Vocabulary Day at Paxton Keeley [Photo]

Paxton Keeley Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Kristin Nies asks her students to raise their hands if they had fun during their vocabulary word parade on Wednesday. The school’s fourth-graders decorated hats illustrating a vocabulary word of their choice, with many getting their inspiration from books the class was reading or from their parent’s suggestions. After two weeks of preparation, the students paraded around the school showing the other classes their decorated hats.

Happy Vocabulary Day [Document]

These were some of the words 92 fourth-graders at Paxton Keeley Elementary School chose to represent with paper, duct tape, cotton balls and pipe cleaners. The words with the children beneath them formed a parade in the school's hallways Wednesday as the students wished each other “Happy Vocabulary Day.”

SLIDESHOW: Plans for MKT trail restoration [Slideshow]

Columbia Parks and Recreation natural resources supervisor Brett O’Brien explains the plans for the 3M Urban Ecology Restoration Project. Plans for the 25-acre area next to a stretch of the MKT trail include a new bike trail, cells to control floodwater and a friendlier environment for wildlife.

Ethan Russell recieves transplant from mother [Photo]

Kidney transplant patient Ethan Russell, 8, gets a hug from his sister Emma Russell, 10, following a press conference at University Hospital on Sept. 29, 2010. Nancy Russell, Ethan's mother, donated the kidney for his transplant, which was the hospital's 1,000th performed. The first transplant at the hospital was in 1972.

Over the Edge raises money for Special Olympics [Photo]

Belayer Caleb Bentsen, left, slowly lowers an Over the Edge participant, *Valerie Metherne, right, during the practice run three stories up at the Tiger Hotel on Wednesday. Participants who raised more than $1,000 dollars for the Special Olympics were able to repel off the building.

MAP: More public defenders will be able to deny cases [Graphic]

The Missouri Office of Public Defender will allow three more districts to turn away new cases on Oct. 1. Two of the state's 33 districts area already allowed to turn away cases. The office said a tight budget will prevent some districts from adequately dealing with a large number of cases.

Public defenders taking fewer cases per employee than past [Graphic]

Public defenders have the smallest number of cases per employee since 2002. The total number of public defender cases has dropped annually since 2006. On Oct. 1, three more districts will be able to deny new cases.

Hickman volleyball player Morgan Popejoy vs. Helias [Photo]

Hickman senior Morgan Popejoy tries to swat a spike past Helias Catholic defender Anna Murphy. Popejoy switched from outside hitter to middle hitter for Tuesday's match.

International Flag Day speech [Photo]

David Currey, director of International Student and Scholar Services, makes a speech during the MU International Day Flag Ceremony on Tuesday. "I think it's beautiful," he said about the display of the flags. He also said the day was a great way to help others learn how to get involved with international programs and students on campus.

Hickman volleyball players Kimberly Lake and Emily Peel vs. Helias [Photo]

Hickman's Kimberly Lake, left, and Emily Peel, right, jump for a block against Helias Catholic's Lisa Bruns. Lake moved to right-side hitter for Tuesday's match.

International Flag Day ceremony [Photo]

International students and volunteers carry more than 60 international flags from the Francis Quadrangle to Lowry Mall on Tuesday. The MU International Day Flag Ceremony was started three years ago in an attempt to create more awareness of the International students that attend MU. An international bazaar on Lowry Mall featuring international cuisine and cultural presentations followed the ceremony.

Columbia Independent School field trip [Photo]

From left to right, Yana Lubahn, parent volunteer for Columbia Independent School, holds out the Turkish flag to show her daughter, Victoria Lubahn, 7, and her classmates, Dina Grafakos, 7, and Matte Lopez, 7, on their field trip to Lowry Mall for MU International Day on Tuesday. "The setup is just beautiful," she said. "Because our school has so much diversity, it is great to come see this."

Hickman volleyball player Emily Peel vs. Helias Catholic [Photo]

Hickman senior Emily Peel reaches to make a hit in the Kewpies' match Tuesday against Helias Catholic. A lineup change at Monday's practice couldn't prevent the Kewpies from losing the match 25-11, 27-25.

Sarah Davis holds Micah [Photo]

Sarah Davis has been a member of La Leche League, an international organization that encourages mothers to breast-feed their childen, for seven years.

Sarah Davis breast-feeds son Micah [Photo]

Sarah Davis breast-feeds her 9-month son, Micah, on Friday at her home in Columbia. Davis has been a member of the La Leche League since the birth of her first child 7 years ago. Her three sons have never had a bottle, Davis said.

Rock Bridge golfer Morgan Reimler [Photo]

A summer of practice with her father and uncle have helped Morgan Reimler become the No. 2 golfer for the Rock Bridge girls golf team this season.

MAP: Katy Trail bridge to be rehabbed [Graphic]

Rehabilitation on a Katy Trail bridge that crosses Moniteau Creek in Rocheport will take place as soon as river waters recede. Funds for the project, totaling $487,340, were awarded from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

MU defensive end Michael Sam vs. Miami (Ohio) University [Photo]

Michael Sam, a freshman defensive end for Missouri, has blocked a punt, forced a safety, intercepted a pass and forced a fumble in his first four games for the Tigers.

SLIDESHOW: Boonville Fire Department's new facility [Slideshow]

The Boonville Fire Department tore down its outdated facility and is constructing a new fire station. Listen as Fire Chief Tim Carmichael explains their need for expansion.

Working on an atlatl [Photo]

Justin Garnett holds an atlatl, a wooden weapon that he made in about 30 minutes out of natural resources on Hinkson Field. The atlatl is a primitive weapon that can hurl darts, which range in length from 4 to 13 feet, to hit a target.