How to build a kite: Step 4 [Photo]

Next, cut along the marks to create the diamond shape of the kite.

How to build a kite: Step 3 [Photo]

After securing the dowels to the newspaper, measure the length of the spar (the horizontal dowel) from one edge of the kite to the intersection of the dowels, and mark the other side to match. Then draw a straight line from the bottom of the spine (the vertical dowel) to the edges of the spar.

How to build a kite: Step 2 [Photo]

Then tape the dowels to the newspaper. Use as little tape as possible to keep the kite light.

How to build a kite: Step 1 [Photo]

First, place the dowels perpendicular to each another across the newspaper. The horizontal dowel, also called the spar, should lie about a third of the way down the paper from the top corner. The vertical dowel is referred to as the spine.

How to build a kite: supplies [Photo]

Missourian graphics editor Mary Nguyen demonstrates how to build a kite using a newspaper, dowels, tape and string on Friday afternoon in the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

Residents enjoy weather by flying kites [Slideshow]

Families came to Douglass Park to fly kites up to the highest heights for a city-sponsored Kite Flying Day. All were welcome to send their kites soaring up through the atmosphere where the air was clear, but some kites didn't make it off the ground.

U.S. 63 to decrease speed limit [Graphic]

The speed limit along U.S. 63 from Route AC to Route B will be lowered from 70 mph to 65 mph after a speed limit study done by the Missouri Department of Transportation. The study was also conducted on Interstate 70 but no changes will be made to the interstate.

Flashing yellow arrow locations [Graphic]

The Missouri Department of Transportation has installed flashing yellow arrows along College Avenue to replace the “left turn yield on green” signal.

This Week in Pictures: April 4 to 9 [Slideshow]

This Week in Pictures: April 3 to April 10.

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