Making a pottery mug [Photo]

From left, Mashal Saddiqui, Yousef Khreis and Ben Temple, all 17, work together to form a mug at Access Arts on Monday. Saddiqui has worked as the teacher's assistant since she was 14, but she is also enrolled to take the wheel-throwing pottery class along with Khreis, Temple, and four other students. She says she likes working at Access Arts because, "I get to learn stuff and work at the same time." The class is taught by Norleen Nosri, who has instructed ceramics for six years.

And the question is [Photo]

Lindsay Eanet poses with Alex Trebek, the host of "Jeopardy!," during her recent competition in the College Championships.

Revamped Web site [Photo]

The screen shot of Boone County Sheriff's Department's Web site shows some of the updates to the site, which has been redesigned and is now more user friendly.

COLUMN: The Missourian's top commenters of 2009 [Graphic] comments from 2009 by the numbers. Click to enlarge.

Whitney Wallace [Photo]

Whitney Wallace is a senior studying agricultural journalism at MU and a columnist for the Missourian.

Earl Simms [Photo]

Earl Simms is state director of the Children’s Education Council of Missouri, a not-for-profit organization that supports individualized learning opportunities for all children through issue resolution, community education and civic engagement. For more information, call 314-454-6544 or visit

Strummin' at the senior center [Photo]

Rea Phillippe, left, and Jerry Albin, right, play a tune Monday at the Columbia Area Senior Center. Phillippe has been leading practice sessions at the senior center since 1994, she said. She also plays in a group called the Yours Truly Band.

Plucking the heart's strings [Photo]

Pauline Lasley plays her instrument during a jam session Monday at the Columbia Area Senior Center.

Scattered sheets of music [Photo]

The music to a gospel song lay ready for performance Monday at the Columbia Area Senior Center.

A little bluegrass jam [Photo]

Pauline Lasley and her husband, Bob, share a moment of laughter during their musical jam session practice Monday at the Columbia Area Senior Center. Lasley said she enjoys coming out to the practice sessions — though she was convinced to come because of her husband. "Well, I've been married to that old dog almost 60 years," she said.

Jeremy Essig [Photo]

Jeremy Essig, a graduate student at MU, has covered state government for the Missourian since August of 2009. He is currently serving as an assistant statehouse editor for the Missouri Press Association.

David Clohessy [Photo]

David Clohessy of St. Louis is the national director of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (

Deaton, Orton and Duncan [Photo]

Brady J. Deaton is the chancellor for the main MU campus; Leo E. Morton is the chancellor for the University of Missouri-Kansas City; and Robert Duncan is the vice chancellor for research at MU.

Rental textbooks are labeled with pink stickers [Photo]

Textbooks available for rental are marked with a large pink sticker on the cover and can be found in the same area as regular textbooks.

Student looks for a textbook at MU bookstore [Photo]

MU senior Vincent Ayala, a hotel and restaurant management major, searches for a biochemistry book with the help of Louie Terbrock, a University Bookstore sales associate and junior in civil engineering, at the MU bookstore on Thursday. The bookstore currently has 65 textbooks available for rental. "I had heard about rental textbooks, but none of my books were available," Alaya said.

Jennifer M. Wilmot [Photo]

Jennifer M. Wilmot is a graduate student at MU and a columnist for the Missourian.

Dan Peek [Photo]

Dan William Peek is the president of Grandparents and Others On Watch, a child advocacy organization dedicated to the prevention of the rape and sexual molestation.

Bruins beat Pioneers [Photo]

Rock Bridge Bruins junior guard Matt Kelly goes up for a basket against the Kirkwood defense Sunday at Mizzou Arena. The Bruins won 69-49 against the Pioneers in the MFA Oil Break Time Shootout.

1000th Point [Photo]

Rock Bridge Bruins senior guard Ricky Kreklow looks for a teammate to pass the ball to in a game against the Kirkwood Pioneers Sunday at Mizzou Arena. Kreklow scored his 1000th point in the game.

Tigers beat Cowboys [Photo]

Missouri senior guard J.T. Tiller catches the ball on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 in Mizzou Arena. The Tigers won 95-80 against the Cowboys, securing their 32nd home game victory in a row.