'Sensory sensitive' film attendees [Photo]

MU occupational therapy instructor Jacque Sample chats with her son, Zackary, 5, left, as her son, Charlie, 3, shows his stuffed animal to MU occupational therapy students Kelly Watkins, Lauren Chronister and Brittany Hanson. The Samples attended the "sensory sensitive" screening of "G-Force" on Saturday at Hollywood Stadium 14 Theater.

Hurling a dodgeball [Photo]

Jesse McInvale throws a ball at opponent Charlie Thayer of the Red Roosters. The MACatrons had little success throwing the ball and resorted to avoidance tactics.

Winning the gold [Photo]

Eli Sherman, left, Kyle Leftwich, Stephen Lockett and Jessie McInvale receive medals for team MACatrons' victory in the junior high division of the Show-Me State Game's dodgeball competition.

Racing for the dodgeball [Photo]

Kyle Leftwich, playing for the MACatrons, races for the ball during the title game of the Show-Me State Games junior high dodgeball competition. The MACatrons won 2-of-3 games to capture the gold medal.

Film showing features sensory sensitivity [Photo]

The Horn family, from left, Layla, 6, Travis, Dane, 3, and Sarah, attended a special screening of the movie "G-Force" on Saturday at Hollywood Stadium 14 Theater. The showing was designed especially for children with autism spectrum disorders, for whom an average theater visit can be overwhelming.

"Thank you" in order [Photo]

MU seniors and occupational therapy students Brittany Hanson, left, Lauren Chronister, middle, and Kelly Watkins, create a thank-you poster on Saturday for Hollywood Stadium 14 Theater manager Joe McKie following a successful "sensory sensitive" showing of the film "G-Force."

Long history with soccer [Photo]

Show-Me State Games soccer referee Pete Wilden has a long history with the sport. He played soccer as a child and in college and now coaches a team.

Show me soccer [Photo]

Show-Me State Games soccer referee Pete Wilden referees his final game of the night on Friday in Columbia. Wileden says his job includes a lot of running, citing one colleague who ran a total of 26 miles in one weekend's worth of refereeing.

15-year-old shot on Benton Street [Photo]

Detectives survey the crime scene in front of a house located at 115 Benton St. A 15-year-old was shot several times Friday, sustaining injuries to both legs and one hand.

Reverend first to arrive on shooting scene [Photo]

Officer Jeff Forck, right, questions the Rev. Aaron Favors at the crime scene near the intersection of Garth Avenue and Benton Street. Favors was the first to arrive on the scene where a 15-year-old was shot Friday in Columbia.

Reverend helps teenaged shooting victim [Photo]

The Rev. Aaron Favors, left, says he heard four shots fired and came to the aid of the 15-year-old who was shot shortly before 4 p.m. Friday in Columbia. "This is a nice neighborhood. I can't even believe it happened, to be honest," Favors said.

Play in a Day [Video]

Eleven actors. One day to put a play together.

An original comedy by MU professor David Crespy, “Houseblend; or Coffeecake Tsimmis; or My Bubby and Zeyde are from Outer Space,” marks the last of MU Summer Repertory Theatre’s three-part comedy series, Comedies in Concert. All original scripts are rehearsed and performed that night in front of music stands.

Crespy said the series is just a part of the larger Writing for Performance program at MU. The program gives students the opportunity to practice playwriting skills in a variety of ways. It includes the Missouri Playwrights workshop, a weekly gathering where writers hear their works performed and receive immediate feedback and the Mizzou New Play Series, staged readings of select plays from the workshop.

2010 City Budget [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | Although the proposed city budget for 2010 is down from the 2009 budget, the distribution of funds to departments remains similar.

Yiurui Wei almost drowned at Tara Apartments [Photo]

Yiurui Wei, an MU doctorate student, almost drowned at Tara Apartments on June 25. She was listed in critical condition Thursday morning. Friends of Wei started a fundraiser for her rehabilitation therapy costs.

City manager speaks [Photo]

Bill Watkins, City Manager of Columbia speaks to members of the press and public about the city's new budget.

2010 city budget 2 [Graphic]

GRAPHIC | The relative distribution of funds to departments for the proposed 2010 city budget.

Bulger feels "like a rookie" again [Photo]

The St. Louis Rams opened training camp Thursday, and quarterback Marc Bulger admits to something of a learning curve with Pat Shurmur's new offense.

Children create video games [Video]

The Columbia Career Center offered a summer camp for children ages 12 to 15 on creating video games. The children were able to take their video game creations home on flash drives at the end of the course.

Putting in the hours [Photo]

Ashok Cutkosky, a semifinalist in the Intel Science Talent Search, works in a computer lab in the MU Engineering Department on Thursday.

Peering into the petri dish [Photo]

Hickman High School graduate Elizabeth Choe examines petri dishes of therapeutic salmonella bacteria recovered from cancerous prostate tumors at the non-profit Cancer Research Center in Columbia, Wednesday. Choe was recognized as a semifinalist in the 2009 Intel Science Talent Search for her research into different strains of cancer targeting bacteria. She will be attending MIT this fall.