Bikers arriving [Photo]

Boone County Sheriff’s Detective Tom O'Sullivan and Deputy Tony Perking direct motorcyclists down East Starke Avenue toward the Boone County Fairgrounds entrance after they exited off U.S. 63 at Brown School Road on Tuesday. Traffic has been slow and steady entering the National Bikers Roundup at the fairgrounds, with no major traffic problems being reported.

Van catches fire [Photo]

An automotive parts van caught fire Tuesday morning after 8 a.m. on I-70 near the Lake of the Woods exit. The driver realized the van was on fire after he got out to change a tire.

Cooking bread [Photo]

Jaden Lewis, 8, and Myke Gemkow work to create a bread batter at the Young Skillet Summer Camp, which has run each summer since 2008. Gemkow, the program's leader, describes the process as "experience learning." "Instead of just saying 'here, we're going to make bread today and eggs tomorrow,' we give these kids the opportunity to work with some of the same foods every day."

Cooking on tape [Photo]

Armed with video cameras, children in the Young Skillet Summer Camp were given the chance to show their experiences through their eyes. Here, William Campbell, 12, conducts an interview with Janylah Thomas, 11. At the end of the two-week camp, they will have created enough footage to produce a children's cooking show, which will air on local public television.

Churning butter [Photo]

As E'monnie Minor, 10, makes butter, others prepare fruits, vegetables, and breads from raw ingredients at the HyVee on East Nifong, Wednesday, July 21.

Orange Juice Young Skillet [Photo]

Wheat and flour become bread, melons and toothpicks become kabobs, and oranges and lemons become juice, as Lamont Minor and others at the Young Skillet Summer Camp discovered on Wednesday, June 21. Myke Gemkow, the program's director, said that this camp is the result of his past employment as a chef and his current position directing the Community Montessori school. The children begin each day with raw ingredients and finish with a full lunch; "all the crazy stuff in between produced the food they eat," Gemkow said.

Chefs at work [Photo]

Clean hands and tables are no match for the handiwork of Sammie Christian, 8, and E'monnie Minor, 10, as they ready their flatbread to be cooked in an oven at the third annual Young Skillet Summer Camp, on Wednesday, July 21. The camp was started by Myke Gemkow, who directs the first-ward Community Montessori school, and provides free cooking lessons for young children who live in the First Ward.

Ham breakfast at Boone County Fair raises money for Missouri 4-H [Slideshow]

Approximately 700 guests attended the annual ham breakfast at the Boone County Fair on Saturday morning. Railroad worker Philip Schopp showed up much earlier; he spent most of the night cooking ham in preparation for the Missouri 4-H fundraiser.

More trash on the curbs after moving-day weekend [Photo]

Trash lines the curbs on Wilson Avenue on Monday, after moving-day weekend for many rental tenants.

Extra trash after moving-day weekend [Photo]

From left, Billy Palmer and Dillon Rice gather other people's cast-off belongings and throw them into the garbage truck. Because many leases ended July 31, there was far more trash than normal on Monday. "We're only supposed to be on the clock until 4, but we'll be out here until 6, easily," Rice said.

Proposal would ban alchohol in two downtown parks [Document]

A Columbia Police Department officer wrote a proposal that would ban alcohol in three downtown parks. The proposed ordinance comes after a group of Columbia residents filed complaints. Currently, there is no part of city code prohibiting alcohol in parks.

Waid-Owen wedding [Photo]

Gregory Waid and Melissa Owen were married July 11 at Illinois State Beach Resort in Zion, Ill.

A family reunion [Photo]

Ajanni Clay, 5, longingly watches the Captain Cream ice cream truck parked outside the Black and White Picnic at Douglass Park on Aug. 1. He and four generations of his family spent the day reuniting with old friends. "This is how we have our family reunions," said Clay's grandfather, Eric Monroe, 53. A family member later bought Clay an Old Recipe Ice Cream Bar.

Performing Justin Bieber [Photo]

Alexis Bratton, 8, performs "Baby" by Justin Bieber and Ludacris to a packed Douglass Park at the Black and White Picnic talent show on Aug. 1. The picnic wrapped up the three day reunion event.

Crowding the tents [Photo]

Patients crowd inside one of the tent wards at the Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Milot, Haiti. Some were lucky enough to have a cot to lay on, while many had little more than a mat on the floor.

Hopital Sacre Coeur [Photo]

These tent wards are part of the Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Milot, Haiti. The hospital served as a primary local hospital for injured patients stable enough for transport after the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Helping a patient stand [Photo]

Brad Willis and a hospital translator help a patient to stand on her remaining leg. "We were really try to get people up and mobilize them," Willis said. "The medical risks go up tremendously when you're not moving."

Working with a patient [Photo]

Physical therapist Brad Willis works with patient who lost a limb at Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Milot, Haiti.

Facts about large carnivores [Photo]

D&D Animal Sanctuary volunteer Donnie Morison watches one of the sanctuary's several tigers as he relates facts about large carnivores to a small crowd gathered around the enclosure. The sanctuary held an open house event Aug. 1, giving members of the public a rare chance to see the many exotic and endangered animals in residence there up-close.

Not touching the python [Photo]

Robert Johnson petted many animals during his day at the D&D Animal Sanctuary open house, but he drew the line at volunteer Tara Tipton's ball python.