CHART: Webber wins in 23rd House District [Graphic]

Stephen Webber, the incumbent state representative for parts of Columbia, was re-elected. He raised about $60,000 more than Paul Szopa.

CHART: Proposition A passes [Graphic]

Proposition A states that an earnings tax a city wishes to impose would have to be approved by voters. Cities that already impose the tax, such as St. Louis and Kansas City, would have to put the tax on the ballot every five years.

Hartzler unseats Skelton [Graphic]

Republican Vicky Hartzler unseated longtime Democrat and 4th District U.S. Representative Ike Skelton by more than 10,000 votes. Skelton would have entered his 34th year as a representative in January. The final vote was 113,500 to 101,507.

Kelly wins the 24th district [Graphic]

Chris Kelly will remain the state representative for the 24th District. He raised about $140,000 more than Laura Nauser.

CHART: Leutkemeyer handily defeats Dwyer [Graphic]

After winning a hotly contested race against Judy Baker in 2008, U.S. Rep. BlaineLeutkemeyer cruised to an easy victory this year, beating Libertarian candidate Christopher Dwyer by a margin of 15,737 votes, 34.6 percent.

CHART: Carnahan concedes to Blunt [Graphic]

Roy Blunt, from Springfield, Mo., won his home district of Greene County 62-32. Blunt raised about $1.5 million more than Carnahan.

Robb wins presiding commissioner seat [Graphic]

Republican Ed Robb slipped by Democrat J. Scott Christianson to win the Boone County presiding commissioner seat. Though Christianson led through most of the night, Robb edged by to win by 528 votes. The final vote was 24,967 for Robb and 24,439 for Christianson.

CHART: Voters reject Proposition 2 [Graphic]

Had it passed, Proposition 2 would have made the use of Tasers in Columbia a Class A misdemeanor and banned everyone, including law enforcement officers, from using, or threatening to use, Tasers within the city limits. The proposition was rejected 24,679 to 7,327.

Amendment 1 passes [Graphic]

Amendment 1 requires that county assessors be elected in counties with charter governments. The amendment exempts Jackson County.

Cauthorn sisters [Photo]

Sisters Kaitlyn and Elizabeth Cauthorn embrace after their father, Missouri 21 District candidate John Cauthorn, takes a giant lead in the polls at the Mexico Republican watch party on Tuesday, November 2. Cauthorn, a former Missouri state senator is running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives.

Proposition 1 passes [Graphic]

Proposition 1 gives a five-year extension of a one-eighth-cent sales tax for parks. The tax will generate an estimated $12 million over the next five years. The measure passed 20,520 to 11,361.

Proposition B passes [Graphic]

Proposition B requires the owners of 10 or more female dogs with the intent to breed to give dogs adequate veterinary care, room to stretch their limbs, shelter from the elements and limits breeders to two breeding cycles per every 18 months.

Ed Robb calls his opponent [Photo]

Ed Robb returns a call to his opponent, J. Scott Christianson, moments after learning the results of their race. Robb narrowly beat Christianson in the race for Boone County presiding commissioner.

Ed Robb hugs his campaign manager [Photo]

Ed Robb hugs his campaign manager, Matthew McGee, seconds after learning he had won the race for Boone County presiding commissioner Nov. 2. Robb and his supporters were gathered at the Courtyard by Marriott hotel in Columbia.

Ed Robb hugs his wife [Photo]

Ed Robb hugs his wife, Rosa, after hearing his win in the race for County Commissioner at a watch party at the Courtyard Marriott on Tuesday.

Maggie Kehoe at Roy Blunt's event [Photo]

Supporter Maggie Kehoe, 13, is lit by camera lights as Roy Blunt delivers his victory speech Tuesday at University Plaza Convention Center in Springfield.

Missouri vs. Missouri Western women's basketball [Photo]

Missouri senior Shakara Jones, left, defends against Missouri Western junior Jessica Koch in the Tigers' exhibition Tuesday night at Mizzou Arena.

MU women's basketball player Paige Spietz vs. Missouri Western [Photo]

Missouri freshman Paige Spietz makes a move for the ball in the Tigers' exhibition game Tuesday night against Missouri Western. Spietz played 13 minutes off the bench and scored seven points.

Kelly Schultz with supporters [Photo]

From left, candidate Kelly Schultz, volunteer Saba Sahlu and campaign manager Chris Girouard check election results on their phones at Schultz's watch party at the Pizza Hut in Mexico, Mo. Schultz, a Democrat, lost her race for the 21st District seat in the Missouri House to Republican John Cauthorn.

Kelly Schultz phones opponent [Photo]

Kelly Schultz, the Democratic candidate in the 21st District of the Missouri House, leaves a voice mail congratulating her opponent, John Cauthorn, who won the race. Schultz and her supporters were gathered at the Pizza Hut in Mexico, Mo.