Hospital features colorful rooms [Photo]

The private inpatient rooms in the Women and Children’s Hospital average 244 square feet and include a bathroom and sleeper sofa. The rooms, decorated in bright, inviting colors, also feature free wireless Internet access and a Wii gaming system.

Women and Children's Hospital opens [Photo]

People gather to celebrate the official opening of MU Women’s and Children’s Hospital on Thursday. The hospital is the first in Missouri that is dedicated to caring for women and children.

Conservation Federation anniversary [Photo]

Bill Crawford, 92, shows off a drawing made by J.N. Ding Darling, an editorial cartoonist, on a tablecloth during the first meeting of the Conservation Federation of Missouri in 1935 at his home in Columbia on Thursday. Crawford is the only living attendee from the first meeting and will be a speaker at the 75th anniversary dinner on Friday.

Artists find home at Artlandish [Slideshow]

The underground studios at Artlandish, which are used by photographers, painters, directors, sculptors and musicians, are the brain child of Artlandish owner and local artist Lisa Bartlett and property owner John Ott.

Scene of the accident [Photo]

Economy Tow Truck drivers Adam Algiere, left, and Randy Crosby strap down the Isuzu Rodeo involved in an injury accident at I-70 and Stadium Boulevard on Thursday. The Ford Tempo in the background was traveling south on Stadium while the Rodeo was turning left onto westbound I-70. The Rodeo rolled, and one person was taken to the hospital with what paramedics said looked like a broken collar bone.

MAP: Burial Sites of Scott and Barkwell [Graphic]

James Scott is buried at Columbia Cemetery. George Barkwell, the man accused and acquitted of lynching him, is also buried there. Both graves are in close proximity to what used to be Stewart Bridge, the site of Scott's lynching.

Yoga plays role in recovery from anorexia [Photo]

In this Sept. 2 photo, Alexis Katchuk performs the yoga sequence Vinyasa at Shelter Gardens in Columbia. For 12 years, Katchuk battled anorexia before recovering. Yoga has been a powerful part of her recovery, she says.

Billy's stallmate [Photo]

Lori Pratt, one of the "Free Billy" supporters, pets one of the two donkeys that were also sold to the group during the auction Thursday. The donkeys will live with Billy the goat on Bobette and Warren Wilson's farm. Pratt suggested that the two donkeys be named "Eddie" and "Murphy" since they resemble Eddie Murphy's character "Donkey" in the movie Shrek.

Billy waits to go home [Photo]

Billy the goat waits at the Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards to be taken to his new home at Bobette and Warren Wilson's farm on Thursday. The "Free Billy" support group won Billy for $2,500 and are planning to have him be an unofficial goodwill ambassador for the town of Mexico.

Billy goes for a walk [Photo]

Bobette Wilson follows Charles Heller at the Midwest Exchange Regional Stockyards as they load up Billy the goat into the trailer that will take him back to Wilson's farm on Thursday. Heller called the "Free Billy" support group to see if they needed any help and ended up bidding during the auction for the group because he had previous experience with bidding on livestock. "I've been coming to this sale barn since I was a kid," he said.

Rare salamander proposed for endangered species list [Photo]

In this 1991 photo, an Ozark hellbender salamander is shown in the Spring River near Mammoth Spring, Ark. The Ozark hellbender salamander has been proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for addition to the nation's endangered species list. The large, rare salamander lives only in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

GRAPHIC: Domestic violence shelter provided in Missouri [Graphic]

Since 2000, the number of nights emergency shelter has been provided to women and children in Missouri has steadily increased. Statistics including men were not provided prior to 2009.*

A neighborhood chat [Photo]

Columbia Police Officer Brandon Crites chats with Melissa Dinwiddie in between calls. Crites patrols Dinwiddie's neighborhood on a regular basis and enjoys visiting with her children and giving them stickers during lulls of activity.

Worried about possible change in police pensions [Photo]

Columbia Police Officers Brandon Crites and Kevin Kasper run at Stephens Lake Park on Tuesday. Crites ended his basketball career early to join the Columbia Police Department in January 2009. "It's always been my goal to become a police officer, but I decided to do this sooner than expected because of the benefits," he said. "If the 20-year retirement plan changes, I will regret this decision."

Expressing concerns about Columbia firefighters' pensions [Photo]

Fire Captain Jan McCrary leans against an engine for a portrait on Aug. 30 at Columbia Fire Station No. 2 on West Worley Street. McCrary is just one of many who will be affected by lower pensions. "It's not just a fire issue; it's a whole city employee issue," he said. McCrary also serves on the board overseeing the firefighters' pension plan.

One injured in rollover accident [Photo]

Columbia Police Officer Anthony Ash talks with a woman involved in a rollover accident at the intersection of East Nifong Boulevard and Hyde Park Avenue at about 12:30 p.m. Thursday. One person to was taken to University Hospital for treatment, and Nifong remained open to traffic.

Costs of Walnut disease [Document]

Click here to download a 2009 assessment of what Thousand Cankers disease might cost the state of Missouri.

SLIDESHOW: Citizen Jane Film Festival features local artists [Slideshow]

The Citizen Jane Film Festival kick-off began with a screening of Fayth Levine’s documentary “Handmade Nation” at Ragtag Cinema on Wednesday. After the screening there was a question and answer session with the director and some crafting projects on the patio, including sewing and button-making. Columbia artists such as Cory McCarter and volunteers for the Citizen Jane Film Festival also joined in.

Missouri's mighty men at tight end [Photo]

Michael Egnew, left, and Andrew Jones each bring unique qualities to the Missouri tight end position.

Mueller leads Rock Bridge golf team [Photo]

Rock Bridge's Meghan Mueller, right, and Hickman's Patricia De Castro congratulate each other after the final hole of their round Wednesday at Old Hawthorne Golf Course. Mueller fired a 36.