Gov. Nixon discusses Partnership for Hope [Photo]

Gov. Jay Nixon speaks with Fern Anderson and her granddaughter Norma Anderson after a meeting Thursday at Boone County Family Resources. Nixon discussed Partnership for Hope — a new state program that will affect individuals with developmental disabilities — with two mid-Missouri families.

Cat Kelly [Photo]

Cat Kelly, currently deputy director for the Missouri Public Defender System, will be replacing director J. Marty Robinson on March 1.

Thomas Jefferson's leg warmers up close [Photo]

The leg warmers on the Thomas Jefferson statue are part of a growing international trend called "yarn bombing." In addition to the statue, three parking meters on Ninth Street have sported knit graffiti.

Thomas Jefferson statue, sporting leg warmers [Photo]

The Thomas Jefferson statue on Francis Quadrangle was wearing knitted leg warmers until they were removed Monday night.

Comet Hartley 2 [Photo]

This black-and-white image of the comet Hartley 2 provided by NASA was sent from the NASA EPOXI Mission Deep Impact spacecraft, which passed within 435 miles (700 kilometers) of the comet at its closest point, and was received at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010. The comet is estimated to be 1.4 miles (2.2 kilometers) long, and weigh about 280 million metric tons.

Shuttle Discovery prepares for Friday launch [Photo]

Space shuttle Discovery is illuminated by xenon lights on Launch Pad 39A following the retraction of the rotating service structure on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. The launch of Discovery, on her final flight into space, has been delayed from its original launch time on Thursday, Nov. 4, to Friday, Nov. 5 in the afternoon.

Workers repair the south chimney at MU Power Plant [Photo]

MU Power Plant workers make repairs on the south chimney on Tuesday. The $3.8 million project is scheduled for completion in late 2011.

Missouri voter turnout [Graphic]

The unofficial voter turnout for the state of Missouri was reported as 46.8 percent. Voter turnout for Boone County was 55.7 percent. Boone County Clerk Wendy S. Noren predicted 60,000 of the 93,456 registered voters would turn out.

MU football player Henry Josey vs. Nebraska [Photo]

Missouri running back Henry Josey, right, follows his blocks on a run last Saturday against Nebraska.

Republicans gain more seats in House [Graphic]

Republicans gained 17 Missouri House seats in the Nov. 2 election, bringing their total to 106.

Receiving medical advice at clinic [Photo]

MU medical students Emily Hoffman, left, and Jim Langworthy speak with their patient Mandy Boyer at the MedZou Clinic on Thursday. The MedZou Clinic offer free primary health care administered by medical students.

Patient's ear checked out at MedZou Clinic [Photo]

MU medical student Noah Wald-Dickler examines Melissa Johnson's ear at the MedZou Clinic on Thursday. "I don't have insurance, and it doesn't cost me anything," said Johnson regarding MedZou Clinic. "I am all for helping students."

Screenshot of precinct graphic [Photo]

Cost benefits of honey locust [Photo]

A price tag that shows the cost benefits of a honey locust hangs in Stephens Lake Park on Wednesday. Fourteen types of trees throughout the park were evaluated by using the National Tree Benefit Calculator and are marked to show their economic value for the environment.

Forsee fields questions at Town Hall meeting [Photo]

UM System President Gary Forsee answers questions from the audience during an open Town Hall meeting on Nov. 3 in Jesse Hall Auditorium. Forsee addressed both the possible changes in the retirement plan that could affect future employees and the university’s fiscal challenges.

Man checks tree health at Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Ryan Gustafson, project manager of Davey Resource Group, explains what he looks for in a tree's health in order to complete a tree inventory on Stephens Lake Park. The data from this tree inventory will be analyzed to show the parks' cost-benefit as an environmental asset.

Measuring the tree inventory of Stephens Lake Park [Photo]

Ryan Gustafson, project manager of Davey Resource Group, demonstrates how he measures the diameter of trees for a tree inventory that he completed on Tuesday for Stephens Lake Park.

Jacob Taylor missing [Photo]

MAP: Boone County election results [Graphic]

Click on the races or ballot issues listed to see a breakdown of Columbia and Boone County's election results.

Voters, candidates gather at watch parties [Slideshow]

As the polls closed for election night, voters across the state gathered with their favored candidates to watch results come in. Missourian photographers captured the highs and lows of the candidates' watch parties.