SLIDESHOW: Texas painter shows colorful style at Art in the Park [Slideshow]

Andy Quaglino of Austin, Texas, showed his colorful line design style at Art in the Park at Stephens Lake Park on Saturday.

What Columbia students learned this summer [Photo]

Samaranjay Goyal, 7, attended Mrs. Krumm's first-grade class at Grant Elementary this year.

Pictures of the Week [Photo]

National Doughnut Day [Slideshow]

Friday was National Doughnut Day, and the owners of Columbia's Dixie Cream Donuts found themselves in a pickle: they ran low on doughnuts.

Kevin Hicks and his wife, Cindy, have owned the shop on Nifong Boulevard for the past three years, and Friday marked the first time they needed to fire up the fryer in the afternoon to keep up with demand.

An early-morning rush found five employees staring down a line of customers that ran out the door, and in rare form, "they were smiling." The customers, he said, waited patiently and seemed happy to see the shop full and with plenty of doughnuts. Some of were even aware of the day's significance.

"We weren't expecting this," Cindy said. "We're going to have to make more tonight."

Photos of the Week: May 30 to June 4 [Slideshow]

Photos of the week from May 30 to June 4.

Mill Creek Elementary's graduation [Photo]

Stacy Cooper, right, grasps her flowers as she leaves Mill Creek Elementary's graduation reception on June 4 at Woodcrest Chapel on W. Nifong Road. Cooper teaches a class of 25 students who all graduated. The fifth graders gave their teachers roses as a gift of appreciation.

Fifth grade graduation [Photo]

Andrew Stanowski crosses the stage at Woodcrest Chapel during Mill Creek Elementary's fifth grade graduation on June 4. Teachers handed students a folder full of their certificates and accomplishments during their time at the school.

SLIDESHOW: What Columbia students learned this year [Slideshow]

Students share in their own words what they learned this year on June 4, the last day of school for Columbia public schools.

Playing at the Sprayground [Photo]

Bethany Rigdon, 4, and Jack Taylor, 4, circle around the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4.

Fountain Spray [Photo]

Adeline Rigdon, 17 months, leans forward in her mother's grasp to come into contact with the fountain spray at the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4. Adeline's mother, Sarah, commented at how pleased she was that Columbia offered activities such as the Sprayground for kids. Rigdon moved to Columbia last summer from Lawrence, Kansas, which she considered less family friendly.

Flat Branch Park water spout [Photo]

Jack Taylor, 4, covers his hands over a little water spout at the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4. The Sprayground is open May 1 to Sept. 30.

Flat Branch Park Sprayground [Photo]

Hope Taylor, 8, and Mason Justice Davis, 3, play at the Flat Branch Park Sprayground on June 4. Justice Davis was running around tweeting, and later explained that, "yes" he was a bird.

Missouri softball prepares for game 2 at College World Series [Photo]

The dugout floor is strewn with athletic gear as the Missouri women's softball team took to the practice field Friday.

Missouri softball coach Ehren Earleywine watches practice [Photo]

Missouri softball coach Ehren Earleywine watches practice from the edge of the outfield.

Missouri softball's Lindsey Muller cools down on the bus [Photo]

After a tough practice in 96-degree heat, pitcher and first baseman Lindsey Muller retreats to the shade of the bus to cool off Friday.

Missouri softball's Abby Bock takes batting practice [Photo]

Infielder Abby Bock zeros in on a speeding softball during batting practice on Friday.

MU softball player Gina Schneider meets the press [Photo]

Missouri's Gina Schneider meets the press after practice on Friday.

Scott Swafford [Photo]

Scott Swafford is the senior city editor for the Missourian and an associate professor for the Missouri School of Journalism.

Big Ten documents Sunshine request [Document]

Click here to download a PDF of the e-mails the Missourian asked for in a Sunshine request. The Missourian requested all e-mails from top Mu officials from Dec. 1 to the present that mention the Big Ten in any way.

Arson dogs, handlers travel to Boone County for recertification [Video]

The three-day recertification event is sponsored by State Farm Insurance. Handlers and their dogs must recertify every year.