until police arrived.

Chris Egbert takes the stand [Photo]

Chris Egbert, the detective for the missing person report filed for Becky Doisy in 1976, tells the story of his endeavors to locate Johnny Wright the week after Doisy went missing.

Palmer reviews a document [Photo]

The assistant prosecuting attorney showed Mary Susan Palmer a document Wednesday in the Boone County Courthouse. Palmer recognized the document as being in her own script, but she failed to remember having written it.

Counselors disagree in Wright case [Photo]

After a disagreement between the counselors over the legitimacy of the prosecution's objections, the counselors discuss the matter with Judge Gary Oxenhandler.

Wright's defense attorney rubs his head [Photo]

Defense attorney Cleveland Tyson rubs his forehead after assistant prosecuting attorney Richard Hicks repeatedly objected to his questions for witness Mary Susan Palmer during the Rebecca Doisy murder trial on Wednesday.

Former co-worker of Becky Doisy testifies at trial [Photo]

Cynthia Sue Spiegel, a former co-worker of Becky Doisy, recounts the happenings of morning of Aug. 7, 1976, when Spiegel went to breakfast at Ernie's Cafe and Steakhouse, where both women worked. Spiegel said she was surprised that Doisy was not at work, so she went to her apartment to try and find her.

Johnny Wright consults with his attorney [Photo]

Defendant Johnny Wright listens to his defense attorney, Cleveland Tyson, during a quick recess Wednesday during the trial for the death of Rebecca Doisy.

Damaged Tiger Spot mosaic [Photo]

Damage to Tiger Spot as a result of vandalism and weather has left MU considering abandoning the mosaic.

Two cars towed from collision on I-70 Drive [Photo]

A silver Chevy Cavalier and a gray Toyota Camry are towed from the scene of a three-car accident on Wednesday in front of the Days Inn on I-70 Drive Southwest. Two of the drivers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries sustained in the accident.

Missouri inmate population and age [Graphic]

Prisons across the state saw inmates age 50 and over jump from 4.4 percent of inmate population in 1979 to nearly 15 percent in 2009.

Car in I-70 collision gets towed [Photo]

A gray Toyota Camry was towed from the scene of a three-car accident on Wednesday in front of the Days Inn on I-70 Drive Southwest. Three adult drivers were involved in the accident.

Jack Lindsey in the Army [Photo]

A photo of Jack Lindsey during his time in the U.S. Army.

Jack Lindsey has been in prison for 27 years [Photo]

Jack Lindsey has been in prison in Missouri for 27 years, serving a sentence for shooting a policeman in 1978.

Donald Cupps to join curators [Photo]

Donald Cupps has been nominated by Gov. Jay Nixon as a member of UM System Board of Curators.

Jack Lindsey, who killed a police officer, served in the Vietnam War [Photo]

John Lindsey explains that his brother, Jack Lindsey, has been in prison for 27 years but would make a good citizen if given the chance. Jack Lindsey graduated high school in May 1965 and was drafted and served in the Vietnam War not long after. He was on the run for seven years after he shot a policeman in 1978.

John Lindsey, brother of convicted cop-killer, shows photos [Photo]

John Lindsey, brother of convicted cop killer Jack Lindsey, shows recent photographs of his brother as well as some taken during the Vietnam War on Tuesday in his home. "He's not a bad guy, believe me," John said. "Just got mixed in some bad stuff."

Craig Van Matre to join curators [Photo]

Craig Van Matre has been nominated by Gov. Jay Nixon as a member of UM System Board of Curators.

Johnny Wright on trial for murder of Becky Doisy [Photo]

Defendant Johnny Wright takes a quiet moment to himself during a brief recess on Wednesday at the Boone County Courthouse. Wright is on trial for the murder of Becky Doisy, who went missing in August 1976. Judge Gary Oxenhandler called a short recess so the counselors could approach the bench to discuss the validity of an objection made by the prosecution.

TIGER TIPOFF: Fast Break [Graphic]