Hickman's Travis Bittle [Photo]

Rock Bridge pitcher Travis Bittle throws against Hickman in last year's spring rivalry game on May 14, 2009.

MU women's basketball coach Pingeton [Photo]

New MU women's basketball coach Robin Pingeton speaks at a press conference April 8 at Mizzou Arena. Pingeton spent the last seven years coaching at Illinois State.

Rock Bridge boys track [Photo]

Bruins track team members junior Griffin Humphreys, freshman Nathan Koewn and senior Chris Cornell practice Tuesday at Rock Bridge.

Rock Bridge girls track [Photo]

Bruins track team members junior Callie Floyd and sophomore Emily Wright practice Tuesday at Rock Bridge.

Boone County Hoppers [Video]

Amanda Staely volunteers as a coach for the Boone County Hoppers double dutch and jump-rope team. On Wednesday she works with children who practice their skills.

Doing double dutch [Photo]

Tenesha Frazier, 8, works on her double dutch jumping skills while Daisy Bryant, 8, helps turn the rope for her outside the Armory Sports and Community Center on Tuesday.

Jumping for joy [Photo]

Daisy Bryant, 8, jumps double dutch at a jump-rope class held outside the Armory Sports and Community Center on Tuesday. The jump rope class is held every Tuesday at the Armory Center.

Double dutching [Photo]

Liam Fogle, 9, jumps double dutch while Olivia Coyne, 7, tosses the ropes outside the Armory Sports and Community Center on Tuesday.

Jump rope class [Photo]

Children participate in the jump rope class held by Columbia Parks and Recreation outside the Armory Sports and Community Center on Tuesday. The class is held every Tuesday and has about fifteen participants.

Alice de Boton [Photo]

Alie de Boton has been painting for more than 70 years. She and her husband, Robert, have traveled the world. They were married in Europe during World War II and spent time fleeing the Gestapo before settling in Columbia.

Alice de Boton at work on her art [Photo]

Alice de Boton uses wax, pigments, and a blowtorch to burn an image into the canvas. She began this type of painting, called encaustics, in the 1980s.

Patsy Sampson was president of Stephens College from 1983 to 1994 [Photo]

Patsy Sampson, former President of Stephens College.

Experiments under the Giving Tree [Photo]

Kiana Grant, site facilitator for the Benton Elementary School's Adventure Club, and Jonathan Garr, a first-grader at Benton, work on an experiment under the shade of the "Giving Tree".

Retiring the Giving Tree [Photo]

The "Giving Tree" has given countless members of the community comfort, shade and stability. Ann Alofs, a third grade teacher at Benton Elementary School, said the removal of the tree is almost symbolic. "Benton has been experiencing big changes in terms of lots of teachers retiring," she said. "It’s almost as if the tree knew it was time to go. All good things come to an end and I guess this is one of them, but it is sad.”

"Giving Tree" to be removed Monday [Photo]

The "Giving Tree" is an old Hackberry tree located on the Benton Elementary School playground. The Tree has been on the school's property since 1896, when the school opened. Students and residents of the Benton-Stephens community have enjoyed its many benefits since then. The "Giving Tree" is to be removed on Monday, April 19. “It speaks to longevity and stability because it’s a piece of Benton history. With it leaving, it’s sad,” said Cathy Cox, home/school communicator.

Michael Reagan speaks to reporters [Photo]

Michael Reagan, a conservative author and talk show host, speaks to reporters on the steps of the Missouri state Capitol building on Tuesday after a tea party rally.

Yoder family at tea party rally [Photo]

Isaac Yoder looks back at his sister Patience Yoder, his mother Katie Yoder, his sister Sunshine Yoder and his brother Ezekiel Yoder during a tea party rally Tuesday at the Missouri Capitol. They attended the rally to circulate an anti-abortion petition.

Michael Reagan headlines tea party rally [Photo]

Conservative speaker Michael Reagan, son of former President Ronald Reagan, speaks to a crowd at a tea party rally held Tuesday at the Missouri Capitol.

Car is towed after collision [Photo]

A 2002 Honda Civic is towed after being involved in an accident on S. Providence Road near Nifong Boulevard on Tuesday. The vehicle was crossing Providence when it was struck by a Chevrolet truck heading south on Providence.

Rock Bridge senior injured in accident [Photo]

Two Rock Bridge High School students get backpacks out of their car after they were in an accident on Tuesday. One of the students, a 17-year-old who was sitting in the passenger seat, had to be taken to the hospital. The accident occurred as they were crossing S. Providence Road near Nifong Boulevard to turn onto a side road in front of Sophia's.