Peter Kinder discusses new Anheuser-Busch Clydesdale facility [Photo]

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder speaks during a news conference on Friday at Warm Springs Ranch breeding facility for Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales located in Boonville. The new portion of the facility will open to the public for tours on May 1.

Voices in the crowd: Participants at the Americans for Prosperity rally speak [Video]

Tom Salt of Kirksville sums up the general attitude of the participants at the Americans for Prosperity rally in Macon. Bob Bradley, a resident of Macon, and sister-in-law Alice Gerkowski, Lake St. Louis, also share their thoughts on the president’s forthcoming visit during the rally on April 27.

Ken Paulson [Photo]

Ken Paulson is president of the Newseum and Freedom Forum and a 1975 graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism.

Budweiser Clydesdale being groomed [Photo]

Clydesdale trainer Doug Bousselot, front, replaces a shoe Friday at Warm Springs Ranch, the breeding facility for Anheuser Busch Clydesdalses located in Boonville. The new portion of the facility will be opening to the public for tours May 1.

Budweiser Clydesdales open to the public [Video]

BOONVILLE — Starting Saturday, visitors will be allowed to tour Warm Springs Ranch. The ranch is the new home to Budweiser’s Clydesdale breeding program. On Friday, the ranch held an open house for special guests and showed off their new-to-the-public facility. Jim Poole, general manager of Clydesdale operations, spoke about the decision to move to Boonville, what goes on at the new facility and what it takes for Clydesdales to be fit for commercials.

Multigenerational learning thrives at Derby Ridge [Photo]

Kindergarteners at Derby Ridge Elementary enjoy the company of 61-year-old Recil Skinner (left) and MU junior Lauren Morrison (right) during a rousing game of Candyland on Monday. Skinner and Morrison volunteer with a multigenerational program that works with kindergarteners to develop both academic and social skills.

RSVP volunteers play Candyland [Photo]

Cameron Stout, 6, Recil Skinner, 61, and Abby Oreskovich, 5, select Candyland marker pieces at Derby Ridge Elementary on Monday. Skinner belongs to the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, which coordinates the multigenerational program that pairs a senior citizen with a college student to work with kindergarteners on "pre-academic skills and social skills."

Senior volunteers at Derby Ridge [Photo]

Abby Oreskovich, 5, and Cameron Stout, 6, join 61-year-old Recil Skinner for a trip down the hallway at Derby Ridge Elementary on Monday. Skinner volunteers with a multigenerational program that pairs a senior volunteer with a college-age volunteer, who then work with two kindergarteners at a time to teach them social skills and reinforce classroom lessons such as colors, math and memory work. "We feel that it's a learning experience for everyone," Skinner said.

Joel Kowsky [Photo]

Joel Kowsky is a senior photojournalism major who is working for the Columbia Missourian as a photographer as part of the Staff Photojournalism class.

Google Dot Blue [Document]

Google Dot Red [Document]

Capital City Cookoff [Video]

Barbecue judges from around the state spent a weekend getting certified through classes offered by the Kansas City BBQ Society. Putting their taste buds to work, several dozen judges gathered in Jefferson City on April 16 and 17 to help judge the Capital City Cookoff. This was the 4th year running for the contest and it brought in more than 35 teams from around the country.

Woodcarvers [Photo]

Dennis Scroggins, left, Bob Berger, middle, and Norm Craig practice their woodcarving skills Thursday afternoon at the Senior Center located on Business Loop. They are part of the Mid-Missouri Woodcarvers Association and meet every Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon at the Senior Center.

Helena Gray was forced to leave her son [Photo]

Helena Glay sits in her apartment holding a photograph of her son Marvin on Wednesday. Due to legal and financial reasons, Glay had to leave her son with her aunt in Liberia when she came to the U.S. "It's really painful," she said. "I cried a lot when I had to go." Rock Bridge Christian Church is hosting a charity race Saturday to raise money to reunite Glay and her son.

Four-year-old Marvin Glay is waiting in Liberia [Photo]

Helena Glay holds a picture of her son Marvin on Wednesday. It has been several years since Glay moved from Liberia without her son. She said her fingers are crossed for them being together again before Christmas. "His (great-aunt) now knows him more than me," she said. "When I call, he calls her mom."

Rock Bridge Christian Church is working to reunite Helena Gray and her son, Marvin [Photo]

On Wednesday, Helena Glay looks over clothes that she bought for her son the first time she thought he would come to the U.S. "I was so excited to get him the clothes," she said. "But I don't know if they will fit him anymore because he's four now."

QUIZ: Phil Bradley [Video]

An interactive quiz about Phil Bradley. Information used from, and

Phil Bradley timeline [Graphic]

Following Phil Bradley's athletic endeavors

MU softball's White [Photo]

Junior Shana White stands after sliding into second base as Central Methodist's Kayla Yount looks for the ball during Thursday's game.

MU softball player Shana White vs. Central Methodist [Photo]

MU junior Shana White bats during Thursday's game against Central Methodist University. The Tigers won the game 5-1.